How to Raid the Chambers of Xeric-The Old School RuneScape Guide to the End Game

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Runescape is a unique treasure of the game. Although the game is divided into different communities and versions, it has attracted an incredibly broad and passionate audience. The audience is so intense that the old schoolunica landscape is still alive and kicking. That’s why we decided to complement the detailed manual with one of Runescape’s most outstanding achievements in an old-fashioned way. Here’s an in-depth look at the first big rune escape raid, the Xerich cameras.

Xeric’s Chambers was the first significant robbery added to Runescape as it provides players with a long and complicated enemy system to fight grave robberies. So for many players, the raid has become an essential part of the content of the endgame. See below for details of the kidnapping by a famous thief.

Where are Xeric’s rooms?

If you want to get to the cameras in Xeric, you have to go to Mount Quidamortem first. To get there fast, use Lovakengy House’s mining truck system. To use the course, you have to earn 65% of the company Lovakengj and then give the employee of the Stuliette Mining Car System a role in controlling the mining cars.

When you are in Xerich’s cameras for the first time, it will be much easier for you to move forward. Once the raid is over with the Xerica camera, you will receive an old tablet that can be used on the Xeric mascot to teleport directly to Mount Quidamortem at any time.

If you do not want to use the barrel wagon system, open the road to the Shayzian Wall and start your journey west. Visit the mountain guide near Gnosis and natural history to determine a route between the mountain and the Citizens’ wall.

You can see an illustration of the location of the Xeric cameras on Mount Quidamortem at the top.

How do Xerox anti-theft cameras work?

The raid on the Xerox rooms is unique. The game measures your group’s strength before you determine the power of the enemy’s attack and the enemy’s spatial ability. Up to 100 players can take part in a robbery, which makes this feature very interesting.

To launch the robbery, the robbery leader must organize his party in a clan cat. After the installation, the raid leader can confirm the clan chat and enter the rooms.

The cameras are filled with many pieces for puzzles and boss fights. Each robbery will consist of three floors, the last of which will be used to fight by the prominent leader of the theft. However, once the first and second floors are completed, all players can recharge at the Energy Well.

Each robbery is carried out in random order, making each game experience unique.

There is also a call mode that can play the b. This option is considered more difficult for an ambush because there are more formidable enemies. At the end of this mode, you will receive metamorphic fabric and a cosmetic cape.

What are the patterns in Xeric’s rooms?

There are seven bosses in Xeric’s cells, although the number of bosses you encounter during the raid is random. However, the last boss is the one and only Grand Olm. Here’s some information on how to defeat the first six mighty members of the Xerich cells. For information on the latest pattern, see the next section.

Chef Strategy
Tecton The whole batch must use the Protect from Scrum function. The entire game should also focus on melee damage because the tectonic is resistant to distance and magical damage. Try to break through Tekton’s powerful defense with a devastating weapon and concentrate on the attack when your boss is surrounded by an orange aura.
Vespula All parties must use the missile defense system and have some form of protection against toxic substances. One of the party members will have to concentrate on feeding the flowers of medieval chemistry to the luxury larvae in the boss’s room. Otherwise, the Master gets a lot of healing from the larvae that starve and turn into evening warriors. The party should focus on repairing the damage within range. Finally, one should not focus on the abyss until the gallbladder’s health status has dropped to 20%.
Vanguard In total, there are three leaders of the vanguard. There is a leader of magic, close combat, and the magical forefront. That’s why your party will need a little bit of all kinds of damage and resistance to this fight. All vanguards heal by themselves if your party concentrates too much on one fore. That’s why you’ll want to spread the damage equally among the three bosses.
Ice Cream Demon You must first engage the nearby sailors and press the ignition button to defrost the ice demon. The demon has two different attacks and will attack alternately, depending on whether the party chooses missile defense or magical defense. In any case, the leader will use AoE attacks. Fires are particularly effective against the ice demons.
Muttadile There are two muttadiles for your group, both guarding Xeric’s rooms. Either cut down the meat tree or use the ice barrier to prevent the bosses from eating the meat from the tree. Wood consumption brings health to the bosses. The great Muttadil will remain submerged and unharmed until the little boss is defeated. Missile defense is effective against small muttadiles, which use both close combat and long-range attacks. After killing little Muttadila, the big boss comes out of the water and starts to conjure, wrestle, and fight. One side must use magic protection for this fight. If a player is in the boss’ melee zone, Muttadil will launch a devastating shock wave attack.
Vasa Nistirio Try to destroy the nearby crystal clusters with knife attacks as soon as possible, because Nistirio will use these crystals to heal himself. Missile defense is beneficial in this fight with the boss because Nistirio will throw stones at players if he throws in front of many crystals. However, protection against magic will be your primary goal during battle.

How do you beat Xeric’s last boss?

The last boss in Xeric’s room is the giant white salamander known as the Grand Elm. The Big Olm has a lot of dangerous properties that you will certainly enjoy reading about, so let’s get straight to the point.

Standard attacks

The last boss has two standard attacks: a magical green scarf attack and a long-distance crystal burst. However, you will want to pay attention to the attacks on the Olmsphere.

Circumferential attack

There are only three – red, green, and purple. When a player hits a ball, he loses about half of his health. But you can shrink the bulbs by blocking them with prayers. If you attack with a red ball, use melee protection. If you shoot with the green ball, use the missile defense. If you attack with a purple ball, use the magic protection. However, there are other steps you need to take.

Additional Attacks

Every time Olm grabs his left hand, three different attack movements have to be taken into account. First, the crystal cracked.

