How to turn your friend into an ESO werewolf?

Do you want to turn your friend into a werewolf? So here’s how you do it. It’s effortless to do. Just press a few buttons, and everything is ready. But before you turn your friend into a werewolf, you have to follow a few rules.

This is precisely what you need before you start the process.

Video is included if you need to see visually how it is done.

That makes sense. It takes a werewolf to turn someone else into a werewolf.

That’s fair.

Let’s move on.

You need the Bloody skill Month on the Werewolf Skills tab.

The Bloody Month skill has a week to recharge.

So if you’ve already bitten someone else in less than a week, you’ll have to wait until the restart is complete.

There must be a timer that tells you the expiration date of your cooling if you have recently bitten someone.

In the Enonheartpackage, you go to the breach and then to the location on the photo.

Accord Daggerfall, go to Bangkok, then to the place on the picture.

Aldmery Dominion, go to March Reapers and then to the spot on the picture.

If you’re in the right place, make sure your friend is with you.

You should have seen it as some small sanctuary.

Turn into a werewolf in this place, near the temple, and come to your friend. You should see an option called Use devour, which you can click.

Boom! That’s all you need to turn your friend into a werewolf. He or she will be given a mission to open it up to a werewolf.

Did we miss something, or do you have a better solution? We’ll find out more in the comments that follow.

More information and tips can be found here.

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