How I accidentally created a midgame crisis that follows me from game to game (long post, mods and links inside).

Tl;dr Different circumstances (of all kinds of mods and game settings) have come together and, with my random help, have created a nightmarish monster empire that, when made in the game, gradually evolves into a brutal conquest, cleaning and dismantling of everything it encounters without the AI being able to stop it, a snowball in a mid-game (or sometimes even category) crisis.

Before getting to the heart of the matter and explaining what is going on, it is necessary to have some basic information:

  1. I only play the game with my Premier empires because I thought randomly created realms were tasteless (I’ve made 40 empires set up for forced spawning). Without them, there would be no sequence, and there would be no possibility to repeat the results. The most crucial part that later becomes relevant is that these empires were created with the help of the restoration of the Capital of Culture.
  2. I play with the parameters: x0.25 habitable worlds, x0.25 tech/legal costs, x0.75 hyperplane density. Well, without being super extraordinary, these settings seem very important to make things work.
  3. I play with enhanced AI models, enhanced AI, and the Glavius-compatible AI mode. These two factors together make an AI empire a real challenge.
  4. I play – much – tradition – fashion… There are also extra climbing bonuses. How can an AI, who she seems to choose at random, benefit from this? We’ll get there.

Now let’s get to the point the beast mentioned. They all meet Bob, the joke empire, which I did because I had no idea how to take The Absorbing Swarm. He never bothered to fill it with flesh, and in the act of vengeance, he began to conquer almost every galaxy he had ever entered. I needed some progress with Bob to understand why he always seems to be doing great, even when the cleaners die, and the fighters give up prematurely. So, what’s going on here? Here’s an explanation.

Although the beginning with three civilizations seems powerful for the absorbing swarm, thanks to the cultural redesign, it is a gift that everyone receives. The significant impact of the cultural revision is that I have tried to make each empire as unique as possible. This has led to rich people who don’t love each other, but often hate each other from the start. Not to mention the fact that there are usually crazy signs of replacing the More AI Personalities mods that other rich people won’t appreciate anymore. The first defensive alliances always arise from a threat that becomes ridiculously high, or between rich people on the other side of the galaxy. For Bob, everything is an open buffet. No major alliance is formed against him before then because everyone else is too busy hating each other.

Now let’s move on to the crucial role of game parameters. The small number of inhabited worlds creates an environment where, once your area is declared, there is no possibility to expand for a certain period until habitats become available. Either that or the rich have an enormous amount of energy to use for terraforming and extreme terraforming due to stellar expansion. At the beginning of the game, the rich have no choice but to win to develop their societies and economies. And guess who’s good at winning with all those crazy bonuses. Thanks to his extraordinary adaptability, Bob can live all sorts of things, and as soon as he first claims new worlds, he becomes twice as big as his other neighbors. Then three times as many neighbors and so on until it can beat almost everyone in the galaxy (in galaxies of 800 to 1000 stars, it seems to lose speed).

The lower density of the hyperplane makes it almost impossible to sneak behind the enemy in the first race, which means that the first wars are fought with pure brute force, and Bob achieves many easy and quick victories. Moreover, the low cost of technology and tradition means that the penalty for furious expansion outweighs the new production (not to mention the many points that exempt the company from purification). When other empires can build habitats/terraces, Bob is usually 2 to 4 times bigger and on an equal footing with the most extensive research minds in the galaxy.

Whereas traditions can be chosen in a seemingly arbitrary way. Many traditional trees change their bonuses (or trees change shape) when they play the body. These new traditions give them huge rewards if you choose them halfway decent. Many power peaks everywhere where there are no cleaners, and the fighters can not reach it because they hit the wall in their first expansion called oh, wait, we have to pay for minerals for the population as they try to conquer everything.

What I didn’t immediately mention is that the improved AI knows very well how to play Eaters Roy, what conflicts to take, and what not to take, how much to take, and so on.

Bob can quickly fall into this category if he destroys the lost kingdoms and takes possession of their raw material production, especially if it gets a super powerful system from Fallen Empires Expanded 2. However, that has not happened yet, because I have just installed a new version of this mod.

But Bob might slow down if he doesn’t take care of the mega-crops. Yes, Mega Enhanced Structures combined with Giga Structural Engineering and More have turned the category upside down, because, at some point, you stop increasing the population and build Dyson Spheres to power more stellar elevators, to control more Dyson Spheres to power more stellar elevators. It is a pattern in which even an improved AI decreases at some point, sometimes even exaggerates. Here’s an example where Bob’s been delayed for that reason, and let me make it up to you. Yet Bob will destroy the entire galaxy if he can spam the mega cultures while still intact.

A level line system makes the character more robust, thanks to the immortal rule that remains in the level cap throughout the game, while bonuses are awarded.

So, usually, too much with mods and strange game settings – it’s fun. I knew something weird would eventually happen. Now I roll the dice every time I create a new galaxy, whether or not I get an extra crisis in the game. It looks like we’re three short.

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