How to Install Mountain and Blade Warband Mods

Holder and knife: The combat unit is a stand-alone extension of Mount and Blade. Released in 2012, to say it looks rough is an understatement. I certainly didn’t invest as much time in this particular game as he deserved, but I earned my share of the hours and worked a little on the adjustment to improve the basic game.

Before we go deeper into the mods themselves, it is essential to note that although this list is not as long as our article on Skyrim’s mods, there are many great Warband mods that we need to review. It is also essential to note that only one module can be active for both the assembly and the blade. In general, the mods of this game are those of the public review.

Note: From mounting and Sheet II: ReleaseBannerlord 30. In March 2020, our team has tested its new fashion to see if it is stable and will release a Bannerlord model guide very soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be the first to know about this fashion.

Setting up mods for warbands is simple enough for those who have already modified the game. The instructions are relatively simple for those of you who are not familiar with changes in the game. I assume you know how to find a fashion (or follow one of the links below to see it) and download it. The next steps are the steps:

  • Remove the mod folder from the compressed file.
  • Find your steam repertoire.
  • Navigate from the steam directory to the following file path: /steam modules/General/Mount and Blade Devices/Modules
  • If you are in the Modules folder, copy/cut the folder containing the selected modules and paste them into the Modules folder.
  • When you start the game, select the module drop-down menu and click on the desired module. If you have not modified your match in the past, it will be set to your version by default.

Some mods may require additional actions if they contain texture packs or other files that change the primary behavior of the game. Most of them have instructions for setting up their models. So if you run into trouble, check their instructions to see if you haven’t missed anything.

Created by The prophecy of the Counterpart Development Team
Link to download Nexus Mods

This is one of the unique modules for warfare on the list. As you can see in the following pictures, most Warband conversion mods transfer the gameplay of mounts and blades to known, pre-existing, or fictional worlds.

However, this fashion creator has created their world of Pendor low fantasy, populated by several gentlemen who would like to unite under your flag. Among the mods mentioned here, it’s relatively difficult, so get ready for a little challenge.

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This mode is, in fact, a kind of precursor of Mount and Blade II: The standard-bearer. It brings the year to the end of the Middle Ages, and you will act as Lord during the rebirth of the Calrad Empire.

It would help if you managed your villages and towns effectively to distinguish yourself from your rivals. It would help if you conquered other lords by influence or war to establish yourself as Calradia’s emperor. Good luck!

3. last days of the third year of life

Created by Development team Last days
Link to download Moddb

It’s no surprise to anyone that this fashion is at the top of the Mount and Blade Warband’s best model lists. This general conversion mod leads the player to Midland Tolkien. I had some friends who had bought Warband, especially for this fashion.

The developer has made a genuinely monumental effort for this change, and you can play the role of most of the significant Ring-factions War in an attempt to unite this war-torn world under his rule. If you have downloaded only one mod from this list, I recommend this.

If you’re pleased with the primary game and want a more modern touch, Blood and Steel is the mod for you.

It does not change the world, but only strengthens particular aspects of the world. It restores balance to many gaming systems (including the economy) and improves graphics to some extent.

It also adds a significant number of new elements.

Created by Gustav and Sanders
Link to download Nexus Mods

I’m the first to admit I didn’t play as much fantasy as I should have. Although it is currently in alpha form, it is still regularly updated and is more or less stable.

It changes the basic gameplay in many ways, but one of the most remarkable is that it adds magic to the game.

There are five primary races, each consisting of different factions. I strongly recommend this method, even if it’s still in alpha state. It’s very entertaining and keeps you busy for hours.



As you may have understood from the name, this fashion has something to do with Great Britain. This happened during the Dark Ages in Great Britain and the surrounding islands.

You can play the role of various factions, including the Picts, the Welsh, the Irish, etc.

Your goal, as with most army campaigns, is to unite the world under your flag. In this case, your goal is to try to change history for the better or, the worse.

Good luck, sir, or madam, because you will have a lot of fun with one of the best Mount and Blade Warband mods for a realistic experience.

Created by Team Rasia
Link to download Moddb

I’m the first to admit that I don’t know how to pronounce this fashion name correctly. I know that this fashion is probably one of the most ambitious and extensive in Warband.

The setting for this adventure is 16th century Southeast Asia. For centuries. There are twelve factions to choose from, including Ayutthaya and Lanna (in central and northern Thailand respectively), the colonial Portuguese and the Sultanate of Johor (Malaysia), and several other factions.

As with all Mount and Blade Warband modes, your goal is to maintain your power over the region, but the map is extensive and covers a large area. Each faction has unique units that characterize its history, and if you get tired of basic gameplay, this mod will add dozens of hours of gameplay to reawaken your interest.

Created by The sword of the war team
Link to download Moddb

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a little obsessed with the Heat Hammer universe. I played many Warhammer Fantasy, and I spent a few hundred hours in Warhammer: First and second wars in total. No wonder there’s a hammerhead on that list.

War sword Conquest allows you to master the most popular breeds of the Warhammer fantasy. As with most mods, your goal is to establish your influence in the world, and for that, you have to wage war, and for that, you can use hammers. I highly recommend this fashionista to anyone who loves Warhammer.

9. The world of ice and fire

Created by product
Link to download Moddb

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. …a real conversation for a second… I think we all agree that the throne game of season 8 was a disaster. But let it be your reaction to what happens in the masterfully created world of George R. Martin has a fashionable fighting team.

In this mode, you create your own burgeoning home and have to make your way through politics, intrigue, and war as you climb the ladder to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Otherwise, the rain will weep in your corridors, and no one will be heard.

Like most modes, this includes unique and skewed units, tons of individual items, and a new world to explore and conquer. Did I mention that Essos, the immense continent of the Old World, is also part of it? I should say it.

Created by The Perino development team
Link to download Moddb

Paris is another way of transformation in one’s imaginary world and is appropriately called Perino. This world is inhabited by specific breeds of fantastic trails, elves, dwarves and giants, and people.

There are several factions to choose from, although some seem to have been taken directly from the Midlands; if you’re looking for a fresh new world to find your way in the Alliance, Perino is right behind you. However, I would like to point out that this is a buggy, so the number of kilometers can vary.

This is the end of our mountain and our sword: Hip plows. What’s your favorite fashion? Did we miss anything (except Floris)? Talk about it in the comment section below!

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