How to Prevent the Invasion of Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III was the first soul game I ever played. When I heard I’d been attacked, I had no idea what I was doing. The only choice left to me was to try to fight the Phantom but die at the hands of an experienced player in the field of plant variety protection.

For a new player, the invasion is a scary thing, but not everyone likes it. Before my first breakthrough, I found several methods to hunt down enemy spirits without losing my soul.

Before I tell you the best methods, I will not tolerate cowardice or significant failure. If you lose the fight, be a good athlete, and accept your fate. Don’t spoil the fun of the game for others just because you don’t win.

In this sense, the primary means of preventing an invasion are listed below:

  • Do not play.
  • Playing offline
  • Not to be fooled
  • Disconnect your WiFi from
  • Turn off your game

Before explaining the best ways, I will explain some basic mechanisms relating to invasions.

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Miscellaneous types of attacks

The first thing you need to know about intruders is that not every intruder is a different actor. There are 12 invading NPCs in the game, all spawning in other parts of the world:

  • St. Hodrick’s Knight
  • Flagellum yellow finger
  • The circle of long fingers
  • Alva, the outcast investigator…
  • Knight Zorig
  • Creighton the walker
  • daughter of Cryemhild Crystal.
  • Shadow of a pale lake
  • pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromania pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromaniac pyromon pyromon pyromania
  • Sighing Knight
  • Silver Knight Ledo
  • Excluded researchers

If you see one of these names appear in a burglary report, there’s nothing you can do about it. The only possibility is to die by an intruder or another danger.

The good news is, you can get your souls back later. The bad news is that you could be captured by the NPC at any time. The most vulnerable time for you is the moment you enter a new world, right after your boss is murdered.

To prevent this, you can always jump off a cliff right after your boss’s battles. However, this doesn’t make much sense, because killing these NPCs is part of the game. You won’t be able to enjoy everything Dark Souls III has to offer if you avoid them.

Why were you attacked?

Dark souls have always been mainly due to the EPP experience. Many players say that the protection of plant varieties is just as important, but I benefit more from the single-player game.

There’s one thing I can’t deny in the EPP, and that’s that mentioning a friendly spirit makes the game a lot easier. With just one other ghost, you can destroy all enemies and bosses easier than with a single race.

For every friendly ghost you create, there is a greater chance that an enemy ghost will invade your world. It is for control and balance, so players can not easily pass the game.

That’s terrible news for the cooperation lover. When you call friends, you know you’re much more likely to be captured than alone. You can only invade when you have been cheated, but unfortunately, it requires playing in the cooperative Bernstein.

Best Practices

These three methods are the ones you should always try first. They still work when used correctly and are much better than the last two possible ways.

Do not play.

This can annoy some players, but unfortunately, this is the case. You may be caught at any time during the co-operation, and you are more likely to be seen.

There is a very long and challenging way to prevent high-level burglaries, but it requires long and tedious methods. They need things like raising the character to a high soul level without increasing the weapon, or vice versa.

By doing one of them, you can co-opt and, at the same time, make sure that the high level can’t come and destroy you. For most actors, this enormous effort isn’t worth it. Take the intruder to your friend and have fun with him.

Playing offline

Playing the game offline is the final solution to prevent the invasion. Of course, NPC intruders can always come, but at least you don’t have to worry about Noobslayer66 coming to kill you.

The price you pay for playing offline is unwilling and does not include any player messages. Messages left on the ground have always been a symbol of the Soul series, and offline you can pass on some essential secrets and objects.

Some say new players should always play offline before their first breakthrough because bloodstains and messages can spoil the fun. I think they’re one of the reasons Dark Souls is such an entertaining show.

There are several ways to play Dark Souls 3 offline:

  1. Start the game with the WiFi disconnected and reconnect when you download the saved file.
  2. Run the steam off-line (PC only).
  3. Disconnecting from PSN or Xbox Live
  4. Play without the internet

I think all you have to do is play online and face the intruders. You can benefit from this when you start protecting plant varieties.

Not to be fooled

It has to be exact because you can’t put ghosts online if you’re not reminded of them. If you consume amber, it puts you in Embers Host mode, where you can call and invade.

After a fight with the boss, you’re always stitched up, so you have to die to clean up. Plus, you never have to consume anything. You will miss a 40% increase in health and a 40% increase in falling items, but that is the price you pay for avoiding intruders.

Except for the cooperative, in this game, I only used Bernstein to fight the nameless king, and even that was a bit much. Amber doesn’t change the game, so you won’t miss much without using her.

Other methods

The following two methods are rejected by the dark soul community. As long as they work, these methods are very annoying for other actors. In some cases, they can prevent your DS3 character from creating friendly minds.

Disconnect your WiFi from

It’s the first method I used, and it’s the one that brought me tremendous success. If you have a cable connection, pull the cord until the kidnapper gets home. The wireless user can also put his PC in flight mode.

I only did it because I didn’t understand amber’s mechanisms and didn’t know any better. If I had known that I would spoil other people’s fun, I would have fought them and got beaten.

I’ll say one thing: Never do it when you’re trying to fight them, or you’re a coward. There’s nothing that PVP players hate more than fainting players when they lose the fight.

If you hate burglaries so much, pull the plug as soon as you see this message. The intruder may be one of the NPCs mentioned above, so that WiFi traction will do nothing.

When I did it in my first loss, I found this better solution than playing offline. I could always see player messages and bloodstains, and I could still create beautiful minds if I wanted to.

Switch off room

The option for users of the console is to exit the game completely. But it isn’t enjoyable because you have to reload the game. What’s more, it can ruin the game and make you lose a small lead that hasn’t been saved.

These methods and the latest ones are still not recommended because one must adhere to traditional approaches to prevent intruders from the beginning.

Reset to power failure

Warning for those who choose the two previous methods: There’s a penalty for doing it too often.

The spirits behind the soul games thought it appropriate to give the strongest an ironic punishment: You can get an invasion, but you can’t call a friendly player. I don’t know if the wifi failure is terrible, but I’ve never been able to unplug it 2 or 3 times.

If you disconnect one too often, the ban can be lifted. You can reverse it using the path of the white circle. Each new player is born with one of these standard elements, so you have one.

For those who have experienced this ban several times, approximately 12 hours after the ban, another Cirque Blanc lane will appear in the ash cemetery near your point of departure. For people who do not plan to play in the co-op, this may not be a problem, but closure is not recommended even then.


As a new player, it’s very tempting to pull a rope-like me. As you improve your skills in the game, you will find that the Plant Variety Protection Program is an entertaining option that many players will enjoy.

One can hate the protection of plant varieties, and that is normal. The burglary prevention methods mentioned here are the best. If you have a basic knowledge of how coal works, you don’t have to worry about being ambushed by NPCs and PVP players.

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