Harrow Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Harrow is a dark, monk-like priest who was captured and eventually released. It focuses on keeping the troops alive and ready to fight.

He is very supportive of Warframe because he can maintain his team’s health and energy and even save it from some deaths, as well as the ability to crush it to improve his combat skills.

Where did you get the harrow?


The draw for the EC will be rewarded at the end of the EC chain assignment.

His pieces have been received in several missions:

  • Neuropathy: Prize for Rotation C of the Pago spy mission in the fortress Kuva.
  • Chassis: Abandoned by corrupt enemies.
  • Systems: B & C rotation prices for desertion orders

You can buy one harrow for the number of 225 already built platinum harrows.

Guide to other famous buildings

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  • Ivara
  • Loki
  • mirage
  • Necroses


Harrow can lure enemies into chains, sacrifice shields to polish a team, regenerate energy by killing, and avoid damaging him and his team.

His passive ability is the ability to convict, which gives him 200% more excesses to have 2400 surpluses.

(1) Convicted person

Harrow sends chains to stop the enemies and gives him extra shields for each enemy attack.

This is very useful for crowd control and for supplying shields to the plow when needed, such as when it is attacked or when it needs more safeguards to improve the overall effectiveness of its ability to repent.

(The picture below shows a harrow throwing the damnation on the enemies)

2) Fine

Boron sacrifices his shields to give his crew some life to fly and increase the fire and reload’s speed.

The more shields Boronia has, the better the buffalo effect.

It is a remarkable ability to support not only the crew, but also themselves, and it increases the survival of Harrow and his team and the damage they do.

(The figure below shows the ability to repent)

3) Grozny

The drill starts channeling energy to create a radius around it in which each killed enemy releases energy while the main shots do the same, but in larger quantities.

This ability gives the team a reserve of energy, and together with Penance, it makes the team virtually unstoppable because of the inexhaustible supply of health and mana.

(You can see on the picture below that the harrow goes in the direction of Thurible)

(The picture below shows how the harrow gains energy by killing enemies with Thurible)

Upgrade: Protecting Thurible reduces the amount of damage that allies do when using this option and provides extra energy.

4) Treaty

The Raven frees himself from his chains and makes him and his allies invulnerable for a long time. When attacking enemies, the absorbed damage is converted into critical coincidence.

This ability is one of the best in the world, you not only become invincible, but you also get a lot of critical opportunities afterward.

This can build up damage or rescue your team members if the situation requires it.

(You can see the packaging of the plows in the figure below)

Upgrade: A strong chord leads to a shot in the head, which increases the critical chance of delay during the chord.

Proposed buildings

Construction time

This construction’s primary purpose is to make the pact long, so that Harrow and his team have enough time to react during invulnerability, and then long if they have a critical amateur chance.

Thanks to his ability to control the crowd, Condemn will keep the enemy at bay for a long time and work correctly to make enemies easy targets or make discoveries for himself and his team.

Harrows fans’ life expectancy is significantly increased, which guarantees him and his team a good preparation for long battles.

(The image below shows prey falling from a distance at the same time as the health transformation)

Strength of construction

This structure focuses on having a superior ability with Harrow, increasing the effect of his buffalo and Condemn giving him more shields against the enemy.

The pact will increase the chances of Harrow and his team, achieving critical acceleration with a decent physique.

Harrow will have good health and shields, which will allow him to fight this construction, and with the amateurs and skills, he will be unstoppable.

(The image below shows the shadows of the dead killing the enemies)

Construction of zone

The purpose of this test is to increase the reach of the harrows so that allies can get rid of him a little but still benefit from his abilities.

The sentence will have a broader scope, making it easier to control the crowd and increase the number of protected enemies.

This feature is useful in places where the team does not stop at a single location and will make it possible to cover most areas with the team to provide decent supporters.


In the beginning, the plow can be complicated, but in the end, she is rewarded because she can afford to fight with her team for a long time.

Because Harrow can provide his team with everything they need to survive, he is one of the best supporters of weapons, and once he gets a good set of weapons, he becomes an indomitable mission killer himself.

Harrow’s Covenant ability is one of the best in the game, as it can prevent the death of some players or allow teams to attack without fear of damage.

In addition to good weapon support, Harrow is also an excellent tool for repairing damage and improving any warfare unit’s combat capabilities.

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