After the left hand has given the crystal symbol, Olm throws a crystal plant under each game player. If the players do not move, the seedlings explode with little damage. Also, each player is pushed to the nearest field.

Olma’s left hand will present a lightning bolt just before he starts his lightning attack. Lightning will spread to the north and south, giving each player affected by the attack a series of effects. The attacker suspends his air prayer, is tied up, and suffers considerable damage.

Finally, Olma’s left hand will present the wormhole symbol before he makes his alternative attack. When playing solo, Olm chooses a random tile from the cell. However, if you play with a group, Olm will select two random tiles from the group members.

You want to get to those tiles as soon as possible. When you stand on one of these runners, you can prevent an attack’s damage because the damage you receive from this possibility only increases as the distance between you and the runner increases.

Phase attacks

In addition to the primary attacks, the bullet attacks, and the three additional attacks, the Grand Olm must also fear several phased attacks.

There are nine attack phases in total. You can read them in the table below.

Attack Description
Acid mist The eagle hatchlings vomited several puddles of acid, each causing 3 to 6 damages per tick and having a weak toxic effect.
acid drop Olm will cover a player with acid and force him to throw acid puddles around him.
Deep Burning Olm will shoot a green light ball at a player. If he scores five goals, that player gets five injuries from a pair of tics and suffers a -2 status reduction. This attack can infect other players by dropping the capacity timer.
Firewall Olm will trap a player with two firewalls. To clean the firewalls, you must enchant some of the walls with water before you can do incredible damage.
Falling crystals Olm will focus on the player with the red aura, causing the crystals to fall on that player.
Crystal Bombs Olm will drop up to three crystalline bombs. After a while, the bombs explode and create 5×5 AoE damaged areas. The closer you get to the bombs, the greater the damage from the explosion.
Automatic flow During the first three phases of the battle, the Great Elm heals the head damage caused by several ticks. On the third level, Olma’s left hand also gets the opportunity to heal herself. The left-hand shows the infinity symbol, which indicates the activation of the capacity.
Siphon for life In the final phase, Olm will fire two blue shells. These shells will form shields as soon as they hit the ground. Any player who is not in these shields will suffer considerable damage after several tics. Olm will then heal five times more than the damage caused.
Crystal drops (alternative) During the transition between the phases and during the last step, Olm drops the crystals on the ground. These crystals cause 3×3 AoE damage and cause more damage depending on the proximity of the sign. The shadows on the ground indicate where the crystals will land.

Statistics on Large Ulm

The Grand Olm is not only equipped with powerful attacks. Even the leader of the last robbery can present some pretty impressive statistics. See them in the tables below.

Battle level 1043
Types of attacks Magic and Scope
Immunities poison and poison
Weaknesses Rated on
Max Heath 33
Health issues 1600
Slaughtering statistics Attack Power Shooters Magic Rated on
272 272 272 272 272
Defense performance Staff Slash Destroy Magic Rated on
+200 +200 +200 +200 +50

Battle breakthrough

There are at least three more stages before the Battle of Grand Olm. However, the number of levels will increase with the size of your party. If you only fight Olm, you’re in luck. By continually avoiding the direction of Ulm’s head and his public gaze, you can prevent him from carrying out his attacks.

The objective of the battle is to take out Olm’s weapon. Don’t attack his head, because he’ll get a chance to heal himself during the fight. Concentrate on the boss’s right hand first. Then destroy your left hand. Your left hand will also have the ability to control a particular combat unit.

The Grand Olm will be fully regenerated in the penultimate phase if you don’t turn it off fast enough. This timer starts as soon as a pointer is turned off. It would help if you, therefore, switched off both hands in quick succession. The destruction of both hands causes the final phase of the boss’s fight.

Tips and tricks to beat the great elm

To complete this raid, you’ll need to equip a full zero empty armor to increase your attacks. Many of these robbers have quite a high level of protection. It is also proposed to have at least 78 herbariums, 55 crops, and 70 prayers. They also want at least one party member to have 99 levels in mining, wood processing, and 30 levels in construction.

It would help if you also had super-fight drinks, fight drinks, endurance drinks, and a wide range of high-quality foods. Again try to remember the course of the attack and the attack mentioned above phases. By being prepared for what needs to be done, you can react faster to specific attacks, which is of the utmost importance for your success.

What is a copy camera?

The player’s reward for looting Xerat’s rooms is based on participation points. The more points a team earns, the more likely they are to receive unique and powerful items. However, every time a player dies during a robbery, he loses 40% of his points.

There are three ways to earn points. Victory on samples earns points. Players earn points by completing a puzzle. Finally, scoring in the big destroyed cameras will allow players to earn points.

The cost of the drops for each robbery is roughly calculated based on your total score multiplied by eight gold coins. Therefore, you can receive a random prize for any element of points in real X 8. The maximum number of issues that each player can get in case of a robbery is just over 130,000. This works for any player who can earn about 3,160,300 gold per hour. However, your total income depends on your ability, speed, and happiness.

If a single item falls after the last boss is defeated, players can win one of the selected items. Below you will find the list of articles. Players in competition mode will also receive Metamorphic Dust, while first-time players will receive the Dark Magazine.

  • Intelligent prayer role
  • Secret Scroll of Prayer
  • dragonblade
  • Dragon harpoon
  • Dragon thrower x100
  • twisted loop
  • Dragon hunter’s crossbow
  • Dynamo Ski Jumping Dress
  • Pedigree hat
  • Clothing prescriptions
  • The bottom of the ancestral cloak
  • Dragon claws
  • The Elderberries Rampart
  • Kolinsky insignia
  • twisted onions

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