Guide to the Warframe Baruuk Build 2020

Barouk is a peacemaker and a monk who can control himself when it comes to violence and stirs up the anger he holds in check.

He is a warrior who can play many roles; thanks to his abilities, he can do a lot of damage and control many of his enemies, and he can lead in the front line because he can dodge and is very difficult to kill.

How did you get to Barsuk?


The basic design and parts drawings for Baruuk can be purchased at Little Duck, located in a laundry room in Fortuna, for a freestanding Vox Solaris price.

You have to have a cop or a higher rank to buy Barouk’s drawings.

You can buy it for $325 worth of platinum in orbit to get an already built war frame.

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(Barsuk skills)

Barouk can become so elusive that bullets pierce him, plunge his enemies into a deep sleep, magic blades protect him by attacking enemies nearby, and release his inner strength with his sublime weapon of the desert wind.

Its passive power gives it a resistance meter that increases its resistance to damage by 50% when the meter is empty.

The skills used influence the counter, reduce him and give him a bonus and energy source for his Relaxing Storm ability.

The use of Elude, Lull, and Desolate’s hands and their influence on enemies results in a slight reduction of up to one meter, allowing him to use the Serene Storm feature, allowing him to use Desert Wind’s weapons.

1) Excuse

Lydia is a switched capacitor with an initial pouring time that needs some energy to activate and continuously draws power until it is switched off or until Baruuk has more life.

While they are actively dodging, the grenades will pass through Barouk and won’t hurt him.

There is a certain angle in which it is protected, and this should be kept in mind to avoid unexpected damage.

This ability is excellent for survival as it allows him to attack enemies or withdraw from battle. Barouk can remain untouchable, giving him time to recover, plan his next step, wait for the enemies, and much more.

Elodie can be active while the Serene Storm’s ability is active, giving Baruuk a much better chance of survival.

Inactive mode, Elude doubles the Hands range, allowing the daggers to attack enemies from a distance.

Each evasive attack will reduce Baruuk’s deterrence by 0.6%.

(enemy projectiles flying through the barracks with the active elud)

2) Lull

Barsuk sends a wave to an area that slows down the enemies and then puts them to sleep, making them vulnerable to cuts and easy to kill.

This feature resets your alert level and can be used to remove enemies so that you and your team can take advantage of it.

For Barouk, this could be an excellent way to fight the crowd, and it will benefit him and the team in the tasks ahead.

Enemy attacks wake them up, but if damaged by empty daggers, they stay asleep.

Enemies who put Barouk to sleep give him a 0.81% discount on his disability.

(Baruk steals enemies from their rest)

(Enemies fall asleep after the rest of Baruk)

3) Empty hands

Brook is surrounded by high-flying daggers, allowing each of them to reduce damage by 10% when he searches for enemies from a distance, shooting at them.

The dagger will disarm any enemies and cause damage in a small area around the target.

The range of Desolate Hand’s daggers will double when Eluda is active.

The limit is lowered by 1.6% for each unarmed opponent.

(Baruk next to enemies with active hands in the desert and inflicting damage)

4) Silent storm

Barouk unleashes his real power, which provides him with a desert breeze and a boundary beam that is empty or as small as a meter. The smaller the boundary line, the longer the capacity is active.

Desert Wind is equipped as long as this capability is active and offers Baruuk powerful attacks that send waves over long distances.

Desert attacks have a basic critical probability of 50%, a vital multiplication factor of 200%, a status probability of 10%, and improved by adding mods to a powerful weapon.

There are two attacks, the main attack and the attack waves, which can cause a lot of damage to the environment.

During the action of power, Desert Wind has specific bonuses that depend on its activities:

  • Slide attack: Forces Baruuk to make an uppercut that makes the enemies float for a while.
  • Blocking: causes enemies to move towards the barrack.
  • Hell attack: Performs a severe attack that throws the enemy on the ground.
  • Hell Attack (Blocking): carries out a hell attack that pulls the enemy to the barracks.

As the capacity is active, the constraint is saved, and when it is at full capacity, the power is exhausted.

(Baruk attacks with desert wind, steers wave)

(Baruk makes a sliding attack with the desert wind)

(Enemies in the air after the turning of the desert wind)

(The path attracts an enemy after being blocked by a desert wind)

(hell attack with a desert wind blowing over the enemies)

(Helm Attack Holder Using Desert Wind to Attract Enemies)

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

The balanced building has been designed so that Baruuk can use all his skills comfortably, with sufficient energy and considerable impact.

Lifespan, efficiency, range, and durability are increased to a reasonable level, allowing multiple missions to be designed.

It is a straightforward assembly that allows all players to feel the possibilities of Baruuk, or for those who prefer a simple body that they can adapt later.

(Baruk fights enemies with multiple abilities)

Strength of construction

The Force construction is designed to inflict very significant damage with the capabilities of Barouk, so you get more substantial damage with a slightly shorter duration.

This causes a lot of damage with the empty hands of Barouk and the capacities of Serene Storm.

Desolate Hands will have more daggers and will give you a big bonus in terms of damage limitation, as well as lots of grenades to hit your opponents with.

A calm storm will further limit the damage and will also allow Barouk to survive more efficiently while he is active with other defensive skills or amateurs.

The use of this structure not only causes significant damage to Barouk’s grandchildren but also increases their chances of survival by increasing the effectiveness of all his abilities.

(Baruk kills his enemies in an active and calm storm)

Crowd control structures

Crowd control can be like a support or a utility that helps Baruuk and his team slow down and euthanize enemies.

With increasing range and duration, Barouk can easily hit a large area with a break and, from there, use any other option that can help or continue an attack.

This helps for one power, but all abilities, such as duration and range, can affect many capacities. It becomes a more strategic construction rather than just a body that can be damaged.

The ability to slow down the enemies and eventually put them to sleep makes the fight suitable and can change the situation more than expected.

(enemies of the doldrums)

Cruise design

For Barouk, the Siberian body is closer to that of the Siberian, allowing him to use his abilities to a certain extent while maintaining his strength.

It also allows him to keep his Elusion ability active for longer, and with his other skills, this construction can be used both recklessly and strategically.

It is thought to be similar to balancing, but more advanced and focused on close combat or very intense battles at the front.

(Baruk against the enemy)


Baroka can be considered a pacifist with a somewhat hidden dark side because she focuses mainly on bending to avoid damage or enemy attacks.

No matter which style of game you prefer, Baruuk is a pretty useful warframe, especially if it is well adapted because it can absorb a lot of damage and move it.

His abilities make him very strong, and his Serene Storm ability is almost superior, causing many damages, effects, surface, and more.

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