How to Defeat Bracus Rex in Divinity: Original Sin II – Final Boss Guide

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It’ll be challenging, but you can do it.

The divinity: In any case, the original Sin II is difficult to distinguish. The latest status of the bosses is no different.

Many players expressed their frustration in the last fight and said it was too difficult to deal with. If he says that, he can be defeated. But you’ll have to use this tactic.

Warning: Spoiler forward

On the way, there will be spoilers for the final search for the deity: Original Sin II. Read carefully.

Choosing to give his source or to attack the divine

Once you’ve reached the final quest of the End Times, you’ll be greeted with the final choice. Choosing the right path is crucial for minimizing the complexity of the final battle.

When you come to the last search, it will be apparent that Divine Lucian was alive the whole time. Besides, Dallis will show that it is eternal. Worst of all: Brackus Rex seems to be under their control.

In the end, you have a choice. You can go to your source and take Lucian and Dallis’s side. Or you can disprove Lucian’s wishes.

If you refuse Lucian’s request, you attack Lucian and Dallis. However, Baccus Rex would soon reveal that he had freed himself from the alleged control of Dallis and then attack the entire party.

You may also decide to reveal your source. But before the source code is taken from you, Backus Rex will reveal his free will and then attack the party.

There is a fundamental difference between these two options. If you decide to give up your source, Lucian and Dallis will fight alongside you against Brakus Rex. Also, you and your party must immediately fight Lucian, Dallis, and Marriage Rex.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to reveal your source if you feel intimidated by the last fight with your boss. At some point, this battle of the bosses begins to become somewhat notorious for its difficulties. If he says that, he can be defeated.

How to win the last boss battle in recent times

Instead of siding with Lucian and Dallis or meeting the living deity and his eternal right arm, the strategy for winning the Boss final will be much the same. There are four basic tactics you should use to make the battle easier.

1. Remember all the chances you can

This may seem like a cheap tactic, but it’s effective. The essence of this battle comes down to generating random numbers (RNG). An attack on you or a miss can make all the difference.

If you have trouble fighting the boss, you have to think about this tactic.

Every time the fight starts, it’s your turn, as always. Save the game every time the move goes well for you. This way, you can avoid unnecessary repetition if you fail in the boss’s fight. It will sound tiring, but this tactic can make the difference between the watch and the boss’ failed combat attempts.

2. Fire resistance reserve

During this battle against your team, there will be a seemingly endless stream of fire spells. If you want to minimize the damage you have suffered in action, take the time to build up a stock of fire-resistant drinks.

Of course, healing drinks and resurrection rolls are also of paramount importance. However, the Scrolls of Fire will most likely give you the ultimate combat advantage you need.

3. Include the original letters in your mailing.

Just before you discover that Divine Lucian is still alive, you’ll have a mighty admirer of Malady and perhaps some of your other allies. This buffer reduces the cost of your source spells, possibly to zero source points per period.

So you have to prepare as many spells as possible that come from the source because you can fight this battle with the boss. Attacks that require a source to be performed are often the most powerful, making them an excellent advantage for you and your team.

4. Focus on Braccus Rex

This tactic is undoubtedly the most important. It would help if you focused all your efforts on fighting the Brakus Rex.

Once you defeat Brakus Rex, his many followers will die with him. So there’s no point in attacking your lackeys until you get to know them firsthand.

Instead, try to drop the magical armor of his followers to enchant them. Having other allies on the battlefield will help to divert enemy fire from your group.

However, you want to focus most of your efforts on the Braccus Rex itself.

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