How to Play Ironclad Slay Spire

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Here are some tips for playing with the handkerchief.

The American studio MegaCrit, similar to Slay the Spire, has been on tour for a long time. Meanwhile, this fascinating game brought the fans together on the training field. One of the many things players are still trying to learn is the standard Ironclad course. If you still have a problem with this character, don’t worry. We’re right behind you.

1. Barricade and body helmet

Among the most ordinary buildings, you will find the barricade and the Body Slam. First, we have to try to get the capacity of the wall. If you can’t find it, the stirrups will work.

Then it would help if you increased your block as much as possible before hacking the Entrenches capacity. After all, it would help if you had a finisher.

You can choose between two suitable finishers. Body flakes are often the best option. However, the attacks proposed by the Heavy Blade or the Vortex would also be useful.

If you follow this building, clear the enemy’s rooms as soon as possible.

2. You rarely have to accept the curse.

The only curse you will have to accept willingly is the Necronomerge, because it guarantees a high-quality relic. Also, avoid unnecessary curses.

If you have Omamori, it might be acceptable to acquire the curse. However, if you want to make a call, you need at least two metamorphoses.

3. Stay in your first part of Relic.

Starter Iron Relic is pretty good because you can heal between battles. At the end of the game, you have the unique opportunity to exchange your relic for any relic of your boss. Don’t do that.

This option may be strange, but in the end, it is less efficient for your construction than using your standard relic.

4. Keep your skill drink

Agility Potions is a game that changes the character of the Dreadnought. Still, you need to keep your supply of Dex until the next time you need him.

If you have at least three Dex drinks when you meet a demanding boss, you can blow the glasses to make the fight much more comfortable. That’s why it’s best to keep the drink until you don’t need it at all. But they’ll be happy to have you when the time comes.

5. Important cards for monitoring

In the iron block, several cards are handy. That is why you will want to invest as much as possible. Here are some essential cards to keep an eye on.

Demonstration form

The demonic form is an excellent way to play if you’re more passive. Activate this feature and block the damage, then launch a devastating attack on your enemies. This map adapts perfectly to any physics.


This map is especially useful at an early stage. You can minimize the disgraceful damage caused by first bosses by increasing your defense with this ability. There’s a small downside to that.

Train with shoulders

You don’t necessarily need this card if you’re using a drawing that doesn’t have a large deck. However, this map is still useful in most situations.

With this card, you can make combinations and control your movements. If you’re in trouble, this card is probably the right choice.

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