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The prevalent fantasy of the latest MMO XIV is very much alive. This great title is currently in preparation for another incredible expansion known as Shadow Bringer. Pending the new development, many players are now trying to match and prepare their characters. We’ve put together a quick guide with tips and tricks to help you get your name up to 70 in no time.

Play History Quests

When you play Final Fantasy XIV, there are several things you can do. However, when Eorzea first appears in the world, you have to stick to the most crucial plot quests.

Secondary Quests can give you more experience. However, a simple game on the main plot is an easy way to get to the 30th level. Up to and including grade 15, you will also get new class quests every five levels. Make sure you fill them in as you play to gain substantial experience from the start.

If you need another way to increase your experience to level 15, complete the side missions in Taking the Challenge. This opens the call log, allowing you to vote again at the beginning of the game quickly.

Don’t forget to eat and sleep.

It’s a simple thing, but quite useful. You need to eat and sleep regularly if you want to retain the experience you have gained.

You get 3% more experience every time you eat something, at 30-minute intervals. This percentage may seem small, but the numbers add up when you feed all the time. Moreover, it would help if you always left the sanctuary of Final Fantasy XIV.

You can do this by disconnecting the system in a large city or near a blue teleport crystal. After entering the sanctuary, you will see an icon of the moon on your HUD.

When you spend time in the sanctuary, you experience great joy. The experience gained will increase by 50%, which is enormous. And this is not the end of the benefits of rest or the journey to the sanctuary.

If you stay in the sanctuary, you also get up to 1.5 unequal beams, although this process takes four days.

Priority customs

Participation in roulette – the best way to increase your level after quests in the main action. Your goal here is to start with a leveling strip. This will put you in a dungeon for a light party or in a courtroom for a dull party. To unlock these dungeons, you must complete the deep dungeons of Sastasha and Tam-Tara.

Standing in line at roulette can be pretty intimidating for DPS characters, so you should try to complete side missions and other small tasks while waiting for the game to start. Once you have activated two or more tests, you can also begin producing test rolls. They offer considerable gain in experience, but not so much in roulette.

If you concentrate on the essential quests in the story and call up the logs at the beginning of the game, you’ll quickly reach level 30. Then start with the alignment and the test rollers. Don’t forget to eat and rest so you can get the best out of each mission.

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