How to Setup Mods

In this scenario, the fallout: New Vegas came out almost ten years ago, and you can see that. The graphics were never considered advanced, even at the time of release. A decade of texture slackening, light effects, and other graphic changes has further clouded the game engine and rendered it obsolete.

Even in its heyday, New Vegas was the master of countless bugs and broken quests. If you plan to dive into the ruins of post-apocalyptic Nevada, fortunately, many modes can make a famous fall out the setting shine.

Just like my previous list of mods, I’m going to divide this list into subcategories. There are some mods for Fallout: NV (although it is right that they are much smaller than Skyrim), and putting them on a massive list without an organization would be chaos. The categories of these mods are :

  • Vital Mods.
  • Complete revision and additional content modules.
  • Visual mode.
  • Audiomodic.
  • The fashion of the game.

Like last time, this article will not focus on adult content models. Although some obsolete mods may provide parameters for nudity, this article does not focus on a list of mods that concentrate on nudity or sexual activity. If that’s what you were hoping to find here, you’ll be disappointed. Nor do I intend to focus on models for rapid alignment, spawning patterns, or teleportation.

Demolition module manager

Where’s the download: Link to download

The first program you need to install is the Fallout Mod Manager. This program will help you install and uninstall a wide range of mods, which I will discuss later in this video. Although you can install any mod by hand, the mod manager will make your life much more comfortable. We will seriously consider this program if you plan to make significant changes to Fallout: New Vegas.

If you decide not to follow this path, download the files for each mode separately. Usually, they are presented in a zip file. Just use Windows Explorer to find and save your new data folder in Vegas. Then extract the mod file to the data folder and click Yes when prompted to overwrite existing files. You will almost certainly encounter problems with fashion compatibility. If you set up more than a few mods, this path will only cause you grief.


Created by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, and Hughes the Pors.
Link to download Silver lock

As in our article about Skyrim Mod, it is a necessary program for the excellent work of many moderators. This expands the possibilities of Fallout scripts: New Vegas so that the mods can be active together without (probably) crashing the game; I think this is necessary. If you don’t install it, I strongly recommend adding any mods to your game because it won’t work correctly.

This is one of the most important modifications that must be put in place before playing in New Vegas. It would be nice of you to call New Vegas unstable. The reality is that Vanilla New Vegas is a time bomb that will destroy your game. The new Vegas Anti-Crash helps minimize the chance of such errors and improves the game’s overall stability.


While New Vegas Anti-Crash improves the game’s stability, New Vegas Stutter Remover makes it even better. A stuttering game can and will lead to a game failure. This is the way to avoid situations like this. Crucial for a relatively stable breakthrough.


Created by Roy Batti is Lucien-Anarion.
Link to download Nexus Mods

This handy little module expands the virtual memory assigned to Fallout: New Vegas on 4 GB. If you plan to play with visual models, obsolete modules, or models with significant additional content, Fallout’s initial memory allocation will not be sufficient. Save yourself a lot of disappointment and falls, get this mod.

The Mojave Mission is probably one of the most important mods you can add to your New Vegas experience. Like other mods in the Essential category, this mod repairs a truly incredible number of bugs, scripts, quests, networks, and thousands of other things. In 2015, when the last iteration of the model was completed, more than 27,000 corrections were made to the mode. Take it with you and avoid the disappointment of the trip.

Created by Cipscis with MCM support added the Gribbleshnibit8.
Link to download Nexus Mods

In short, the self-preservation function in New Vegas is unstable. A fairly common error occurs when using the standard autosave function, causing the game to be damaged and the game to fall when loading. Pretty simple, this mod solves this problem, adds locations for automatic backup, and various ways to save and even allows you to save settings in an ini file for future characters or to read them.


This mod adds a button to the pause menu that allows you to configure in-game supported mods. This can be very useful if you want to play with mod settings without leaving the game or using a mod manager in the forum.

These mods range from adding a small area or quests to customizing an essential part of the base world, and in some cases, it’s a game in itself. With that in mind, here are some of the modes that can complement or completely change your New Vegas experience.

Before we start this craze, I know that some people have problems with the Nevada project’s stability. It won’t work correctly for everyone, and some bug fixes may be needed for regular operation. It’s worth it. The Nevada project adds a significant amount of content to the game, including crucial game features, cyber software, game redesign, and new and custom equipment. These changes usually make the game more complicated, although you can adjust the parameters to your specifications.

9 New and improved content in Vegas

This mode is slightly more intensive during installation, but there is a practical guide in the Nexus page description. This mod can be considered an unofficial patch for the game. It adds a lot of new content and helps to repair some broken things in the game. It can also be used as part of a concert with the Nevada Project. If you do not intend to make a full mode change, you should take it.

World of Pain is a complex change that adds 159 new areas to the game. New quests, new salespeople, and many mighty enemies emerge. I suggest you visit these unique places if you already have decent equipment. This mod also adds Mark 2 weapons and armor to the game to help you deal with a complex thorn.

This mod adds a new main quest direction and several sub-questions to the game.

You’ve already proven yourself as a courier, and it makes sense that others would look to you for this role.

In exchange, you were hired to deliver a mysterious package. It’s up to you to decide what happens next.

This search line only starts after level 10.

12 Autumn: New California

Created by Radian Helix Media
Link to download Nexus Mods

Formerly known as Project Brazil, Fallout: New California is a whole campaign, no matter what happens in New Vegas. You assume the role of a completely different protagonist than in the 18th century. Vault and your travels will take you to the countries of the Republic of New California. This is both a complete redesign and a game in itself. Carefully follow the installation instructions to ensure that the unit works properly.

13 Limit value (not reported)

It’s a trend I’ve been following for a while now. It’s still under development, but it looks promising.

