Guide to Vaykor Hek

The primary weapon is the Vikor rearguard rifle, a variant of Griner’s Vikor rearguard rifle, which resembles a four-barreled rifle.


Vikor Heck presents the following statistics:


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 9.1 and can accurately hit enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: He has a 25% chance of being critical. (10% for Fence)
  • Critical multiplication factor: In the case of essential shots, the shots are twice as harmful.
  • Burn rate: Fires about three shells per second. (2.17 for Fence)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 8 images per protocol. (4 for Fence)
  • Noise: The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.3 seconds to restart the new protocol. (2 for Fence)
  • Status: Has a 25% chance of delaying the effects of the group at once.
  • Trigger: SEMI – pulls when triggered
  • Type of damage: Causes 76.8 blows, 341.3 punctures, and 105 road damage.

Vikor Heck needs 12-star medals before he can be used by the players.


  • High base damage
  • Stab wound
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • A narrow margin for individual purposes
  • Moderate storage capacity
  • The effect of internal justice
  • has two polarities


  • No natural risks
  • Control required 12
  • Low dispersion with multiple enemies
  • High efficiency
  • Fall between 10 and 25 meters
  • Slightly low load speed
  • Requires frequent restarts
  • Slight impact damage
  • Small niche damage


To buy Vikor Heck, you must use Iron Merchant’s Union points or buy from players through trade.

Building design

Vikor Heck has several elementary damages, which will influence other elemental damages considerably.

Although it is a shotgun, it has a narrower spread and can hit the enemy with a few bullets in the shot, which can work well in penetration.

Because of the high probability of reaching a critical state and status, it is very adaptable, depending on the type of construction the user wants to go to.

Below you will find some examples:

Physically critical building

In this building, we use Primed Point Blank / Point Blank to increase the total damage and Primed Ravage / Medium for a higher critical multiplication factor and Blunderbuss for a higher critical probability.

We add a hell of a camera to get a multiple shot, so Vikor Heck can take an extra picture and have a small chance of getting another shot.

To make up for a lost time, we add Seeking Fury to penetrate his orbs and hit several enemies, as well as a small increase in cooldown speed.

In addition to the elemental damage, we add a claims adjuster, a row of brushes, and a full-contact to increase physical damage.

This structure is designed to inflict significant physical damage, which can be used against different types of enemies due to the extent of the weapons’ damage.

In combination with high base damage, critical hits will significantly increase the damage per second of the weapon, perfectly adapted to the high speed of fire.

Critical Elementary Building

As in the previous version, we want to do critical damage and save most mods.

The addition of elemental damage to the building is done by equipping two modules for elemental damage, which according to Walker Heck’s, elemental damage is increased.

This project aims to tackle many critical damages, although we do not want to treat them as physical damage and add several elementary cracks.

We use elemental damage, which can be useful in dealing with additional damage to enemies who are weak against the selected item.

The combination element is dependent on all elementary damage changes made by the user and can be configured into different parts depending on the user.

The status can also be influenced by a good chance of a weapon status.

Shrapnel construction

This is the same building as the Elemental Critical Build, except that the Vigilante’s armament mode has been replaced by a Shrapnel Shot.

This gives the user an extra 99% critical chance of 9 seconds after killing enemies.

This set is designed to deliver consecutive critical hits, killing one enemy after another, creating an additional vital opportunity to repeatedly influence the user.

Government buildings

By focusing on this building’s condition, we maintain our priority White Dot/White Dot Initiated, Chamber of Hell, Weapon of Vigilance, and Wound Force.

We exchange other models with four elemental damage and condition models.

This structure relates to good natural hazards with a very high probability of state effects that can weaken over time by damaging or humiliating the area.

Elemental damage causes additional damage to certain types of enemies, depending on how they organize elemental damage and status changes to create two combined elements.

These are not the only constructions available for Vaykor Hek, but they are instrumental in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Taylor He is not only very critical and has a chance to get status, but also inflicts significant damage by adding elemental damage or physical damage.

It further increases his ability to tackle devastating precision damage to one or more enemies.

The low spread allows you to strike with greater accuracy and kill enemies from a distance.

Depending on the model, Vaykor Hek can be adapted to different situations and works well despite its limited size.

Who needs a big magazine if one shot is enough?

Taylor held build 2019, the warframe