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As you probably already know, I started D&D in the early ’80s. The ASI was the only way, because it wasn’t there. So, when I came back in seventh grade, I looked at the heroism with some skepticism. Why don’t I just raise my stats and say it’s a day?

Now that I have more experience with Edition 5, I realize how naive I was. If I took the time to really read them, I would see that many of them allow me to raise a statistic, which is very nice. But getting a point increase of the chosen capacityplusto store the role of the chosen capacity (Resilient) is quite cool. It made me want to make some kind of home game, but I’ll come back to that later.

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At first I slipped the heroics and chose one because I thought it was a good one. I’ve learned that it’s not easy to decide on a show. You need to think about your current and future needs and your character development plan. If you’re a criminal, you may not want to take Dungeon Delver, but if you’re playing Paladin, I strongly advise you to master Master Shield.

Of course, not all services are the same. People have a very strong opinion about which heroic deeds are best and which should never be accepted. Looking for opinions on the Internet, there are always a few things broken at this level, and a few – on the damn no level. That goes without saying, but Reddit has a lot of problems with this. For common sense, you shouldn’t go into the rabbit hole.

Upper level

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  1. Lucky – Everyone seems to agree that this is a complete failure. Who doesn’t want the advantages or disadvantages of after ? If you’re playing an important role and your bones are getting on your nerves, rewind. If your opponent gets a natural 20 and DM starts picking up a lot of junk, say no and try not to laugh when he rolls an eight.
  2. Grand Master-at-Arms – An extra limited melee attack is good, but the biggest attraction is -5 hits in exchange for +10 damage. Minus 5 can be a bit difficult at first, but with a good build, especially later in the game, you can do some stupid damage.
  3. Sniper – the lack of a large range is nice, ignoring half of the lid is useful, but -5 in exchange for +10 damage is the key. See upstairs.

Bottom of the barrel

  1. You little… Time doesn’t really matter.
  2. Linguist – I am even less interested in learning three languages.

The Master-at-Arms was probably the most discussed topic. Loving or hating people. I don’t know if I’m a fan myself, but I’d rather have a gun than write the secret codes for the letters.

As I have already said, I felt the desire to perform some heroic deeds that I believe can bridge the gap between what exists and what is missing from the existing list. These are the ones I invented, and they make the most sense. I have others in mind, but they need a little more work. I hope to share them soon.


At a time when a priest simply can’t make it in time, it can make all the difference between another fireball and a player launching a new character to harm a party colleague.

Master of improvised weapons and dirty fighters

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Browler’s Tavern is the source of much hatred among players. I decided to split him up into two separate heroines, one specializing in improvised weapons and the other in handclapping fights. With the master’s improvised weapon you can hit the creature with almost anything you can catch. I know characters are seldom unarmed, but in some situations it can certainly help. As for Dirty Fighter… Sometimes you have to put your knee against your groin.

Feline Reflexes

I adapted this one from Tracker 2. A little, but the monk, a little spell of falling feathers and a good acrobatic score and do not die if you fall off a rock. Don’t look at me like that… We all know that players do stupid things all the time.

Dirty Hunter

There is an old saying that there is no such thing as a dirty fight, and anyone who has ever fought knows that to be absolutely true. Cut your eyes… …no problem. It’s a little too crazy for words. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Knee in the groin… I agree, too. Your only goal when you fight is not necessarily to win, but not to get beaten up. Winning is a good thing, but if you can’t deal with it afterwards, it’s pointless. You do what you have to do, and there’s no shame in it.


Seriously, who wouldn’t want their character to be able to do that, or maybe even? We all have visions of our character jumping gracefully into battle and waving his swords. You can do it with this trick. Just be careful when DM asks you how you want to do it.

It took me a while to come up with the concept of heroism, but now I fully accept it. With a little planning, foresight and the right combinations, they can make your character the hero you’ve always dreamed of.

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