How to Get the 10 Best Arms in Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith and Fight for Sanctuary

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That’s how you get a high-value arsenal.

Borderlands 2 again attracts the attention of the shooters. And for a good reason.

Gearbox Software dropped a notorious bomb at E3 this year. Borderlands’ creative team has released brand new downloadable content for the game. The new DLC, called Commander Lilith and Fighting for Sanctuary, has a full storyline leading up to the events of Gearbox Software in the upcoming Borderlands 3. And he’s free for the entire first month of his release.

The new CSD contains a new villain, recent locations, and new types of threats to the world of Pandora. However, the DLC also produced a whole new level of weaponry known as vibrant material. This new level of rainbow weapons is much better than the legendary (orange) equipment of a first-class dog. With this in mind, players are working hard to improve their arsenal with this new racket rack that will destroy looters by playing at the new DLC.

If you want to upgrade your equipment, you don’t have to worry. We’re right behind you. Learn how to get your hands on the top 10 weapons in Borderlands 2 by playing as Commander Lilith and Fighting for DLC Sanctuary.

1. Overcompensator

To earn this weapon, you must first go through the search line as part of Commander Lilith and fight for Sanctuary DLC. Then go to Vaughn and stop looking for him.

After fulfilling some of his tasks, the Executive Director will report to the mission. All you have to do is complete the mission, and you will earn your weapons.

Handling this weapon can be a lot of fun. He will explain how to use it and offer you a unique variation of your arsenal.

2. Toothpicks

This weapon is part of the Writhing Deep kit, which contains many useful items. This Dahl assault rifle is manufactured with 100% accuracy and has a destructive damage level.

You can earn these weapons by growing sandworms in the area of Burrows. Or the gun can be dropped by the queen of worms during the hunt: Vaughn.

3. Tip break contact

This weapon is used during raids on the Digistruck pick, making it a handy tool for quick leveling. To win this weapon, you must check the crates that fall when you defeat Haderax the Invincible.

4. Hot mom

These weapons are relatively easy to obtain. It could be thrown into the Scarabay Mountain Research Center by Lieutenant Hoffmann during Commander Lilith and the Battle of the Sanctuary.

5. Global Combustion

It’s the only high-end rocket launcher you can get. To qualify, you must defeat Lieutenant Bolson in the Dal Pokin area.

6. Infectious agents

This powerful GMS is more complicated than some of its efficient counterparts. There is no particular boss you can fight against or complete a mission to increase your falconry chances. All you have to do is raise the enemies of the new Pandora soldier until he falls.

7. Nirvana

Again, there’s no boss to fight with, no mission to find those weapons. If you want Nirvana SMG, you have to grow infected seedlings. These enemies are in the infected areas of Lilith Command and DLC Fight for Sanctuary.

8. Amigo Sincero

This weapon inflicts real damage because it bypasses the enemy shield and directly damages the enemy’s impact points. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get hold of this weapon. All you have to do is complete the search for the best of the best.

9. Unicorn

This hilarious shotgun takes some work, but it’s worth it.

You must first return to Tiny Tina’s attack on the dragon’s DLC posture. In the Logue of Endless Agony, a mission of random spawning will eventually appear. When you see the markings on the map, all you have to do is find the mysterious Mr. Meese. Miz will give you a choice. Select the mysterious amulet when prompted.

Now back to Commander Lilith and the DLC fight for the sanctuary to complete the search for my fragile pony. If you are offered to feed the stallion’s donkey, be sure to wear the amulet. If you do, feeding your horse will give you a weapon.

10. Electric chair

This grenade could be an excellent weapon for your arsenal. To earn it, you must cultivate the patron of Uranus until he falls. The fall rate is not very high. However, some players claim that the use of the World Burn Grenade Launcher on the boss can significantly increase the speed at which the grenade falls.

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