This independent campaign takes place on the northern border, far from the hot deserts of Mojave or New California.

This mod adds cold weather to the game and forces you to fight with both nature and the powers of the legion chasing you. The closer the mode gets to the output, the more details appear.

New Vegas Bounties offers a new series of searches to discover and many murders to commit. Fortunately, most of the people you track down are villains who are waiting with incredible generosity for those who track them down. But I don’t expect them to leave quickly. Make sure you have the latest versions of these mods, and you may need a particular patch if you have other active mods, such as legacy.

This mode adds a lot of bonuses and extra features that allow you to customize your character.

Some are overloaded, some are tasteful, and some are awful, but they all affect how you play the game.

I recommend that you choose it in a way that maximizes your character’s adaptability and ability to play roles.

This mod adds a ton of settings to your favorite weapon. It allows you to add three changes that apply to each weapon in the game, allowing you to change your load almost like never before.

17 User interface organizer

This mod does not change much to the visual part of the game, as it is essential to manage and support different UI and HUD mods that will follow it. It works in combination with the OneHUD, the previously mentioned Moduration menu (MCM), and the MTU.

A HUD, also called oHUD, adds a compelling and informative HUD to the game. There’s nothing to say. It provides a customizable, clean, and well-organized interface for your desert trip.

MTUI solves some problems with the user interface in older games. It adds smaller fonts, more prominent themes, better menus… Consider this a fallout: New Vegas Skyrim version.

The NMC Texture Pack changes most of the graphics and textures in the game. It changes streets, landscapes, trees, vehicles, buildings, interiors, and many objects. The air, NPC, clothing, etc. are not retested. This is still a critical revision of the old New Vegas program.

21 Nevada Sky – Time effect

From sandstorms to RAD storms, Nevada Skies changes the nature, meaning, and aesthetics of the weather effects in the game.

It also adjusts the mood lighting to improve the storm atmosphere.

This makes the nights darker, the sunrises more glamorous, and the sunsets more beautiful.

If you want a fashionable woman to help you immerse yourself in a vibrant and changing world, lift it.

22 Electric city: Bathland transmission

I don’t think anyone can deny that Nevada’s lighting system needed a little reconsideration. Electro City adds a ton of new light sources to the game. This mode goes well with other weather models (such as Nevada Skies) that darken the night.

23 Significant visual improvements

Created by Vagi’s and Johnny.
Link to download Nexus Mods

This method focuses on improving the aesthetics of bullets, blood, explosions, etc. All the visceral combat units in the game have been redesigned, making them more realistic, cruel, and spectacular.

24 Repair of desert flora

Created by Whirlpools and printers
Link to download Nexus Mods

New Vegas vanilla plant life, boring. This fashion adds 101 new trees and plants to the desert, making it more realistic and exciting. You can adjust the fertility of the desert, but frankly, I think more and more plants are better.

25 New construction in Vegas 3

Created by Quinn and Drakomi
Link to download Nexus Mods

New Vegas character models, like Fallout 3, are quite old. Even when they were released, they weren’t perfect.

This mode is used to fix the NPC’s facial structure, hair, and other characteristics throughout the wasteland.

It also adds a vital wound plan and changes the aesthetics of the corpses so that they no longer look like regular NPCs nap.

This mod is quite simple; it removes the orange filter from the game. This creates a realistic environment for your journey through the desert.

27 FNV Realistic fallow land lighting

This mode changes the light effects throughout the Mojave Desert.

It’s less intense than Nevada skies and doesn’t add as many storm effects, but it does improve the game’s lighting system to make it more realistic and exciting.

The mod must be used in conjunction with the Revelation ENP, which is the next on this list.

This adaptation requires that the realistic FNV Heath Lighting works well. It changes the graphics of the world and becomes darker and more beautiful at the same time.

Like all advanced modems for natural beauty, it tries to bring a touch of photorealism to Fallout New Vegas, and I think it gets a bit of life to this aging game.

This ENP mod changes most of the contrasts and colors of the game. The result is, just like the Apocalypse NTB, a dark but beautiful landscape. I think this particular NTB seems a bit blurry from time to time, but it still makes the game much better.

The problem that affects many shooters is that the rifles sound much less impressive than their real brothers. For those who have been to the shooting range, the guns are noisy, and most of them have a massive fire. The impact is dedicated to improving the look and feel of firearms in New Vegas by adding better markers and firing effects.

31 New and improved camera in Vegas

This mode helps to dive because, in a first-person way, your player now has a body.

It also changes the camera angle from a forced third-person into events where you are knocked out, etc. to a first-person, making it seem like it’s happening to you.

32 Extension of active radio channel

With this mod, you can create your radio station with a capacity of 500 songs. Also, it is necessary to use other custom radio stations that you can find on the site.

This audio package is chock-full of scary performances if you want to immerse yourself in the horrors of the real world and the world of New Vegas. This gives the game a pretty scary atmosphere when listened to with breaks.

34 Revision of all guns

Created by FalloutKid14 Suspect alias of GTA5 mod.
Link to download Nexus Mods

This mode replaces the sound of a vanilla rifle with a much better one. Most games suffer from the fact that their weapons seem weak and dull. With this mode, you will explode with the loyalty you deserve.

35 Digital musical nightmare mode

This mode brings five hours of dark music to New Vegas. It immerses you in the real danger of the desert and takes you on your journey to the edge of danger.

This is the end of our list of favorites: New Vegas mode. However, it would have been a mistake if I had not pointed out that there are hundreds of other ways. If you are looking for additional mods for your game, visit the Nexus Mods page where you can find the most popular and downloaded mods for Fallout: New Vegas. Also, make sure you back up your game files before making any changes and check for compatibility issues with your chosen changes. Happy hunting.

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