How much do the Twitch Affiliates do? Everything you need to know about the payout process for an affiliate

The Twitch affiliate program offers content authors the opportunity to get paid for their favorite games. It provides access to a range of revenue-generating tools, including bits, subscriptions, and game sales.

What about the actual figures? How much can you earn on Twitter?

In this article, you will know:

  • Different possibilities to earn income as a member.
  • Payment conditions for Twitch partners.
  • Examples of actual revenues from the industry.

Let’s get started.

Cheers with bits

Bits is Twitch’s foray in virtual currency that allows viewers to reward the creators of the content they love. The cooperation agreement will enable you to accept bits on your channel.

Viewers can buy pieces of information and send them to television stations to receive them. Each greeting can be accompanied by a message that appears in the chat and an animated emotion. Viewers who send their greetings can also earn chat badges that show their support.

Even if you don’t have any features orbit icons on the affiliate level, you’ll make money through the applause process. For every 100 bits you send, the payment is $1 (or $0.01 per bit). It may not seem like much, but many viewers have bits, and they are often used. Small amounts add up over time and provide a good income.

Subscription levels

Access to an affiliate program also allows viewers to subscribe to your channel. There are three payment levels: $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, which provide additional options for the viewer. These features include free, commercially-free feeds, slow-motion immunity, access to chat subchannels, and several custom emulation channels, as well as a custom chat icon.

In addition to the paid subscription options, another option is included in the Amazon Twitch partnership. This is a twitch-prime subscription that allows viewers to subscribe to one channel per month for free for the price of $4.99.

For member organizations, the most important benefit of membership is a 50% share of the income. So your salary’s about the same:

  • Level 1 and demolition components: payment of 2.50
  • Sublevel 2 5.00 Payment
  • Sub-Level 3 Payment of $12.50

These payments are made monthly, provided the subscription remains active.


All Twitch broadcasters can accept donations for their streams, regardless of their partner status, but they are worth mentioning because they often represent a significant portion of streaming revenues.

Twitch does not accept a percentage of your donations. The only fees you will have to pay are PayPal transaction fees, application maintenance fees, or currency conversion fees.

Donations are usually personalized by linking your PayPal account to your Twitch channel and placing a button in your Twitch profile description. Some streamers prefer additional donation incentives to encourage their viewers to donate or maintain their track.

Sale of in-game and in-game items

Partners can also earn money by selling games or game items. The purchase link is displayed on the channel page below the video window for each game played in the affiliate feed offered for purchase via Twitch. If the viewer uses this link to buy the title or element of the game, you earn a 5% commission.

Other revenue streams

As a partner, you can also earn free money by creating your extra income. This may also include sponsored feeds and affiliate links for businesses on your Twitch Channel site. All sponsorship contracts are organized directly between you, like a banner and all partners you find.

A creator suggests that a sponsored feed or video may vary from 1c per hour per viewer to $1 per hour per viewer. The payments vary per company and per target group that corresponds to the demographics of your channel.

Technical advice: Remember that any content that is sponsored or supported in any way must be identified as such. All paid feeds must be publicly declared, and other affiliate programs, such as game partnerships that offer codes to content creators, will have their own advertising rules.

The Affiliate Terms and Conditions also document lists in which affiliates have access to advertising revenue, but so far, Twitch has not announced when this will be implemented.

Payment threshold

Twitch has a benefit threshold, which means that if your income is less than $100 a month, you will not receive any payments this month.

Don’t worry about it. It will be carried over to the next period, and if you exceed the $100 threshold, the payment will be allocated to the next payment period.

Terms of payment and fees

The general terms and conditions of Twitch’s member organizations provide for payment of the income within 45 days after the end of each calendar month. This means that the income earned in January will be paid out in mid-March.

You cannot choose your payment terms, but you can select a payment method. Paypal, electronic check, ACH transfers, and bank transfers are supported to choose what’s best for you. It also allows you to avoid the costs associated with specific payment methods. This is especially important because Twitch passes them on to you as a partner.

If your affiliate account does not generate income within 12 months, Twitch reserves the right to close your account. However, they may also charge a processing fee of up to $25 before paying the rest of the amount due.

All these costs and conditions are listed in the partnership agreement, so I recommend that you read them in full before signing up for the program.

Typical revenue

Twitch’s expected revenues are also directly related to the size of your channel. For an affiliate, the subscription is your most frequent and permanent source of income. The number of regular viewers is directly related to the number of subwoofers you might have. The increase in the number of spectators also increases sponsorship contracts and offers more opportunities for applause and donations.

While some streamers are skeptical about the level of their merits, others have spoken about it in public. One of those banners is Rom Ham, who recorded a video on his channel and won a small flag.

It’s not a partner, it’s a shock partner, but the video shows the real numbers you could win. The only significant difference in income between affiliate and partner at the moment is advertising-income so that you can ignore this part for the time being.

For better understanding, Rom Ham broadcasts games on mobile phones 3 hours a day, every day of the week. The average audience is about 200 viewers at a time, making it very accessible for a small station.

In the first five weeks of the partnership, he earned 175 dollars and acquired 61 subscribers. The income is distributed as follows:

  • Advertising revenue: $19.28 (will not be available for affiliate)
  • Sub-receipts: $64.29
  • Peak income: $79.80
  • Income in bits: $11.55

Although it’s a small amount of money, it’s not all he’s earned. When he opens his donation card, he hides a nice top. Last year, he received about $1,400 in donations throughout his career.

The average donation amount and the addition to the above income represent an income of approximately $300 per month for Channel, which continues to grow.

He says that he has not lobbied for donations, has not been sick or signed up for the programs, and is still a newcomer to the program. Incentives and targets can help to increase the number of submarines and applause. Rum ham is also moving towards a niche market. He admits that he could make several adjustments to grow his audience and thus his income.

Even though Twitch needs a lot of work to live well, you can certainly supplement your income with a small stable income, even with a small channel. If you take steps to improve your channel and increase your viewer participation, it will also increase those numbers and move them from a secondary service to a payment service.

Another creator carried out a study and asked his colleagues how much monthly income they generate. About half of the 3,000 respondents earn less than USD 100/Mol, but 33% say they make more than USD 750/Mol.

As you can see, the level of income varies slightly from partner to partner because it all depends on your audience’s size, your skills as a broadcaster, and the quality of the content you create.

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