Guide to Warframe Mining

Mining is a part of Warframe that can be carried out in some parts of the open world and is used to collect raw materials such as minerals, precious stones and other necessary and valuable materials.

Mining requires access to Germ or Fortune, because you have to use mining tools that are only available in these cities.

Some of the items you will make, including some warframes, require resources that can be obtained through extraction, as well as through the later completion of the game.

How do you get past the war frame?

Once you’ve received an extraction tool from one of Cetus or Fortuna’s NPCs, you can equip it in one of your equipment’s slots.

Insert your extraction tool into the knurled groove and go to one of the open worlds to start collecting raw materials.

If you are in one of the open regions of the world, look for veins that indicate that there is a miniature source in that area.

You will see a blue or red vein, which also shows the icon on the map if you have one of the more advanced extraction tools.

Once you’ve found a vein, point your extraction tool at it and you’ll see one or more dots on the screen telling you where to extract.

Press and hold the Fire button while aiming at points to activate the loot, which is then displayed by the device, which increases steadily as you hold the fire.

The goal of this mini game is to stop the meter from filling up in the same way that the meter runs between the points you have to aim for.

If you put the counter between brackets, you get a lot of raw materials, and stopping in the middle is an ideal mining activity.

After drilling all the points that, according to your accuracy, stopped the counter in the middle, you will acquire resources.

The more centered the counter is, the more resources you receive, which can also be displayed one by one when you remove all the dots from the bar at the top of the screen, with the gems and the percentage according to how full they are.

The number of points can change randomly and you can get any source as long as it is available in this area.

Sometimes there is a smaller clamp with the main clamp, which is a rare or fortunate opportunity for disassembly.

If you succeed in stopping the counter within a special range, you will receive a bonus tool, which is sometimes rare.

When you’ve finished mining, just go back to the city connected to the agricultural area to summarize the mission/open world, where you can also see what raw materials you’ve harvested and how much you’ve harvested.

Other resources for agriculture Manual

  • Carbides
  • Cubic diodes
  • Ring-shaped agriculture
  • Endo Agriculture
  • Kuva

Where should the mining take place in Barframe?

Idol Levels

The first clearing where mining was possible was on land, in the Edolon Plain, just outside the embryo.

Ball Vallis

After his arrival in the plain of Edolon, Orb Vallis became available from Fortuna, which is located on Venus.

What are minerals and precious stones used for?

Power plant (foundry building)

The resulting raw materials can then be used in the foundry, where they are produced in a refined version, which is either forged or accurately cut.

Later, you will need it for the production of certain equipment in the foundry, especially for certain armaments.

They can be produced in the smelter after the drawings of each raw material have been purchased from the NPC mining companies.

Trade for regular customers

While minerals are mainly used for production and almost nothing else, gems have a special value and can be traded for a place at Ostron or Solaris United.

Each of the gems has a certain quantity, depending on the rarity, which allows you to position yourself in the trade, especially the wholesale trade.

NC mines

Old man Sumbat

Old Man Suumbat is an NPC mining company in the Edolon Plains that sells a variety of belly shears, gem and mineral designs and much more.


You will find Smokefinger at Fortuna, which sells you a Sunpoint plasma drill, currently the best tool for mining, as well as recipes for making minerals and gemstones in a refined version.

Types of cutting tools

Nosama burner

Nosam Cutter is one of the first mining tools you bought when Fortuna didn’t exist, and will be the first tool you will use for mining until you can upgrade it with the best versions.

Focused mills

The Focused Nosam is an improved version of the Nosam cutter and offers a more accurate extraction process.

Advanced cutting torches

As in the previous version, the Advance Nosam Cutter has precise cutting characteristics, but with an additional function.

The Advance Nosam Cutter is able to show the location of nearby minerals and gems, making it easier to target the seam.

Solar pointPlasma drill

The Sunpoint plasma drill is the newest plasma drill you can buy at Smokefinger in Fortune.

The Sunpoint plasma drill has all the qualities of the previous drills, with the added advantage that it can be updated with widgets.

Solar pointPlasma drilling gadgets

Silent Widget

The Sunpoint Plasma Drill’s silent gadget prevents enemies from warning you while you’re mining, so you can use the resources at your leisure.

