Guide to the Rubico Prime 2020

The Rubico Prime sniper rifle is a cylindrical sniper rifle based on a warehouse.



Rubico Prime is a variant of Rubico Prime that retains most of its statistics with slight changes.


Place of the player-prime minister

Rubico Prime has the following master data:


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 13.3 and is capable of accurately hitting enemies at short and long distances.
  • Critical Chance: A 38% chance of being shot by a critical attack. (30% for Rubico)
  • Critical multiplication factor: Shots do 3 times more damage with critical hits.
  • Burn rate: Shoot approximately 3.67 rounds per second. (2.50 for Rubico).
  • Magazine: Productivity of 5 photos per magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.0 seconds to restart the new protocol. (2.4 for Rubico)
  • Status: Has a 16% chance of suddenly slowing down the status effect.(for Rubico )
  • Trigger: SEMI – every time you pull the trigger…
  • Type of damage: Transactions 149.6 moves, 28.1 piercing and 9.3 slash (144 moves, 27 piercing and 9 slash for Rubico)

To be able to use Rubiko Prime by players and build according to Prime’s drawings and details, you must have a championship rank of 12.


  • The biggest critical chance of all sniper rifles.
  • Extensive damage
  • High critical probability
  • High intensity lighting
  • Good loading speed
  • High precision
  • An excellent assortment
  • Critical and extensive additional multiplication factor
  • 2 polarities
  • Stamp of 1 meter


  • Small stab wound
  • Minor damage to the slots
  • Requires frequent refills
  • Small storage capacity
  • Stock of small ammunition
  • Control required 12
  • No natural risks


Rubico Prime can be made with his designs and pieces, which can be obtained by opening relics or by trading with other players.


They contain the design and samples necessary for the production of Rubico Prime :

  • Drawing: Available: Meso R1
  • Race: Available: Meso Z3 turret: Meso Z2, Neo H2.
  • Receiver: Available: A3 luminaire, curved K2 luminaire : Lights O1
  • Shares: Available: Meso E2 Consolidated: Bed B5, Bed M3

Building design

With his unbridled speed and firepower, Rubico Prime dominates the enemy at various distances.

Because Rubico Prime is capable of causing a large amount of critical damage and a high probability of critical hits with a basic critical probability, it has a passive system that, when zoomed in, offers a higher critical multiple of a basic probability.

The basic statistics are good to start with, and if adapted properly, these weapons can become the enemy’s worst nightmare in the middle of a battle.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building


In this construction we use the saw tooth and the heavy gauge to increase the total damage, the vital sense to increase the critical multiplying factor and the point of impact to increase the critical impact probability.

Split room weapons and vigilante weapons are added to 2 basic damage modules for multiple shots.

This design is primarily designed to cause high critical damage to enemies, especially when there is a very high probability of having a critical base.

Rubiko Prime’s increased passive power, which adds an extra percentage to the critical damage multiplier, makes critical hits even more deadly for enemies.

Elementary alterations increase the damage to the weapon significantly, because elementary damage can cause additional damage to different types of enemies.


Head drawing


This building is similar to the previous one, except that the weapons of the Vigilante have been replaced by Argon sights to further increase the chance of head shots.

Since only a split camera has a 90% chance of taking multiple photos, users can also switch to another preferred mode.

The purpose of this setup is to use the Argon Scope mode, make a main shot and use the buffer you get afterwards.

There is no need to shoot the head over and over again by just shooting the enemy and landing, one shot to the head triggers the buffer, and then the user can just shoot the rest of the buffer as desired.


Natural hazards and situation


We focus less on critical capabilities and more on damage and base conditions, and we maintain the jagged, high-caliber, split-camera, vengeful arsenal of fashion.

We offer space for 2 modules on natural hazards and 2 modules on natural hazards and inventory, where the focus is on natural hazards and inventory is given a chance.

This construction makes it possible to inflict considerable elemental damage on enemies by applying their weaknesses to the elements, which can be either a combination of 2 elements or a single element.

This design gives the weapon quite a chance to be recognized, but thanks to the great critical chance and the passivity of the zoom, Rubico Prime will certainly continue to score points.

Choosing the right mods to unite can be the key to inflicting additional damage on enemies, and the layout of the mods allows you to choose which element to use against certain types of enemies.

This device can also be configured as a hybrid for critical damage by removing the surveillance and/or splitting cameras and replacing them with Argon Scape and other mods of your choice.


If the Heavy Calibre has too much influence on the penalty for the user, he can change it with another mod, for example Speed Trigger or another mod of his choice.

These are not the only templates available for Rubico Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


It looks like a flower, it stings like a bee! The Rubico Prime is a very elegant weapon, similar to Orokin’s sniper revolver.

The treatment of the weapons is amazing, and the precision is similar to that of a couple.

With a reasonable fire and reload speed, the user can still shoot targets individually or several times in a row or close together as a result of a perforation.

Rubiko Prime not only has moderate basic damage, but when scaled with the elementary modes, it reaches a large number and is able to cause intense damage.

Due to the high critical probability it is impossible not to get critical hits and given the bonus of a sniper rifle in combination with a sniper rifle it is also impossible to cope with a higher degree of critical damage.

The passive ability to zoom in increases the total critical damage and makes it all the more deadly when the user zooms in.

In combination with all other critical features and models, this weapon can be considered the king of critical damage among all other sniper rifles.

Consider the Rubico Prime Rubico hammer, and all the enemies around you are nails, so easy that it’s for Rubico Prime to solve the problem.




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