Guide to Warframe Mag Build 2020

A wizard uses magnetic forces to manipulate and injure his enemies and uses his magnetism to tilt the situation to his advantage.

It is excellent for handling not only enemies but also grenades to be used against enemies. She provides decent crowd control and helps her team to do some damage.

How do I get Meg?


You can get Meg’s units by defeating a sergeant on the mission of the Iliad in Phobos.

Your subscription can be purchased on the in-orbit gaming market for 25,000 credits.

In addition to the parts, it may be purchased at the game market for 75 decks.

First magician

Magic Prime is a basic version of magic that has a lot of health and energy.

Relics with Mage Prime:

  • Drawing:  Consolidated: Bed M1, Bed M2, Meso M1 available No.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Bed B1, Neo N9, Axi V2 available No.
  • Chassis: Violent: Meso B1, Meso B3, Neo B3 Available No.
  • Systems: Consolidated: Neo D1, Axi R1, Axi S4 Available No.

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(magic capacities)

The wizard has the right to use his magnetic power to lure enemies in their direction, aim grenades at enemies, use his control to weaken the armor of enemies and manipulate and crush their enemies as he sees fit.

Due to its passive power, it can pull the pickups when it evokes a hail of bullets.

1) Pull

The wizard attracts enemies that cause magnetic damage and leaves them on the ground, so you have time to pick them up again.

This is useful because not only does it cause damage, but it can also do good magnetic damage to middle-level enemies and bring them close to death.

Traction can be used to lure enemies to or through dangerous areas on the map and kill them instantly.

Enemies dying because of Poole can sink a balloon with energy.

(Meg brings a push to the enemies)

Change Mod. Greedy Pull allows Mag’s Pull to pull pickups.

2) Magnetization

Mag creates a field aimed at the enemy, the stuffing draws or hinders the movement of certain enemies, and certain projectiles are attracted to enemies in the area.

After a while, the field will explode and cause even more damage.

This is a potent ability if you can use it to catch and shoot at enemies in the field, which then damages all the area’s enemies and adds a damage multiplier.

This ability can be used in conjunction with Polarity to weaken enemies and cause even more damage.

(a wizard who shoots on a field where the enemies are trapped)

Change Mod. This allows the Mag to explore the field by hand, which can also disarm the enemy.

3) Polarization

Mag creates a broad field that damages your enemies’ shields and armor, turning them into fragments that can hurt.

When these fragments are used with magnetism, they are stacked with the damage that can be treated, and allies within the capacity range have repaired their shields.

This power is excellent for weakening enemies and inflicting damage by magnetism, but it is also suitable for support, as it can complement the shields of the allies.

(The magician who uses his polarizing ability)

Change Mod. The confrontation with the Impulse means that Impulse enemies cannot fire their weapons, and robot enemies are stunned.

4) Shredding

The wizard lifts the enemies, pumps them with magnetic energy, crushes them with magnetic damage, and then puts them back in place.

It is an excellent way to control the crowd and limit enemy damage and can be used to turn a slightly overcrowded situation into a more appropriate one.

Allies fill their shields based on the number of enemies affected by this possibility.

This option is cast for a short period and treats damage to enemies who have entered or entered the area while the Mag is still being released.

(Magical Grinding)

(Enemies cause continuous damage during the crash)

Change Mod. Breaking the crush causes enemies to reduce their armor for some time after the desire.

Proposed buildings

Crushing and grinding equipment

This set is designed to allow the Fracturing Crush accessory and the magnet’s ability to cast the fragility several times.

The crushing ability allows you to weaken your enemies after using the crushing capacity, making it easier to kill them with reduced armor.

This design is ideal for crowd control and allows you to attack enemies by reusing crush and other energy-saving skills quickly.

Shooting costs less and also increases the range, so you can make enemies fly around, which also gives you the advantage to attack when they emerge.

The range of magnetization and polarization is increased, and energy costs are reduced.

The crushing will be the add-on’s main feature, making enemies more vulnerable and giving you and your unit an advantage in battle.

(Destroying Mages)

Greedy tractor

The primary purpose of this building is to take advantage of its appeal, and with the addition of its greedy appeal, enemies and objects can easily be stretched.

With little energy, Pull can send spam, repeatedly dragging enemies, spinning in circles, and picking up pick-ups.

This is ideal for remediation and low-level agricultural missions and faster loans for low-level tasks in the black sector.

The duration of the capacities will be considerably shortened, but the powers’ size and strength will be increased to the degree that is difficult to achieve.

(The wizard who raises objects by shooting and attracts enemies with their damage)

Construction of zone

The development of the supply is mainly focused on creating an impactful zone for May’s capacity while reducing the power cost.

Traction now makes it possible to lure enemies from far away, so it’s easy to collect them or even kill them before they reach you.

The magnetism will have a broader beam and efficiently distribute the damage between them by pulling the resulting sizeable magnetic field.

The Polarizer will be able to attack multiple enemies, making it easier to weaken them, and it will also cover all fields generated by Magnetize.

The crushing will cause considerable damage, even if the force is almost constant. Still, it will cover a vast radius, making it easy to control the crowd or kill weaker enemies.

(Magnetic ignition in a field generated by magnetism)

Constructed Starch Section

This physique is characterized by a good performance with a decent range and high efficiency.

It can be shorter, but it still allows you to make fair use of most of the wizard’s skills.

All powers do more damage, cover more area, and cost less energy with less effort.

(Printing Magical Grinding Capacities)

Solid construction

With a reduced duration and a constant capacity range, this construction has reduced energy costs and will have a very high capacity power.

This will allow Mag to do a lot of damage with her point-blank skills and will be useful for those who like to have close, personal contact with enemies, or who can use those skills to move between battles.

Damage to all capacities has dramatically increased because they cost less energy, allowing you to launch more than usual.

(magician damaged by magnetization)


Using Warframe is a lot of fun for the magician because there are different ways to use it, and it mainly depends on your creativity.

Her skills are excellent for crowd control and weakening enemies and allow her and her team to use them to manipulate enemies, allowing the team to do damage and use crowd control.

Most of her abilities cause magnetic damage, which makes her very strong against the body, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do a lot of damage to other enemies.

It is only thanks to its magnetizing power that it can do a lot of damage, and even its allies can increase this damage.

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to use Warframe, then Mag is the one you want to try because you will have a different experience than other Warframes.

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