Inaros Build 2020 Warframe Guide


Inaros is the old, waking bar setting with the power of deserts and sand and a thirst for life.

It is one of the most muscular war frames in the game and has the highest essential health of all war frames and a decent armor that makes it an excellent tank driver and ideal for frontline use.

How do you get to Inaros?



Place of the player-prime minister

Euros’ designs and details will be awarded during and at the end of the additional quest Sand of Euros, which can be purchased for 100 ducats and 25,000 credits from Baro Ki’Teera.

Instead of looking for an Inaros, you can buy one on the in-orbit market for 225 platinum.

Read: It is accessible to win platinum.



Inaros has the power to blind his enemies with the cursed sand, lure them into absorbing it, turn it into a tornado of devastating sand and sacrifice his health to increase his strength, and unleash swarms of beetles to absorb his enemies.

Its passive capacity is immortality, which allows it to transform itself into a coffin when it suffers mortal damage, where it can retreat and eat its enemies to revive itself.



Inaros throws the cursed sand in front of him, blinds and intoxicates all enemies for a long time, and opens to stop the attacks.

Killing enemies stunned by dehydration brings health back.

This ability is ideal for quickly killing enemies, stunting a large group, and attacking a heavy enemy or stunting and killing.

This feature works well when there are many enemies because it can be used for crowd fighting.

(The image below shows an Icarus drying out a group of enemies)



Upgrade: The curse of dehydration means that blinded enemies who are killed have a 75% chance of creating a sand shadow to fight for Inoresa.



Food can lead the Inaros and force them to attract the enemy to be absorbed by him.

Enemies retreating are absorbed by Inaros and give him health.

When the enemy dies by absorption, he turns into a shadow of sand that fights alongside Inaros.

This ability is ideal for preventing enemies of other allies from killing or recover Inaros and is a bonus for having accomplices fighting for you.

(The image below shows how Inaros controls the destruction and absorption of the enemy)


(The picture below shows Inaros next to a sand shadow)




Inaros starts spinning and unleashes a tornado-like sandstorm that gathers the enemies and makes them jump and damage.

Enemies in quicksand (caused by throwing Devotion on enemies and getting stuck) are also destroyed and create a shadow of sand after death.

This capability is ideal for wreaking havoc and can be used to damage groups or fight crowds, damage them, and pick them up and have them attacked by allies or throw them away.

(In the picture below, you see Idaros in a sandstorm with flying enemies).



Upgrade: The Elemental Sandstorm allows you to induce status effects on enemies based on the fundamental modes equipped with the Euros weapon.

Roy Scarabay


Inaros converts his health into Drain armor until he reaches a maximum of 100% armor, causing him more damage.

It can send a swarm of enemies, causing damage and distributing them to nearby allies, doing the same for 25% armor and some energy.

This is one of the best possibilities of Euros because it can significantly reduce the damage he gets from his enemies, as well as the ability to send swarms of beetles to kill groups of enemies.

(The picture below shows how Inaro’s health changes into armor)


(The picture below shows the Euros of the Beetle King throwing to the enemies)



Upgrade: The King of Denial will force Euros’ bonus armor to resist the effects of the status at the expense of reducing his bonus armor.

The structure also reads as follows: Banshee

Proposed buildings

Cruise design


Because of this design, Aneros can have a lot of health to do more damage, and the swarm of beetles can easily use it to strengthen its armor.

Most mods are extensive – it’s bravery when it comes to withstanding damage, as well as a bonus of different mods that gives him an advantage with a melee weapon (Gladiator Maude) and a good power reserve (Hunter Maude).

Sufficient efficiency and range give Euros an advantage in throwing skills, such as drying out to stun enemies if necessary.

This body is perfect for those who like to attack the enemy and take control of everything and ensure a dignified survival in missions; it is an incredibly good body for those who love close combat.

(The picture below shows that Inaros does little damage to its enemies).


The structure also reads as follows: Necrosis.

Building in balance


This physics gives Euros the possibility to throw most of his options with a reasonable range and duration, while the power and efficiency are also slightly increased.

He ensures that Inaros can use most of his abilities during the battle while maintaining the stamina he should have.

This building is viable for those who want to use its possibilities to their advantage and all the weapons they wish during their missions with Inaros.

(In the picture below, you can see that Inorez devours the enemy after throwing dehydration on a large group)


The structure also reads as follows: Hydrogen.

Crowd control structures


Crowd Control limits your ability to control crowds in areas and on enemies.

The duration and range are significantly increased to allow for a more extended period or be targeted for a better time. The coverage ensures that the enemy groups are hit.

This building is ideal for users who can easily remobilize and kill enemies using Desiccation, and who want to take advantage of Sandstorm’s ability to make enemies wait longer.

Icarus will always be in excellent health, no matter how it’s built, and he’ll be able to use it to his advantage during his missions.

(In the picture below, you can see Euros’ waste drying up in a large square that affects several enemies)




Inaros is an excellent war environment for tanning damage and taking the front line because of its high health level and ability to control the crowd.

With a good build, as I mentioned before, Inaros can become unstoppable during missions with a well-modified weapon and can barely catch scratches from enemies.

Thanks to his crowd control skills, he can take advantage of different situations and change the result, mostly when he uses his skills when the team is close to the conquest.

This war setting is perfect for solo or executive missions because of its ability to survive even in the deadliest situations.



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