Guide to the Warframe Limbo Build 2020

Limbo is the Lord of the Rift, able to bend it of his own accord, able to drive out his enemies to stop them or treat them unhindered, able to extend his control over many enemies, and bend the Rift of his own accord if he so wishes.

It has perfect control of the crowd and can make enemies useless and defend large areas by stopping enemy movements or making them uncontrollable.

How do you get into limbo?

Blade knife

The basic Limbo design can be purchased on the market in your orbital space for 35,000 credits.

Parts of the limbo will be rewarded when you search for the complete limbo, which will open once you have completed the Europa crossing, which lies on Jupiter.

If other parts get lost, you can buy them at Cephalon Simaris.

Limbs can also be bought on the market on 200 platinum to have them built.

Limbo Prime

Limbo Prime is the most basic Limbo version, which has a large amount of armor, energy, and shields.

Relics with Limbo Prime:

  • Drawing: Meso T3, Neo M2, Meso Z1.
  • Neuropathy: Lith L1, Axi L2.
  • Chassis: Axi L5, Neo L1, Axi L3.
  • Systems: Meso N7, Neo A2, Neo C1, Lith B3, Lith B6.

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(insider information)

Limbo can take enemies to another level, freeze enemies trapped in the gap, overload enemies with gap energy, and even break the surface of his hole to manipulate them.

Thanks to its passive power, it can immediately switch to warp level, making it inaccessible to enemies and undetectable even by lasers with no performance limits.

Limbo can move in and out of the column plane, leaving a portal that his allies can use to enter the column plane and enter the column plane.

By penetrating the fracture surface, the Limbo can damage all enemies that are also pushed freely into the fracture surface, without other enemies being able to attack it.

1) Exile

Limbo forces the enemy to enter the defective plane, where they cannot be damaged and do not harm those who are not in the flight.

This is useful for pushing enemies back in dealing with groups or other enemies.

Limbo can use it to send the enemy into the column’s plane, so he can kill the enemy without being hit by those who are not in the same column.

(Limbus, applying exile to the enemy)

Limbo first pursues an enemy, inflicts damage, knocks him down, and intoxicates him for a few seconds.

(Limbo hits the enemy in another plane, but does not cause damage)

The enemy must not damage those on the opposite level, and this rule also applies to Limbo.

(Internal violation of Limbo, enemy attacks)

Limbo can deal with enemies in the plane of the gap by simply and quickly jumping into the plane, and the gate left behind also leaves allies to follow.

Change Mod. Rift Haven forces exiled allies to rise 25%.

2) Stasis

Limbo ensures that all enemies in the gap or any other break are kept in stasis and cannot move fully.

This is useful for neutralizing enemies when Limbo has used his exile skills or captured enemies with Limbo’s Cataclysm ability.

Enemies will not move but can be damaged by Limbo and his allies, making it one of the best ways to disarm enemies.

This also ensures that enemy projectiles stop when they are fired and only continue their current trajectory after the capacity has expired.

(enemies caught in the cataclysm, struck by stasis)

3) Error jump

Fracture energy bursts out of the enemies and causes a radial exile at their current location, hitting and knocking down nearby enemies with the removal.

Enemies captured at the fork can target this power, and once killed, they pass it on to the enemies outside the division.

This is useful for spreading the effects of exile to enemies far or beyond Cataclysm to be influenced by skills such as stasis and making Limbo a target when he reaches the divisional level.

(injection molding shaft)

Enemies will remain under the influence of Rift Overload for some time if the ability is abandoned, if the enemy leaves the Rift Zone, or if Limbo moves them by disabling Disaster.

(Enemies hit by radio guest exodus)

When leaving the fault plane, several enemies can be shot at the crack flank’s radial exit.

Change Mod. Rift Torrent offers 30% extra damage to any enemy hit by a Rift Surge while in the Rift.

4) Cataclysm

The Limbo Breaks open an area and create an interference surface, which he can manipulate with his skills such as Stasis and Rift Splash.

Enemies outside the capacity will not interact with those within the power and will have to go in.

It’s great to use other Limbo features to activate different types of mass control over your enemies.

Downtime will prevent all enemies in the combat zone from moving and those trying to enter the area.

Rift Surge can be launched on enemies in the affected area and can be activated by ending the ability.

(Cataclysmic casting on molten models)

Performing Cataclysm will send everyone within the division level and damage the affected area’s enemies.

(enemies hit by stasis in the cataclysm)

Limbo can manipulate enemies in a cataclysm by merely using the Stasis option to freeze their movement or by dropping the Rift Overload in preparation for multiple cases of Radial Exile.

Change Mod. A continuous disaster prolongs the duration of the catastrophe for each killed enemy.

Proposed buildings

Construction of agricultural tractors

A well-balanced building gives Limbo good health and shields for extra survival while increasing the length and range of its capabilities.

This gives Limbo a better chance to survive more prolonged battles and confrontations with stronger enemies.

Thanks to his natural talent and drifting speed, he can quickly get rid of his skills and master the crowd.

This design aims to keep the limbus alive longer and to achieve a proportional increase in the duration and range of its capabilities.

(Limbo, which applies its abilities to enemies when conquering a target)

Construction time

This test aims to expand Limbo’s capabilities to influence its opponents for a more extended period and so that Limbo and his team have more time to take advantage of these effects.

The duration of his skills is extended considerably, giving him enough time to manipulate skills such as Cataclysm using his Splash-Fracture or Stasis skills.

This makes it possible to neutralize enemies for a more extended period, allowing the team to do what they want for almost infinite periods.

(Limbo stops enemies with its cataclysmic and stasis capabilities)

Construction of zone

This design should allow Limbo to use his crowd control skills to hit a vast area, usually a disaster.

Limbo will be able to cover a vast disaster area, manipulate it later with stasis and guide the surfers of the reef over the enemies to force them to influence those outside the reef plane.

In this way, Limbo can easily maintain a vast area by merely using Cataclysm and Stasis. So Limbo can walk around and take care of all the other things he has to do.

(large area covered by the disaster and enemies far behind)


Limbo is a master at controlling the crowd and can help his team enormously by making enemies in the region vulnerable to murder, but without their allies helping him.

It is an excellent choice for spy missions because it can quickly move with lasers and traps without worrying about the plane splitting without being noticed.

Not only can Limbo enter the rift plane at will, but it can also allow its allies to do the same by casting spells or opening a portal, and they can do it very quickly.

Cataclysm is a known ability to stop enemies from moving ultimately. By adjusting the size to the task you are doing, you have total control over almost the entire mission.

Limbo’s ability to send enemies across the fault line to kill or put them aside one by one becomes very useful in various situations. The ability to manipulate huge spaces can make missions extremely easy for everyone.

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