Guide to the Warframe Gara Build 2020

Sarah is a crystalline, dwarf glass frame that uses its ability to damage and protect itself and its allies.

It is a somewhat delicate war arsenal that can take on multiple roles and is famous for its ability to provide protection and security that can also be used to kill its enemies.

How do I get Garah?


His pieces can be purchased as a reward for various generosity initiated in the seed or the Eidolon plains by radio tents.

You can get a drawing of Gara as soon as you complete the Nightwatch Tale quest, which you can nip in the bud.

In addition to agriculture for its parts, Gara can also be bought on the in-game market for 225 platinum.

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(Gara skills)

Sarah can use his crystal skills to steer a projectile or carry out a horizontal attack, create a barrier of shrapnel to protect it and damage enemies, trap enemies to fight, and create a massive wall to save himself and his team or destroy his enemies.

Its passive ability causes nearby enemies to be blinded if it’s a clear area where they can easily be killed or opened for Finishers.

1) Broken eyelashes

Gara either sends a glass projectile for her so that she’s in a line when she launches her ability to damage enemies.

If it is held, instead of releasing the ball, press the horizontal slit with a crystal sword.

This ability is perfect for killing enemies either online or over a large area because Gara can easily inflict a lot of damage to them.

When used on Mass Vitrify, the barrier collapses, and the fragments cause damage to all enemies outside the wall.

(Gara launches Shattered Lash by the ability to be pushed, but not forced)

(shattered eyelashes from Gara waste with retention capacity)

2) Cullet

Gara lets the shards fly around her, causing damage and helping to keep enemies away while she protects herself and her allies.

This capability is ideal for reducing damage to enemies and dealing with additional damage, providing adequate protection, and allowing you to attack enemies at close range.

When casting Spectre, each destroyed mirror within the radius of Shatter Storm will still receive 50% of the damage to the mirror until the skill is completed.

The shrapnel storm’s duration will be cooled down by reliable glazing, which will also include the Allies affected by this capacity.

(Gara with Vitrifi mass)

Change Mod. Cleaning shrapnel will cause a shrapnel storm that will restore the allies’ health, which is effective every second.

3) Spectrum

Gara throws crystal mirrors around enemies in an area, forcing them to shoot at the mirrors and sustain damage.

The mirrors will damage the enemies, and when the capacity runs out, the mirrors will break.

This ability works well by controlling the crowd and dealing with damage to enemies, drawing fire from you and your allies, and forcing enemies to treat injury to themselves.

If a Spectrorage mirror breaks within the mess storm’s radius, 50% of the damage to the mirror is added to the mess storm until the capacity expires.

(Garah near enemies while spectral analysis is active)

Change Mod. The spectroscope reminds us of enemies who die in the course of their ability to throw energy balls.

4) Glazing weight

Gara creates a barrier that extends outwards, transforming enemies into crystalline forms, and stopping them in their tracks.

Once the ring is enlarged, external enemies can no longer pass through it, and the barrier will have parts that are equally strong until they are destroyed by the enemies.

Using Shattered Lash on the fence, it will break into pieces, inflicting damage to all enemies outside the ring.

The strength of the barrier and its damage increases with the health and shields of the enemy.

This capability is excellent for both crowd control and enemy damage, as it allows you to reach high damage levels and protect areas or allies.

When Shrapnelstorm is active, and Shatter Eyelash is used to destroy ground glass, 50% of the damage is added to Shrapnelstorm until capacity is exhausted.

(Gara flows massively, creating a barrier and crystallizing enemies)

(Garage port with broken eyelashes)

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

The balanced building is designed to increase most of Gar’s capacity figures to work efficiently when in use.

In this design, the range, strength, and efficiency increase with a slight reduction in duration.

As a result, Gara’s skills can be used to have a good reach and cause significant damage and lower energy costs.

Shattered Lash will penetrate further and have a more excellent range, dealing with more damage to hit enemies from a greater distance and quickly destroy the Mass Vitrification Barrier.

Storm shards cover a larger radius and cause more damage and offer better protection, but it lasts a little longer. They are acceptable because they can be reset or recharged at the player’s request.

Massive glazing will continue to spread, but only for a limited period so that it can cover the right area, and later it can be broken down to affect a broad spectrum and cause extensive damage.

(Gara kills enemies by mass destroying the Vitrifi barrier with broken eyelashes)

Construction of zone

The construction of the shooting range takes over the previous building and puts more emphasis on the shooting range, with a slight increase in length.

This can reduce the total damage caused by capabilities. Still, as the range increases, the mass glazing can cover a larger area, allowing users to do more damage depending on the enemies involved.

As the range increases, it becomes easier to hit enemies with the Shattered Whip, while the range of the Shattered Whip and spectra increases significantly.

This building is very suitable for covering large areas and catching enemies that come too close to each other or are on open ground.

(Gara casting paste glass over a large area)

Energy-efficient buildings

The efficiency building offers lower energy consumption for the training capacities, while other indicators are slightly lower.

This allows the user to repeatedly get rid of most of Garah’s features by reducing energy costs.

The ability to use Gara’s skills gives you the advantage of crowd control with Mass Glazing and allows you to take advantage of various Shatterstorm Resets, increasing their damage.

This building is suitable for those who tend to use Gara’s skills in different situations and will have the advantage of launching them several times or using all their skills if necessary.

(Gara uses multiple capacities)


A garage can be enormous in the hands of new and old players, which can be tricky for some at first sight because some of their skills are matched.

Massive glazing is a prevalent ability that can be used in various ways, making it a unique ability to damage large areas, protect targets, control crowds over large radii, and block paths.

Shattered Lash is an excellent ability to inflict damage and sometimes wipe out an entire area, while the spectral power is useful for controlling and involving enemies.

Shrapnelstorm is one of their useful skills, and understanding it may take some time, but once the user has done this, it can cause more damage and stay active with their other talents.

Gara is brilliant as an offensive and defensive warfare framework, capable of defending vast areas and preventing enemies with various damages from hitting their targets or eradicating them.

This war image is not so fragile, and it seems that those who dare to go through it become vulnerable and immediately fall into its deadly attacks.

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