Introducing, a new site that will revolutionize the way you play ARAM!

TLDR: I am opening a new ARAM website:, and I am opening it for public beta testing!

These are its characteristics:

  1. Live ARAM research and analysis (currently only NA) Demonstration
  2. New highlights of the patch demonstration
  3. A complete champion builds a demo.
  4. Looking for a champion
  5. Graphic statistics and table of the average of the champions

The bonuses:

  1. Works on the phone, on the desktop, and when resizing!
  2. A familiar but unique user interface
  3. Daily data update

Leave your opinion in the comments or via the messenger on the website.

I hope you enjoy studying this site as much as I do, making it!

Thanks for looking for me and seeing me on the murder bridge!

ARAM is my passion. A little over a year ago, I published, the primary ARAM building site. I got a lot of good reviews and support. But when I started, I lacked experience.

Now, with less experience, I am back with the release of the new ARAM for the public beta test.


Online (NA!)*On-line (NA!)*Search/correspondence analysis

If you enter the chronicler in ARAM, the website will show you the current game statistics.

The website contains three main visualization panels to search for live games:

  1. Distribution of the average profit rate
  2. Average return over time
  3. Average statistics of the teams

There is also a mini-guide that contains all the necessary information about the game, such as order and individual skills.

You can test the search functionality in real-time by entering a test in the search field.

Highlights from patch

Patch Highlights is a page that shows you an image of the current patch.

It currently contains :

  1. Patch hints: Shows all the relevant buffs or nerds made in the last patch, side by side, with their kick in the game. (Point 9.7.1 is a huge change!).
  2. Ranking champion: Sorted and filtered a list of the ranks of each winner.
  3. The rotation list: Colorful list of all champions in the rotation pool.

Project Manager**

Entering the name of the champion gives you access to the recommended building blocks for this champion:

  • Runes
  • Letters from the Chronicle
  • Construction contract
  • The priority of excellence
  • Skills to create order

Champion statistics

If you enter the name of the champion and go to the Statistics tab, you will get access to this champion’s statistics.

There are currently three significant reviews:

  1. Average after the game: These are all the data you usually see at the end of the game, but on average, only for that particular champion.
  2. The bet on the master’s time wins: You no longer have to worry about whether or not to weigh your champion at the end of the race (note that this calendar requires many races to form a trend).
  3. The championship table: Radar of the Pentagon Detailed statistics on the distribution of champions

Champion information

  1. Read the article: Find out which items are the best at the championships, with sorting and filtering.
  2. Principles: Dynamically ordered list of possible starting points.
  3. Ordering goods: List of dynamically classified supply orders.
  4. The switches: Search and filter articles that are against the champion.

Non-playing functions

  • It’s a familiar interface: Manual processing of the client’s resources for a trusted but unique experience.
  • Compatibility and responsiveness of mobile phones: The website works on desktops, phones, and when they are modified**.
  • Frequent updates: The website updates its data several times a day; new patch data is updated until Friday evening.

It is important to note that this is a grain of salt, as these statistics do not affect team synergy. Even a high average payout ratio does not protect you from poor playability.

**means I’m still working on it so that you might run into a few small bugs in.

A unique approach to the presentation of statistics

I can say that Twitch damages the ARAM champions, on average, 24 kilometers.

But what does that mean?!

Statistics without relative context

That’s why Murderbridge wants to put as much statistical data as possible into context.

Here’s how the website works:

  • Most statisticians are displayed on a scale from red to green (red is bad, green is good).
  • Most statistics are presented about the average, not the absolute statistics of the champion.


You could ask: Why so much effort for this site?

The main reason is that I wanted to make ARAM more fun for all users.

With the help of my website, new and regular players will discover new fun in ARAM, and that the base of fashion players will grow.

With the new individual attention ARAM gets from amateurs and nerds, ARAM is becoming more complex and unique and therefore deserves its website.

What to expect in the future.

  • More stable updates: Since the application is still in an early development stage, I am still working on improving the update cycle.
  • Other statistics on the main
  • Improving the user interface: The user interface is still being improved.
  • borrowing capacity

Thanks for reading my message and visiting my website!

All questions and suggestions are welcome.

Let me know in the comments or by courier!

Exclusion of liability :

Pay attention:

  • At the moment, the website only supports the NA region.
  • As this is an individual project, the most critical functions require more time for implementation.
  • The data comes from the Riot API and Community Dragon assets.
  • All components come from public libraries or are encoded from scratch.
  • As it is still in the testing phase, several errors may occur.
  • I had to remove the previous power to repair the defect I found.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be considered.

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