How to Get Exotics for Destiny 2

Fate 2 is a gigantic game with a huge player base. There are too many people in him because he is insulted by nature but in the right way. Everyone looks for some tactics for when playing Destiny 2, and exotic objects are perfect. New items are the rarest you can get because they have the best properties and damage of each item in the game.

The disadvantage of exotic weapons or armor is that you can only equip one at the moment. Exotic weapons are excellent because they all have a remarkable built-in capacity. I have an exotic rifle that, if I have a critical hit on the enemy, explodes and damages the enemies around me. The new items, to be honest, are the best in the game. So there are many ways to get exotic items.

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Exotic applications

These searches ultimately guarantee mostly exotic weapons, but the only disadvantage is that there are not too many weapons in the game. If you go on a strange quest, it takes a lot of time because you choose a perfect weapon or armor. The most famous exotic work would be to get a Kayda-6 shovel gun. It took me almost a long time to get everything ready for weapons, but in the end, my time was worth it.

Here are some of the exotic jobs you can do:

  • Global zero line: Collection of lost memory fragments on Mars.
  • Polar lance: Complete the Warm Wind campaign.
  • Sleep simulator: End the Hot Winds Campaign.
  • The whisperworm: Full whispering of the RO
  • The Rat King: Complete the mission of the Titan of Peace.
  • Attack: To complete the search for peace in Nessus.
  • Multifunctional tool IDA: Execution of the general mission of EDZ
  • Aquarius Legend: Defeat the enemies of the Red Legion, I presume.
  • Ace of spades: End of interrupted campaign.
  • Fraud: Victory at the primeval sunrise in a gambit match.
  • Chaperone: End of interrupted campaign.
  • The Lord of the Wolves: Total amount required
  • Wunsch Ender: Talk to the statue in Sur Eido when the throne is destroyed.

Exotic cans

These are grams that guarantee an exotic object, but they are the rarest engravings available. There are many ways to get exotic diplomas. There are all kinds of ways: defeated enemies, planet chests, chests with regions, bins with high-value targets, chests with social events, chests with lost areas, and looted kayaks. Don’t forget that it can accidentally fall from these places, but it’s scarce to catch it. I would stick to other ways to get exotic objects because it would take forever to get them out of an engram.

Sure, agent number nine.

Xur can be found randomly on all the planets, but you can get useful exotic items if you see him, and you have legendary shards. With 100 legendary pieces, you can buy almost anything he sells, and what’s more, everything he sells is an unknown rarity so that you can get good things from him. He also sells exotic ornaments that change the appearance of certain exotic products. That’s cool because you might not like the strange look, so that you can change it a little.

Game Campaign

There are a total of 5 campaigns you can play in Destiny 2, and they are all relatively long. Exotics can be found at random by only playing each of these stories, and there are many more side quests to each of these stories for an extra chance to get exotic grams. Don’t forget that story missions can be played to earn different points and experience programs. They’re all campaigns in Destiny 2.

Red War Campaign – This is the main storyline of the game and takes you as a Guardian through 17 action missions to defeat Ghal and the Red Legion and destroy the Traveller. If Destiny 2 had it all to themselves, it would still be a great game.

Curse of Osiris Campaign – You travel to Mercury to find a former guardian trying to fight Vex in an unstable world. It contains eight historical missions you can play.

Warm Winds Campaign – This campaign takes you to Mars, and you fight Hive in a massive battle in which a giant worm tries to take over the planet. It has a total of 5-floor missions, but because of its reproducibility, it is worth it.

Divided Campaign – This takes you to the coast of unrest and the city of dreams to meet the mourners. As part of this campaign, you will receive more and more weapons and exotic species, and it is certainly worth taking care of them. He only has 11 reporting assignments for you.

Shadow Preservation Campaign – This campaign takes you to the moon to evoke what the characters call nightmares, which are essentially a manifestation of the Keeper’s past. It adds a total of 7 new storylines you can play.

Ranking of Planetary Factions and Vanguard Towers

When you play missions and perform tasks on each planet, you will receive a specific token to collect and give to the NPC on that planet. When you fill in the NPC panel, you will receive an item that the NPC provides free of charge. Chances are you’ll get an exotic item for the season you’re in. The vanguard of the tower will have the same kind of things, except that you have to get their specific pieces of different goals and missions, so go to them to see what you have to do.

Heroic Public Events

On every planet, from time to time, special events take place, the so-called public events. If you accomplish a specific task during this event, you will play a heroic public event where the big boss comes out, and you will have to defeat him. A breast reproduces at the end, and you can get an exotic object as a reward.

Public events will be evaluated afterward based on the results of the Guardians’ work. When the deadline for reaching the goal has passed, the Sentinels receive a Bronze Score. When time runs out, but the Guardians manage to complete the task almost wholly, the Guardians get a cash account. If the job is terminated before the end of the allotted time, the goalkeepers are given a gold rating.

Crucibles and wefts

Crucible is where you can fight against other players in a game like Team Deathmatch. There are also many different game modes you can play. Strikes are missions of campaigns that become essential missions that you can repeat with a group of people. This is important because every new task you complete will be rewarded with unique and even exotic items.

Tess Averted Engrams

Once you reach the maximum level of your character, you won’t stop gaining experience. Once you have the XP, you will eventually level up, but you won’t go up again this time. Instead, depending on the season, you will receive a unique English charter. These engravings contain particular objects such as sparrows, ships, and ornaments. Every item you get from them makes you look cool and gives your character a unique look.

It also gives you unique skins that you can put on your character to change the color of your armor, weapons, and vehicles. It’s worth it if you have complete equipment and it’s always the same color. Exoticism also brings your character to life with its cool look. You can get exotic grammar.


In short, there are many ways to obtain exotic objects in Destiny 2. The best part is that, in principle, you can play any role in the game, and you always have the right to become exotic by accidental fall. If you’ve never played Destiny 2 before, go to Steam now and download it. It’s free, and it’s worth going if you have the time.

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