Hildryn Build 2020 Warframe Guide

The child is a fixture that uses her shields to fight enemies and protect her allies. It is capable of destroying its enemies and increasing the chances of survival of its partners.

It is a weapon capable of inflicting massive damage and dealing with masses of multiple enemies to eliminate enemies and create holes during a conflict.

Where did you get Hildrin?

Guild Master

Children’s basic design can be purchased from the duckling that Vox Solaris left behind after reaching the rank of runner or above.

Drawings of the parts can be purchased as a reward for winning Orba Vallis Explorer.

Instead of reproducing themselves and buying their designs, Hildrin can be purchased for 325 platinum on the in-orbit market.

See also covers the purchase of other boxes.

  • Baruk
  • Chroma
  • Garuda
  • Gara
  • Glee Club


(Children capacities)

Children can deliver powerful blows to enemies, steal the shields of his enemies, rebuild them for themselves and his allies, protect his allies with an aura of shielding, and carry out counter flights to his enemies in the sky.

His shielding system has been improved, which forces him to use it more than other armor, and therefore he uses his shields instead of energy to increase his capabilities.

When Hildrin is hit by the Super Shields, she is protected from damage that bypasses the shields and prevents immediate damage to her health when the guards are raised.

When his shields are depleted, he becomes invincible for 3 seconds, which also affects his allies with whom he is connected by his Harbor power.

When her abilities are activated by the shields, she discards her abilities using the guards themselves. When she recovers energy, she gets screen points, and her shields are charged, regardless of the charging time.

The modes or arcana influenced by the capture of energy will still affect even if they restore their shields.

1) Balance

Children use his Exalted Weapon, a bullet magazine that uses his shields to fire powerful energy shots that damage the area.

This power causes tremendous damage, depending on the strength of the power and the sublime weapon’s construction, which can be modified just like any conventional weapon.

It can cause devastating damage to its enemies, as it can kill most of those fights immediately.

(Children shoots his enemies with the Balefire magazine)

2) Shelf

Children steal armor and shields from the enemies in the area and complement his guards and those of his nearby allies.

The effect of this possibility also removes any status to which they and their allies are subject.

This possibility is beneficial for eliminating the effects of the status on you and your team and restoring all life shields.

With this feature, you can instantly replenish Hildrin’s shields and give him a large number of super guards, including more safeguards to protect and use his abilities.

(Children throws a tablet near the enemy group)

(Children was looted, her shields were rebuilt, and she got super guards)

3) Port

Children use her shields to communicate with her allies and enemies, giving her different effects from those to which she is connected.

Allies tied to this possibility will have increased shielding capacity and faster shield reloading.

When the shields are depleted, the invulnerability phase also benefits the Allies when they are connected to Hildrin, in particular by giving them extra protection in case of emergency.

The connections are sent to the enemy, causing constant radiation damage per second.

(Guild in an activated gate, linked to enemies and inflicting damage)

4) Aegis Storm

Children start to rise in the air so he can move freely, while his aura creates an aura that detonates enemies, damages them, and makes them float in the air.

The affected enemies generate balloons with energy every few seconds, and when the shields are lowered, Hildryn hits the ground and throws the enemies on the floor.

Children can only use Bullet Chargers to attack enemies when this feature is active, and looting can only be played after this feature has expired.

This power is perfect for damage and mass control, while at the same time being an energy source for Hildrin and his allies.

(Children with Aegis storm activated)

(Children fires his Balefire magazine at the enemies during the storm on I


(Children extinguishes storm Aegis)

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

This balanced structure should enable Hildrin to use its skills with a good increase in capacity statistics.

It will do more damage and also get better effects from the capabilities it uses, as well as a more excellent range to achieve its capabilities.

This build is well adapted to different types of missions and is recommended for those who are starting to use Warframe or are looking for a simple but effective


(Children uses his abilities to fight enemies)

Strength of construction

Thanks to the Children’s power, you can inflict incredible damage on your enemies and significantly increase the effectiveness of your skills.

This forces their Bullet Chargers to do massive damage, which can kill enemies instantly.

Children will steal many shields from his enemies, which can significantly increase his armor, allowing him to consume more shields while adding extra guards.

Haven and Aegis Storm will use more shields, but you can use Pillage with Low Shields to repair most of them immediately.

(Children uses Balefire chargers during Aegis storm)

Construction of zone

Building a comb will benefit Hildrin because it will give him a larger radius with his physique, which will provide him with greater efficiency from a distance.

Your looting abilities will expand even further, and you will be able to steal the shields of multiple enemies across a large area. At the same time, Haven will be able to further reach allies and enemies away from your location.

Aegis Storm will have a broad range, making it easier to control the crowd when using this feature.

This design is suitable for small and extensive maps and gives Hildryn easy access to enemies and shields and better coverage of the area if the damage is inflicted in the area.

(Children uses Aegis Storm and Port to kill his long-range enemies)


Children are a great war machine when its unique capabilities cause immediate and permanent damage.

Bullet magazines alone can do a lot of damage, and with the ability to steal a shield and provide buffers to allies, they become good support and significant damage per second.

Aegis Storm is not only good at crowd control and damage control, but I can also give her the mobility she needs when maneuvering or moving away from the enemy battlefield.

Her unique shield system, which requires her to use shields to drive her abilities, gives her a large pool to use to launch her powers, and with the ability to plunder, she can quickly replenish them.

Children have excellent survivability and the ability to do damage, making him a compelling universal war framework.

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