How to convert.replay files to.mp4 files in Fortnite

Epic has released a new feature called Replay System for Fortnite Battle Royale with the new V.3.5.0 update. Here are the details of the reading system:

Reading system

  • Keep your games and watch them from every angle!
  • Speed up or slow down the action.
  • You can tell your story better with player contours and badges.
  • Different camera modes to choose from:
    • 3. Party
      • Follow and circle the selected player.
      • Three different monitoring modes: off, automatic, lazy.
    • Tracking the drone
      • A bumblebee type camera that always keeps the selected player in view.
    • Attached to the drone
      • A camera in the shape of a bumblebee, which is freely attached to the selected player.
    • Drone
      • A drone-like camera is flying freely around the island.
    • Game description
      • This camera shows what the selected player has seen during the game.
    • Configuring the camera settings
      • Exhibition
      • Opening
      • Focal length
      • Accent removal

The problem is that the video playback is recorded in .replay format, not the actual video format. The .replay files do not contain any video information. They have game data. That’s why we can’t convert them directly to .mp4 or other video formats.

It would help if you used third-party software for video recording. Screenshot applications such as Fraps, OBS, and even GeForce Experience solve this problem quite quickly.

How to convert proofreading files to mp4?

Here are the steps to convert .replay to .mp4 files in Fortnite:

  • Start Fortnite and play the usual Battle of the Royale.
  • After the game, click on the Career tab.
  • Click on Repeat
  • Select the series from the list and view them.
  • Determine the settings you are going to use before you start recording.
  • Start the registration with one of the above applications.
  • Playback of individual images
  • Wait until you’ve noticed all the vital points you want to get out.
  • Find the folder where you recorded the video.

You may go!

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