Guide to Warframe Khora Build 2020

Glee Club is a dwarf frame hunter who, together with her feline companion Venari, fights enemies with the mighty powers of her whip.

She specializes in crowd control and damage control by catching enemies with her whip and dealing with massive damage, while her companion helps her with deadly and skillful attacks.

How do I get Glee Club?


The choir’s design, as well as the drawings of its parts, is a reward for completing the missions in the sanctuary, each of which can be purchased on a rotating basis.

  • Drawing of the choir: Rotation C
  • Blueprint for neuropathies: Rotation B
  • Drawing of the chassis: Rotation A
  • System diagram: Rotation C

It can also be purchased for 325 platinum, giving you an entirely constructed war frame.

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(Glee Club Skills)

The Glee Club can use its whip to deliver powerful blows, lure innumerable enemies into a trap, command his feline companion, and set a giant surprise to bring death to his enemies.

His passive skills allow him to fight with his companion Venari, who has his methods, statistics, and special attacks.

If Venus is close to her and lives, the Glee Club gets a speed bonus.

Venereal can be updated with mods and configured by changing them in the Appearance menu.

1) Wypclaw

Glee Club uses its whip to launch a powerful attack when you’re just aiming at an enemy that’s causing both massive damage and damage to its surroundings.

The damage can be increased by modifications to the Glee Club, which is equipped with a fixture and a combat weapon.

When used on enemies hit by Ansnar, this option provides 200% more damage, and its effect spreads to other enemies by catching and training them.

Enemies trapped in their Choke capacity get 50% damage from each enemy hit by Whipclaw in the same Choke capacity.

This is one of the most powerful skills in Glee Club, as it inflicts massive damage, which is enhanced by various conditions such as truces, gifts, and more.

(Glee Club uses Wypclaw on enemies)

Change Mod. The accumulation of Whipclaw increases the damage added when three enemies are defeated and destroyed over time.

2) Intertwining

Glee Club binds the enemy and prevents them from moving, defeating nearby enemies and making all affected enemies vulnerable within a certain amount of time.

When using Whipclaw, the nearby enemies are hit as if the power has been transformed, so they too are infected.

Enemies hit by Ansnar suffer 200% more damage if they are hit by Wypclaw.

This ability allows Glee Club to easily control the crowd and make enemies more vulnerable to his ability to act.

(enemies hit by Ensnar)

3) Venus

Venari will always be on the side of the Glee Club. Still, this possibility allows Glee Club to give individual teams to Venari, allowing players to use Venari more strategically and adjust their attacks.

Holding the skill changes from one combat position to another, affecting the skill of Venus, and clicking on the gift activates it.

With a team that uses this possibility, Venari can do the following:

  • Attack – Allows Venerians to attack enemies and use traps, eliminating them by repeatedly attacking them for five strokes.
  • Defense – Forces Venus protects the Glee Club or herself from enemies by allowing her to make a tail whip that knocks down and disarms an enemy.
  • Healing – Venus is looking for players who have the health to recover them at a certain amount of health per second.

The companion of the Glee Club was already healthy on his own, and with the addition of these teams, Glee Club and Venus became a very deadly and strategic duo.

(The choir is next to Venus)

(Venus attacking a marked enemy)

Change Mod. Venus’ bodyguard forces her to take a more extended breath instead of Glee Club, which can be shortened by killing enemies.

4) Strangulation

The choir calls the dome of living changes imprisoned and begins to suffocate, while the enemies are forced to fire on their imprisoned allies.

Chained enemies will eventually do damage, not to mention their attacking allies.

If Glee Club hits an enemy Whipclaw while being hit by the Shrike, all other enemies in the dome also take 50% damage to their abilities.

(Enemies trapped in a choir)

Change Mod. The Pilfering Strangledome gives enemies held by the dome a 65% chance to reverse further looting.

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

A balanced building provides the right balance of statistics to ensure that all skills can be used effectively without negative consequences.

Glee Club’s capacities inflict considerable damage, while their duration and reach increase, making them even more accessible.

All of his skills will be reasonably increased, and the Glee Club will use all of his skills without any problems in terms of energy costs.

This construction is most suitable for new players or players who need a basic structure to use or get ideas.

(Glee Club uses his skills to perform combos with Ensnar and Wypclaw against a group of enemies)

Construction of zone

The Range Build focuses on crowd control because it increases the necessary range and duration with very little skill strength and no change inefficiency.

It is mainly used to disarm enemies but can be useful because of the number of vulnerable enemies and the ability to combine abilities and reach enemies at a distance.

This feature works well with the team, allowing the team to make use of enemies made incompetent by the Chorus Band or Shrike.

The Shrike will spread to many enemies, while the Shrike covers a larger area, and Whipclaw can be used at a greater distance.

(enemies trapped in the Horan stranglehold that covers a large area)

Strength of construction

This structure is mainly used to treat a lot of damage with very high power and a slightly increased efficiency.

All possibilities of Glee Club will be seriously affected, so Wypclaw and Strangler can cause damage and Venari.

As Glee Club’s capacities have synergies such as Ensnar and Whipcrow, the damage may be even more significant due to the high strength of the structure.

This building is ideal for dealing with enemies that are difficult to kill because of the damage that can be done beyond the control of the crowd.

(enemies die from shrinkage)


The choir is one of the greatest prophets of crowd control, but that does not necessarily mean that it can only control or support the crowd.

With Venari, she can do severe damage only by using her abilities and combining them to achieve the desired effect.

Thanks to the amount of damage and the ability to disarm enemies and collect them from killing them more easily, Glee Club makes groups of enemies suffer from ease.

Venari is, in many ways, a compliment to Glee Club and is very useful in eliminating enemies.

This fighter can do a lot of damage with or without a team and can do an excellent job in conquering enemy groups.

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