Hey / r / FO76, man! Well, it’s been a while, but I have more updates on Nukacrypt!

Hello, everybody!

I have something to say about Nukakakrypt!

First, now.

Search function! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! The search function?

You can now use it to search for an object in the game. Each item has a page dedicated to it, where you can get information about that item. The same as in the wiki, except the story’s use, collected relating to the community. There is also an advanced search switch, which I strongly recommend to use. Otherwise, it will return every that matches your search.

At the moment, only two things have landing pages in the game notes (you can see their contents without them, still WIP) and weapons.

On the weapon page itself, you can change the mods equipped to see the impact on the status! It also includes enemies/containers that drop the specified weapon (the descent rate has not yet been determined). Here’s a 44mm cannon for your pleasure.

Thanks to /u/eckserah and FalloutSearch for your help.


I joined /u/texnevada to work on the MOODUS Discord Bot. The bot has many functions related to Fallout 76 that you can use, as described below.

  • Throw the dice, just in case.
  • The coding team returns the nuclear codes in a week.
  • Creation Order provides information on the fall of 76 creatures, with statistics!
  • Packard’s team that provided information about this Perk.
  • The mutation command provides information about the mutation.
  • Material order returns information about the selected material (scrap).
  • ToggleBethesdaTracker Command (administrator only) allows you to receive Bethesda comments sent directly to the channel where they are!

On the administrator side, we also have some useful commands.

  • Delete the command, delete X messages in the current channel.
  • ToggleCodes command, Allows the use of codes in the channel.
  • The MoveTo command allows you to move messages from one channel to another, copying the username/title to ensure a smooth transition to disabling conversations by topic.
  • ModeTracker, get information on the bone!
  • ReactionRoles, give me roles based on emotions!

support server, documentation, an invitation to bots

If you find any errors on the website or the robot, please let me know! I have a list I need to work on.

Again, a little help, if you know the math / the calculation of the accuracy of the weapon / the speed of fire, let me know.

This also applies to the equipment inside: If you want to access the codes through the terminal, please contact me; you do not have to delete the site.

TLDR: New opportunities, build the best WIKI, bone of contention.

The source: Initial reference

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