Guide to the Warframe Oberon Build 2020

Oberon is a paladin-like dwarf armature that uses his abilities to heal and protect his allies while using them to damage and confuse his enemies.

His skills, which give him a head start in various situations, make him well suited to take on the support and leadership tasks, focusing primarily on keeping everyone alive and keeping the crowd under control.

How do I get Oberon?


Details about Oberon can be obtained in the form of loot. When Eximus units are killed during a mission, each Eximus team has a small chance to drop a piece.

His drawing is for sale at the play market in the Orbital Room for 30.000 credits.

Oberon can also be fully built on the in-game market for 325 platinum units.

Oberon Prime

Oberon Prime is the top sport in the Bernese Oberland, with lots of armor and energy.

Relics with Oberon Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Lith H2, Lith M3, Meso H1, Meso N4, Neo B5 available Nr.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Lith O1, Meso O1, Meso O2 available No.
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Bed B5, Meso B2, Meso P1, Axi H2, Axi N5 Available Nr.
  • Systems: Consolidated: Axi O1, Axi O2, Axi O3, Axi O4 Available Nr.

Test for compatibility with other types of damage.

  • Chroma
  • Nyx
  • Sarin
  • Valkyr
  • Trinity


(Oberon qualifications)

Oberon can send energy to damage multiple enemies, the fire to damage and confuse his enemies, heal himself and his allies, and raise enemies and then crush them.

His passive skills strengthen his health, shield, and armor of his peers and allow him to recover immediately after each task.

1) Blacksmith

Oberon sends a projectile that damages the enemy and applies radiation therapy, divided into several bullets that harm other enemies depending on their health and the primary target’s shields.

This ability is excellent for attack and can quickly disable the enemy because of the many projectiles that spread after the first attack, making it perfect for inflicting damage and applying radiation to the enemy.

The range of ability gives you an advantage by allowing you to take positions and take the time to hit multiple enemies, and even choose the right target to maximize the damage to your health and shields.

(Oberon instrumentation)

Change Mod. With Smite Infusion, you can apply Smite to your allies and inflict 100% extra radiation damage in 40 seconds.

2) Holy countries

Oberon forces the earth to burn with only fire, causing damage to the enemies and delaying the radiation’s effects.

This ability is excellent for inflicting damage on multiple enemies and fighting crowds, or even better, because of the radiation delay, enemies will end up fighting each other.

By rolling the Expansion capability, allies receive a buffer that increases their armor. Simultaneously, within the capacity range (the cushion remains for a while when the Expansion capability is switched off).

(Enemies who fight each other after being hit by protected land)

Change Mod. With the Prohibited Glare, you can cover the rest of the damage with a 100% radiation probability.

3) Update

After activation, Oberon uses his energy to revive himself and his allies every time someone is healed.

With this ability, Oberon can increase the chances of survival for himself and his team, giving missions a better chance of success and reducing allies’ chances of dying.

If you pour it during the period of the Holy Land, it will add charm to your armor, and that of your allies, who will remain until the upgrade is disabled so that the appeal will stay for a while.

(Oberon Occupancy Update)

Change Mod. The Phoenix Renewal will let you or your allies heal by cooling down in 90 seconds.

4) Payment

Oberon uses his energy to bring his enemies into the air and then hurl them to the ground, causing them radiation damage.

Killing enemies with this ability increases the chance that they will release the health balloon.

All enemies that survive after Reckoning are abandoned when they are on sacred ground; their armor is continuously reduced, making them easier to kill.

Enemies exposed to the radiation state’s effect will suffer additional damage, and those who survive will be blinded for a short period by nearby enemies.

The payoff is a great skill that can be used in various situations because it allows you to control the crowd and a lot of damage that can quickly unfold in battle when facing multiple opponents.

(Oberon instrumentation)

Change Mod. The Forbidden Reward forces the enemies to leave an area, increasing the armor of the Allies by 250 and inflicting 150 damage points on the enemies for some time.

Proposed buildings

Strength of construction

Oberon’s skills allow him to clean his enemies faster and increase the number of enemies in the percentage that depends on his skills.

The duration of Oberon’s capabilities is slightly extended, while the range remains the same.

A small drawback is that his options cost a little more when he is abandoned, but this is compensated by the enormous damage he can suffer.

Smite releases more bullets when it hits the primary target so that you can hit multiple enemies with this ability.

Hallowed Ground does more damage and has a better chance of getting a status, with a slight increase in duration.

This improvement will help heal allies for better health, reduce bleeding, and provide more shielding when the buffer is reduced and the energy per second and for each target.

The payment will increase the damage considerably, reducing the enemy’s armor to a very high level and slightly extending the duration of the blind flight.

This structure does a lot of damage and weakens the enemies, who have a great chance of being exposed to radiation for a long time.

(Oberon executes his enemies)

Construction time

The body length is designed to be as long as possible without compromising body range while maintaining good strength and reach.

Like the previous one, this percentage suffers from a decrease in capacity efficiency but is compensated by other indicators influencing capacity.

Smite will have more damage, and the range of casting power and orbs’ content will be increased.

The reserve length is increased considerably, appropriately increasing the angle and radius of the area covered by the virtuous fire.

Renewal will cost even less energy per cured target and affect a larger area of the Oberon, allowing the allies to heal far away from the Oberon.

The marker has a slightly more extensive range around the area where the enemies stand up and the radius of glare they create when hit with an increased glare duration.

(Oberon fights enemies while the Promised Land is active)

Construction of zone

The construction of a range is intended to give Oberon a massive increase in its field to launch its long-term capabilities and have a wide range of effects with its possibilities.

As with the other models, the efficiency is reduced, but this is compensated by the correct span, duration, and strength of the construction.

Smith will have a significantly more extensive range for both launch capability and orbit, with damage and a still considerable number of orbs.

The angle of the sacred land is significantly increased, as is the radius of the ability to attack multiple enemies.

Due to the low energy consumption over time, the retrofit will have a more extensive range, allowing it to provide allies even more than in other buildings.

The recovery margin will be even more significant, making it possible to hit multiple enemies further away from Oberon, do good damage, and have a decent effect after the possibility has expired.

This design gives Oberon better control over the crowd against enemies and allows him to do more significant damage to enemies that are scattered further away.

(Oberon instrumentation)


Oberon is considered a Paladin Barframe because of his ability to heal his allies, protect them, and damage his enemies with his powers.

All its capabilities cause radiation damage, making it useful in damaging enemies at low levels, and it also has a great chance of getting radiation against enemies.

Oberon’s ability to let enemies influence the radiation state allows him to stay on missions longer and force enemies to fight each other, giving him and his team an advantage.

This war framework can only be used as support, damage to the trader, or both, and gives his allies a significant advantage in missions.

The team’s vitality is greatly improved by controlling the amount Oberon can deliver and his healing and defense capacities.

For those of you who want to frame Paladin’s role in the war, Oberon is a war frame you should try.

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