This is a good thing for those who take Warframe, which has no defensive capabilities that can be activated during mining.

Zone Widget

The Sunpoint Plasma Drilling Range Widget extends the range of your mining equipment to achieve more goals, unlike older cutters that had a limited range.

This is useful if you are mining minerals and gems in a vein further away from you so that you can exploit the resources without having to adjust your position or trying to find a location that allows you to reach higher places.



In the plains of Idolon and Orb Vallis there are red veins, which provide you with ore during mining.

Blue cores

In the plains of Idolon and Orb Vallis there are also blue veins, which give off gems during mining.

Edolon Mining Aircraft


Pyrole is a widespread ore that can be extracted from the red veins of the Edolon plains and is used to produce a pyrotic alloy.


Another common ore is coprun, which is used for the production of coprite alloys that can be extracted from the red veins of the Eidolon plain.


Ferros is a rare ore that can be extracted from red veins in the Eidolon plains and is used for the production of ferro-alloys.


The rarer ore found in the Edolon plains is auron, which can be extracted from red ore veins and used to produce an auroxium alloy.

The idol gemstone levels


Azurite is an ordinary gemstone that can be obtained by mining blue veins in the Edolon plain and is used for the production of tearazurite.


Devar is another common gemstone and can be deduced from the blue veins of the Edolon plain from which Escher Devar is made.


Veridos is an unusual gemstone that can be extracted from the blue veins of the Edolon plains and is used to make the Marquise of Veridos.


Obtained from the exploitation of blue veins in Eidolon Plain, Crimzian is used for the production of Star Crimzian.


Sentirum is one of the few gems extracted in small quantities from the blue veins of the Edolon plain and used to make Sentirum Radian.

In addition, they can be rewarded as bonuses when a bonus target is reached during mining, and they can even be extracted from red veins.

None of

Nyth is a rare gemstone that originated in the Edolon plains during the exploitation of the blue veins and is used to make Nyth fireplaces.

Ball Vallis Rudy


Axidite is a widespread ore that can be extracted from the red veins of the Orb Vallis, from which Axidrol is produced.


Travoride is another common ore that can be mined by the red ore veins of the Orb Vallis and used to produce the Travocyte alloy.


An unusual ore found in Orb Vallis, Venerol, is extracted from the red veins and is needed to produce a Venerol alloy.


The rarest type of ore found in Orb Vallis is Hesperon, which is used in the production of Hespazim alloys and can be extracted from red veins.

Gemstones Ball Vallis


Phasmin is a common gem found in the Orb Vallis during the exploitation of the blue veins and can be used to make smooth phasmin.


The noctrulus is a widespread gemstone obtained by exploiting the blue veins of the Orb Vallis, which is used to make the heart noctrulus.


A rare type of gemstone found in the Orb Vallis. Goblin can be derived from blue veins and used to produce goblin tears.


Amarast is a gemstone that can be extracted from the blue veins of the Orb Vallis and is used in the production of star amarast.


The Zodiac is a very rare gemstone that can be obtained in the Orb Vallis, mainly because it was found in the prime number during the extraction of the blue veins, and is used to make Radiant Zodiac.


Another very rare gemstone that can be mined in the Orb Vallis, the Thyst, can with little probability be extracted from the blue veins and can be used to make the Awning Thyst.

Special materials


Gunfire is a source that can only be extracted from the red veins of the Edolon plain and is used to carry out the bypass.


Copernicans are resources that can only be used in the Orb Vallis of the Blue Cores and are used to create your Railjack.


  • Invisible warphrams, such as Loki or Ivara, can have careers as long as they are invisible, so as not to be thwarted by enemies to prevent effective exploitation.
  • Using fixtures that have defensive skills like Frost with the Snow Globe or Gara with the Mass Vitrify, you can keep your opponent away while trying to tie knots in the area.
  • An active resource booster doubles the amount of minerals and gems you get from mining.
  • Smeeta Kavat can offer you a buffet that doubles the amount of raw materials you receive, including minerals and gemstones during extraction.
  • Effects such as the resource booster and the stack buffer will further increase the amount of resources you receive and force you to obtain a very large amount of minerals and gems when both are active.

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