How to Reset Nintendo 3ds

You may want to know how to charge a Nintendo 3ds game at the manufacturer’s factory or how to restore your system to the factory settings. Troubleshooting is usually necessary if you want to install the system in a soft brick or return the 3D image without saving your data. Other factory restarts of Nintendo 3ds are also useful, especially if you want to update your system.

You’ll learn how to restart the Nintendo 3ds at the factory with or without the pin. You will also see how you can solve other problems.

How can I reset a Nintendo 3ds ad without it being blocked at the factory?

Forgotten your Nintendo 3D password, but want to perform a hard reset?

First, you have to charge the needle with your secret question. Since you don’t remember, this is what you have to do.

Go to Settings and press Parental Controls. Press the button Contactforgotten …

The system gives you an answer to your security question. Press again, I forgot.

Wait for the system to generate a 10-digit request number.

The request number appears at the bottom of the screen. Make a note of this number and the system date. Customer Service usually uses this number to generate a master key for you. But you don’t need backup. Here is the website that automates this process for you.

Go to this site. Enter your application number and the system date in the appropriate fields. The website will provide you with a master key.

Click here to view Amazone.

Record where you left off at Nintendo. Press Ok and enter the generated master key. Good luck! You will now be asked to drop a pin and ask a secret question.

Now follow the process below to perform a full reset of 3ds.

Hard Reset for Nintendo 3DS XL:

It would help if you had your pin and an internet connection.

Press System Settings. Go to Other Settings, scroll right and search System Memory Size, and enter Your Contact. You will then be invited to connect to the Internet.

The system alerts you in case of loss of data and information. Keep pressing the Next button until the system asks you to confirm the format request. In the end, take.

Pay attention: The process can take between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on your system’s amount of information.

Click here to view Amazone.

Resetting the factory settings for Nintendo DSI XL without stylus:

In the menu, press the Start key. Choose Parental Controls. When the system asks for your contact, select I forgot. You are invited to answer your secret question. Do it wrong three times. After three attempts, the system displays the request number at the bottom of the 3D image.

Go to this site to generate a new master key with your application number. Enter the Master Key, where you stopped using Nintendo 3D. You can now format DSI XL by following the step above.

Learn how to solve other problems with Nintendo’s 3D graphics

How do I repair my frozen Nintendo screen?

Naturally, an accidental drop or splash of water can soften your system. Follow the steps below to defrost your Nintendo 3D images.

Step 1: Press and Press and hold the on/off button until the display turns off.

Step 2: Wait 5 minutes or more before turning on the system again.

Step 3: When your system is back online, select System Settings .. Select Other setting and press System Update. Usually, this should make it possible to repair a soft brick.

Note: After step 2, you can be greeted by the black Deathscreen, provided that both screens only turn black with the blue power LED too. If you meet her, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Resetting Nintendo DS game data:

Unlike other systems, the Nintendo DS writes game data to a Game Pak. This makes the process simple.

Option 1:

Turn on the power on your DS and download the game you want to delete. Go to the main menu to find option screens. Select Delete all data from game memory if your name has an option.

Option 2:

This method is used when the specified name does not have the function for automatically resetting the playback data or when you want to erase the cassette.

Please turn off the system on your Nintendo DS and make sure it does not contain a Game Pak. Now to the power is to again. When you start the design from the main system menu, insert the cartridge, you want the system to remove. The symbol corresponding to the loaded cassette should appear.

Press the cartridge icon when it appears. Press and hold the critical combination A, B, X, Y, RandLsimultaneously. This should erase all data and information contained in the cartridge.

Click here to view Amazone.


I hope this guide will help you resolve various 3D images to reset the Nintendo 3ds at the factory. However, be reassured if you want to reset 3ds hard, as it is usually impossible to recover lost data.

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