Guide to Warframe Excalibur Build 2020

Excalibur is one of the most iconic warframes in the game, the perfect balance between speed and power and the ideal wireframe for both new and experienced players.

It is widely known and is one of the most emblematic war institutions one usually sees. It offers many different gameplay options and powerful energy and sword fighting capabilities to newcomers to the war environment.

How do I get Excalibur?


Parts of Excalibur can be obtained by defeating Lieutenant Lech Krill on a military mission to Mars.

The subscription can be purchased on the market for games of chance in orbit for 35,000 credits.

In addition to agriculture for its parts, Excalibur can be bought on the market of Inheim for 75 platinum plates.

Excalibur Umbra

Excalibur Umbra is an Umbra and a unique version of Excalibur, with increased armor and energy and the ability for the warframe to move and fight independently when the owner is in control mode.

The project of the fully built Excalibur Umbra will be awarded after completing the sacrifice associated with the legend of Excalibur Umbra.

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(excalibration power)

Excalibur can take down multiple enemies with a single shot, blind enemies to their weapons with an intense flash, summon spears to kill your enemies, and unleash the power of his truly sublime knife.

Because of its passivity, it can do more damage and attack faster with swords, double swords, ambidextrous gas cylinders, and daggers.

Excalibur Umbra has the unique ability to move and fight on its own when in Operator Mode. It uses any equipped weapon and resorts to melee combat when close to enemies.

1) Comic strip cutting

Excalibur pierces and attacks the enemies he comes into contact with and cuts them off one by one in his path.

During Slash Dash, Excalibur is immune to damage, making it suitable for attackers and fleeing enemies.

Slash with active Raised Blade causes additional damage to the base and sends waves to the enemy and the enemies behind him.

This ability is beneficial for doing damage, close to enemies, running away from problems, and can even be thrown into the air to move quickly.

(Excalibur with an oblique stroke)

Change Mod. Surging Dash causes attacks on enemies to increase your combo counter.

2) Radial skewers/radial port

When they are thrown, the enemies are stunned and open for the finish, and when Excalibur Umbra is thrown, the senses lose their resistance.

This capability is handy for crowd control and launching the final attacks, which can even be sneak and work well in various situations, including establishing an attack or fleeing danger.

(enemies controlled by radial shouting)

Change Mod. The finishing using teleportation ensures that the affected enemies get more damage from the finisher.

3) Radial lance

Excalibur throws his weapon into the ground and sends spears to pierce enemies and damage a large area.

This ability intoxicates enemies who do not die from the initial damage and can be used as an excellent way to kill or deal with a crowd when multiple enemies are present.

The ability to kill or stun enemies gives Excalibur an excellent opportunity to use the time after defeating enemies and allies.

For lower-level missions, this can be an easy way to eliminate multiple enemies near the target or eliminate them quickly.

(Excalibur of Radialjavelyn)

Change Mod. Angry Spear increases Excalibur’s damage for some time each time the enemy is hit.

4) Excellent knife

Excalibur drops his sublime weapon and invokes a sword with which he cuts enemies, which also emits deadly waves when attacked.

The raised blade allows Excalibur to release waves that pass through enemies and objects during an attack, as well as a rapid radial/blind shout during a rotary attack.

Excalibur will cause damage to both melee and golf attacks.

This is a compelling capability, and it can be modified in the way it is used, either for fatal damage or for the whole mission.

(Excalibur attack with raised blade)

Proposed buildings

Force duration design

Because of this design, the Excalibur can withstand more damage and a longer lifespan in a shorter period, without sacrificing efficiency.

Most of his skills will have a shorter range, but he can use them longer and do more damage.

The Slash Dash will have a shorter range but will do more damage, and its Radial Blind will have a longer duration with a shorter range.

The radial spear will have a smaller surface area but will do more damage, making it well suited for melee, and its longer duration will make it more memorable.

The raised blade has a shorter attack distance, but the damage is reduced, as is the time needed to use less energy.

(Excalibur with raised leaf)

Constructed Starch Section

By placing more emphasis on strength and reach, this model will make it possible to exchange two statistics for a shorter duration and efficiency.

This structure means that the capacities launched by Excalibur have a more extensive range and cause much more damage, while the cost of energy increases.

This test for treating zonal damage and crowd control works well, and the other possibilities will also work well.

Slash Dash will go even further and do even more damage, making it great for overcoming distances and clearing enemy lines.

Radial Wailing and Radial Julien will cost more, but a larger area will be covered with an extra-strength bonus that will benefit both.

(Excalibur of Radialjavelyn)

Construction of zone

This construction has a broader range of possibilities, making it a suitable structure for crowd control.

Because both the Radial Howl and the Radial Javelin have a large surface area, they will have a large radius, making it easier for enemies to influence them.

Slash Dash lets you travel even further, while Raised Blade attacks go even further, and Radial Blind’s spinning attack effect is also enhanced.

This construction is ideal for team play, midfield, or crowd control to efficiently exploit the opponent.

(Excalibur by radial knock)

Energy-efficient buildings

This increases the duration and strength for greater efficiency and also gives a decent range.

This allows you to reuse its capabilities when you can use Slash Dash repeatedly to eliminate enemies or bridge distances.

The radial Howl can be launched with less energy, but with a shorter but still decent lifespan.

The radial javelin is reusable and can easily be used by those who want to get close to a fight and use such skills.

(Excalibur with an oblique stroke)


Excalibur is one of the earliest war frames and is very popular because of its use and because it is considered the war framework of a sect.

It is relatively easy to learn and can be set up differently depending on how the user wants to use it.

Excalibur can create several cases where the advantage can be used to eliminate enemies or kill other people.

Due to its capacity, Excalibur can cause too significant damage, even from a safe distance.

For those who want fast and consistent damage, as well as elegant moves and attacks designed for a one-on-one against many battles, Excalibur is the great warrior of choice.

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