Guide to Warframe Nezha Build 2020

Nezha is an offensive and mobile armor that excels and moves so that it defies friction and damages its enemies through fire.

It is one of the most difficult warframes to use at the beginning, because the movements are a bit slippery for most players. Because he has a tendency to move, he also has skills that make him big as a solo-warframe.

Where did I get Nezha?


The Nezha must be examined in the clandojo by the Teno laboratory for the clan before a clan member can repeat the drawing of the Nezha and the drawings of the pieces.

His design can be reproduced in Teno Lab for 35,000 credits, while the other parts can be reproduced for 15,000 credits each.

Instead of exploring and recreating the details, Nezhu can also be purchased for 275 platinum.

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(Skills of a gentleman)

Nesha has the ability to leave devastating fire trails, throw his chakras to damage multiple enemies, create a protective barrier around him, and strike and knock down his enemies.

Because of his passivity he glides 60% faster and goes 35% further.

1) Fire engines

Nezha allows himself to release a trail of fire as he walks, causing damage to enemies who come in contact with him.

When he teleports with the Burning Chakra capability, the area he teleports to will be covered with heat damage when he lands.

This possibility is very useful for inflicting damage per second on enemies when the fire stops and can set them on fire.

Thanks to Nezha’s fast movement, he can easily turn a flamboyant pad on the cards.

(Nesha leaves a trail of fire that burns its enemies)

Change Mod. With Pyroclastic Current you can transfer all the damage done by the firefighter to your enemies.

2) Flaming Chakra

Nezha throws her ring at the enemies, jumps between the nearby enemies and sets them on fire.

Enemies that are attacked and affected are more likely to be harmed, making it much easier for them to die.

This ability not only damages the opponents, but also makes them throw balls that can restore their health or energy.

When the ring is in motion, Nezha can immediately reactivate the ability to teleport to its location.

The use of the Fire Walker will cause an explosion of thermal damage in the area where Neja will land after the teleportation.

This is an excellent skill for both damage and movement, allowing you to reach different locations or overtake distant enemies.

The amount of damage it can do is considerable and corresponds well with the other skills of Nesha, because it makes the enemies more vulnerable to damage.

(Nezha uses her Flaming Chakram power and throws the ring on her back)

(the Nezhi ring jumps to other enemies during the flames)

Change Mod. Chakra Eating increases the damage caused by the ability to hit an opponent with each shot and increases the chance of health balls dropping.

3) Halo Order

Nezha creates a ring that is both a protective and an offensive barrier that lasts indefinitely or until the damage is fully absorbed.

This not only absorbs the damage that Nezha should do, but also wounds and numbs enemies when they are near him.

Defense against Halo is a very powerful ability that can be used to easily kill enemies through crowd control, just by getting close to the enemy, and is also very clumsy due to the large amount of absorbed damage.

(Nezha with active halo in order)

Change Mod. Defence allows you to award the Order of the Halo to your allies.

4) Divine lances

Divine Spears pierce the enemies within a certain radius, come out of nudity, pierce the enemies, damage them and hold them for a long time.

By reactivating this power, pierced enemies will hit the ground and cause further damage.

This ability is very important for controlling the crowd and killing enemies, because Nezha can hold it with the ability to attack enemies or just use the kick and tap to eliminate multiple enemies.

(Nezha pierces enemies with the Divine Spears ability)

(Nesha reactivates Divine Spears by striking pierced enemies)

Proposed buildings

Pyroclastic resistance/current

This structure offers exceptional opportunities in an area where it can use its fiery vagabond ability to cause major damage.

Optionally, Pyroclastic Flow can be added to the building to treat very large amounts of damage to enemies during or after the Waltz of Fire deals, as it accumulates damage for the secondary Waltz of Fire spell that spreads a wave of fire across Nezha.

This construction is perfect for inflicting a lot of damage using Nesha’s abilities, and is perfect for damage and solo missions.

The Fire Walker will do a lot of damage and burn enemies with moderate thermal damage, while the Pyroclastic Current will accumulate more damage, which can be very high.

The defensive halo makes it possible to absorb a very large amount of damage, making it almost inviolable to enemies.

Flaming Chakram causes extraordinary damage to the enemy and costs him more energy.

The range is so wide that the Fire Chakram can be used to cause explosion damage with the Fire Walker and to do great damage with the Divine Copies.

It is a very durable construction that not only allows you to do a lot of damage, but also to get a lot of tanning thanks to the power of your skills and their effect on Warding Halo.

(Nezha causes damage to enemies with fire and dive lances, with a valid defensive aureole)

Constructed Starch Section

This training increases the damage that can be done with all capacities, but not to the same extent as the previous training.

Rather, it is about giving Nezha a greater range, which essentially benefits from the blast radius when Nezha teleports with an active firewalker, as well as from the range of the divine copies.

With this buildup, Nezha can use his ability of Divine Spears to disarm various enemies in an area and enable him or his allies to exploit and kill them.

This building is suitable for both crowd control and the evacuation of large areas of enemies.

(Nesha hits several enemies at great distance with divine spears)

Dead Cruiser Building Shadow

This building should enable Neja to spam several times with all her skills or use them in important situations with low energy consumption.

The Fire Walker can easily be dropped due to its low mana cost, while the Flaming Chakram can be used multiple times, causing both damage and rapid movement on the card.

Warding Halo will still absorb enough damage, and the Divine Spears will be very cheap to throw, allowing men to throw more often.

This design is good for both crowd control and damage control when the skills are used synchronously and at the right time.

(Nezha uses all its capacities)


Nezha can be a bit tricky for new and old players, because her movement itself and the combination of her skills can be a bit difficult to master in the beginning.

Many tactics can be used against the nearest, such as teleporting with a Fire Walker to inflict multiple blast damage, or puncturing enemies with Divine Spears and using the Blazing Chakram to hit them before they are hit.

In this area, it all depends on how you use your skills, because the extra damage makes them synergistic, and once you feel them, Nezha becomes a very deadly weapon.

Most people don’t know that Nezha is very capable of being a soloist, of dealing with a lot of damage and also of managing it.

Nezha is only strong with his skills, and if you add a good pass with him, you will have a strong solo or a strong team when playing Warframe.

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