Incoming League of Legends Akali and Yuumi Hotfix

Choosing the right counter-attack with the opponent is a big part of the game in the Legends League of Legends’ upper ranks. Knowledge of the counter to be played becomes more and more apparent as the knowledge of the game increases.

The Lieutenant-General shared his re-election with the League of Legends community on the top track. Thanks to feedback from other skilled players, this guide now includes counter-attacks for most champions who have played in the game and will be especially useful for top players.

The League of Legends balances the counterweights on the upper lane.

Aerox: Fiora, Cled, Jax, Camilla, Irelia, Silas, Malfit, Rivne, Cassiopeia.

Akali: Called, Ken, Gamplank, Bald, Rumble.

Camille: Fiora, Jax, Darius, Renecton, Poppy.

Cassiopeia: Irelia, Cled, Yasuo.

Cho’Hole: Seth, Silas, Mordecaire, Aatrox, Bald.

Daria: Cled, Fiora, Cassiopeia, Yorick, Wayne, Jace, Olaf, Seth, Rise…

Dr. Mundo: Wayne, Fiora, Darius, Ellroy, Clyde…

Fiore: You know, Gamplank, Jace, Poppy, Malfit, Shen.

Bank Group: Called, Vladimir, Irelia, Silas.

Kitchen: Bite me, Kyle, Darius, Wayne, Hamplank, Urgot.

Chuck: Irelia, Yasuo, Riven, Called.

Heimerdinger: Called, Irelia, Yasuo, Mundo, Zion…

Illaoy: Wayne, Lucian, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Mordecaire, Trindamir, Darius…

Ilia: Trindamir, Fiora, Jax, Shen, Yarn, Mordecaire, Renecton.

Jacks: Cassiopeia, Ken, Sett, Malfit, Akali, Vladimir, Chogat, Shen, Poppy,

Jace: Yorick, Irelia, Malfit…

Calista: Cled, Camille, Renecton, Rengar, Cassiopeia.

Karma: Groundhog, Zion, Maokai

Bolt: Camille, Renecton, Cled, Irelia, Jax, Trendamir.

Knowing: Jace, Vladimir Silas.

Rejected: Fiora, Jax, Ken, Shen, Urgot.

Lissandra: Cassiopeia, Silas, Orn, Maokai.

Lucian: Calista, Vine, Shen, Yasuo, Maokai.

Malfit: Vladimir, Rumble, Cho Gat, Illaoy, Mordecaire, Silas, Darius.

Mowing: Nassus, Seth, Bald, Mordechai, Darius, Olaf…

Mordecaire: Fiora, Gangplanck, Lucian, Wayne Cassiopeia, Rivne, Trindamir, Kale.

Nasus: Darius, Ellaoi, Cassiopeia, Riven, Wayne, Silas.

Nocturnal: Fiora, Gangplank, Yarn, Akali.

Olaf: Ellaoi, Fiora, Cled.

Organ: Vladimir, Seth, Mordecaire, Fiora, Silas, poppy seed, kitchen, kale.

Pantheon: Gangway, Mordecaire, Darius, Called, Fiora, Ellroy.

Mac: Darius, Mordecaire, Gangplank, Sett, Vladimir, Yarn.

Quinn: clothing, Camille, Cassiopeia, Rumble, Malfit, Irelia

Renékton: Gangpunk, Yarn, Rumble, Gnar, Cassiopeia, Lucian, Ken, Poppy…

Rengar: Darius, Poppy, Gareth, Seth, Renecton, Shen.

Broken: Renecton, Jace, know, Poppy, Quinn, Wayne…

Random play: Dr. Mundo, Yarn, Mordecaire, Seth, Darius, Silas…

Increase: Called, Lucian, Cassiopeia, Irelia..,

Facility: Aatrox, Fiora, Hamplank, Mordecaire, Cassiopeia, Lucian, Sing, Cled, Urgot.

Shen: Mordecaire, Darius, songwriter, Gamplank.

Baked: Kyle, Ken, Darius, Gnar, Vladimir, Yorick…

Zion: Bite me, Seth, Darius, Shen, Wayne.

Scanner: Fiora, Cled, Gangplank, Ken…

Silas: Yasuo, Yarn, Darius, Cassiopeia, Wayne, Called, Poppy.

Thermo: Vladimir, Cassiopeia, Cho’gat, Atrox, Rumble, Pantheon, Dr. Mundo.

Scale: Rengar, Wayne, Cled, Cassiopeia, Gangplank.

Fastest: Cassiopeia, Akali, Darius, Lucian, Wayne, Jax, Gnar, Poppy, Malefic,

Urgent: Ellaoi, Aatrox, Darius, Ken, Gangplank, Mordecaire, Trindamir, Jax, Olaf, Orn, Zion.

Wayne: Malfit, Heimerdinger, Jax, Timo.

Vladimir: Aatrox, Cled, Rise, Riven, Cho’gat, Nassus, Cassiopeia, Yorick, Kale.

Aviary bear: Wayne, Ellaoy, Darius, Ken, Malfit, Cassiopeia, Cled.

Kukun: Anything. But Renton, Darius, Fiora…

Yasuo: Riven, Renecton, Yarn, Jax, Called, Poppy.

Yorick: Trindamir, Renecton, Mordecaire, Irelia, Cled, Fiora…

Zack: Mordecaire, Seth, Yarn, Darius, Fiora.

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