Iceborne: Compilation of Meta Builds – Steam Launch

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Welcome to Iceborne’s first PC metadata builder! We checked the albums intended to run on the console and revised them if necessary. I’ve decided to put it a bit ahead of the start because I want to play tomorrow’s game as well, so everyone at the beginning and end of the story can get instructions on what needs to grow.

Most of these albums – man work on

Math also Nest, also known as Jinjinx & Tuna server, where, for some reason, people do math in this game. Many thanks to Honey, who continually tries to keep the builder up to date.


As usual, this is what we can (and cannot) expect from this compilation.

  1. Methamphetamine in MHW is, for a variety of reasons, ¹ injurious methamphetamine. Therefore, the assemblies mentioned here will suffer the most extensive damage available for any weapon. Groups based on different criteria (support, tanning, bypass, etc.) are NOT included in this list, but you are free to use them if you wish.
  2. These maps are primarily designed for solo play. Still, they can also be used for multiplayer, as long as you understand the difference between solo and MP (higher HP/stack values, less predictable AI, etc.).
  3. These modules are intended for general use unless otherwise stated (e.g., meter modules).
  4. As a result of the previous paragraph, it is also not necessarily a meeting at speed. Speedrunners often use specific settings for different monsters to take advantage of some of the game mechanics, which means that their games can not always be used as general assemblies by most of your fighters.
  5. These are versions of the final game and assume that you have access to all the fun (i.e., MR100+). If you haven’t reached the end of the game yet, you can go to the Master Rank transition kits section or the bad kits available in some albums.
  6. The kits here are type models, which assumes that you have mastered your weapon’s basics and have some general knowledge about monster fighting. If you are not yet sure of your skills, want to jog less stressful, or want to try something else, you can, of course, modify the assemblies by adding the skills you wish to and donating something else.

No Summary: Damage is the only condition and necessary to complete any search; damage is the only factor that can be objectively calculated and optimized for any given player; finally, damage indirectly reduces the ability to drive a go-kart, stun the monster more frequently and shorten the total duration of hunting.

Master Craftsmen Transition Groups

IMPORTANT: The following sentences suggest that you played the basic game long enough before Iceborne was released to collect some valuable decoration and armor. If you have the game and dive directly into the MR without cultivating first, take the 5 MR tiles you find and keep going until you get to the juicy stuff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the changes in a capacity that have occurred with the IB Update. Summarized:

  • The critical eye now gives an affinity of 5% for each level and a higher affinity of 10% for the last group, for a total of 40% per lv7. This amateur makes it the second most effective affinity enhancer after Weak Exploitation (also called WEX).
  • Shaker has received a tremendous amount of fanfare and is now a priority damage claim right after WEX, CE, and Critical Boost. I’m not going to list all the changes, but in short, you want at least lv1 in every meeting and maybe lv5 if you can.
  • Maximum power is now almost useless unless you use a bonus set from a mediocre average MR set that exceeds the following locations, so you’ll probably never see it in a melee again.
  • Due to the above changes, weapons with a very negative affinity (-20% or less) are generally no longer recommended.
  • Since you also lose your health when you switch to a magnetic resonance gun (and I recommend using a magnetic resonance gun), the peak power will only become relevant again much later.
  • General Weapons Shooting Guide (all classes)

Do you know what to do? Here is a general progress guide for all weapons that will help you decide what to do throughout history. Please note that the MR* level does NOT indicate when you need to change course for these weapons, only when you can purchase them. Some of the guns you can buy early are only good later when you move through their trees or unlock the best armor sets.

Previously MR

With this in mind, here are some starter kits for different weapons.

  • Drachen hand-to-hand combat kit

Their endless hours of fighting the hippo were not in vain: The Drachen kit can take you a long way into the master rank, and it will be a long time before you get a decent replacement. Also, the recently added Defender weapon will be the best option for launching weapons for multiple classes.

  • Kjaer Nose Kit

As in the basic game, the bow will have to wait a while before it gains access to the critical element. Luckily for us, if you grew a CT in the basic game, you can access snares with inborn CE that you can use directly with the club with MR equipment. This set can be used with any element, change the mascot/deco for the corresponding nose.

  • Burner kit for HBG

To the surprise of literally no one, gluttony still goes unnoticed on an MRI. You’ll have to wait until the end of the story to find an HBG that’s better than this one.

  • Hepatitis C protective kit

Same game, different weapon.

Medium MR

  • Nargakuga universal use

The Narga game’s bonus is your first good option in MR, and perhaps best for Theostra and Endgame. The good news is that it works well for all kinds of weapons except bows (your life will still suck, sorry), so we don’t have to make a few sentences. This series tends to lose value compared to Drazen, but it is a vast defensive impulse to continue the story more comfortably.

The empty crevice on the chest can be used for handwork (close combat) or Free Elem (butterfly guns), which can be equipped with the right charm, or just for stirrers.

Metaphone sets

Big word (HS)

  • Meta GS-Kits
    (Note: The album has not yet been fully updated for the vanilla version)

Long term (LS)

  • metal assemblies

Sword and shield (SnS)

  • Meta-SnS Kits

Double sheet (DB)

  • Meta-DB series

Loading bucket (CB)

  • Meta-CB Kits

Shift shaft (SA)

  • Meta SA Phrases


  • Metal hammer sets

Hunting horn (HH)

  • Meta HH-Sets


  • Copy of meta-kits

Weapons (GL)

  • Meta-GL Kits

Faith in insects (GI)

  • Meta-IG Kits


  • Meta butterflies

Light Boggan (LBG)

  • Meta-kits LBG

Heavy Boogeyman (HBG)

  • Meta-assemblies HBG


2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be considered.

By 2020, there will be tons of them… in the world of video games. Here are the fifteen races we expect for the first half of 2020.

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