Guide to the Nikana Prime 2020

Nikana Prime’s close-combat weapon is a sword that looks like a katana in Nikana’s posture. It’s a fast, deadly weapon that can tear enemies to pieces. Basically, he draws a line to the enemy.


Nikana Prime is a variant of Nikana, an old shadow sword based on the Katana.

Nikana Prime presents the following statistics:

  • Offensive speed: Has an attack animation of 1.06 (0.917 for Nikana).
  • Critical Chance: He has a 20% chance of a critical strike. (10% for Nikana)
  • Critical multiplication factor: Critical attacks cause double damage.
  • Damage block: 60% of the damage is blocked by enemy melee attacks.
  • Jump attack: Compensation offer 95 (45 for Nikana).
  • Rotating attack: Caused 204 injury (96 for Nikana)
  • Status: A 20 % chance of delaying the impact of the Staff Regulations (10 for Nikana)
  • Attack on the wall: Caused 204 injury (96 for Nikana)
  • Type of damage: Transactions 4.8 Impact, 4.8 Perforation and 85.5 Break (2.3 Impact, 4.5 Perforation and 38.3 Break for Nikan)

To use Nicana Prime, players do not need a master class. It can be built according to plan and using basic components.


  • High degree of skin damage
  • high damage unit
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • High attack speed
  • has 2 polarities
  • Damage without major impact


  • Small stab wound
  • Limited range (main attacks)
  • Limited range (special attacks)


In order to purchase Nickana Prime, it must be manufactured upon receipt of your design.

They contain the design and patterns needed to create Nicana Prime:

  • Drawing: Neo N5, Neo S8, Axi A1, Axi N6.
  • Sheet: Meso N4, Meso V2, Neo N4, Neo S10.
  • Handle: Neo N6, Axi N2, Axi N4, Axi N6.

All relics are currently in the vault, but the relics currently owned by the players can be opened.

Building design

Nikana Prime has one of the highest base damages in the one-handed game, and with its high attack speed it can easily take consecutive hits.

Given the high criticality and high status chances, adaptation to different building styles can yield excellent results, and depending on the user’s preferences, they can be adapted for their comfort and playing style.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building without compromise

In this construction, the pressure point/pressure point and the buzzer death are used to increase the damage, while the range is increased with the pressure point/pressure point or the range to increase the attack distance.

We add the real steel model to increase the critical probability, while organic degradation increases the critical multiplication factor.

An extra attack speed is obtained with Berserker, which can be replaced by Rage if it is not available.

To increase the critical potential of the design, we add the perfect combination and Blood Tide.

The main purpose of this concept is to combat critical damage using the Blood Rush and Melee Combo counter.

In Blood Rush, the combined multiplication factor affects not only melee damage but also the critical chance, so the critical chance is higher than in a combo.

In addition, we have a Relentless Combination that complements the combo counter when enemies are damaged by the effects of the bleeding state.

Strike House

This construction is very similar to the previous one, with the exception of the replacement of the inexorable combination by the fatal movement, which gives a very high probability of critical hits.

With Blood Rush, this building works very well because it is capable of achieving different levels of critical damage: the more consistent the hits are performed, the more consistent the building will be.

Rotary attacks cause the most damage, and there are two ways to use them.

Users can start by making a combined counter with multiple moves, and finish their opponents occasionally or several times with a rotating attack on their opponents.

Critical Elementary Building

As with the previous construction, Maiming Strike and Buzz Kill are exchanged for 2 basic mode damages.

This design is primarily intended to inflict elemental rather than physical damage on the enemy, and will inflict additional damage if the enemy is weak against his element.

Blood Rush continues to play an important role in the design and offers a better chance to overcome the critical blow of being able to climb with a combimeter.

This is useful in many cases, because it not only causes additional damage to some enemies, but also gives them a reasonable chance, which can slow down the effect of the status.

Depending on the enemy he encounters, the user has to find the right combination of elements.

Government buildings

This design keeps the main pressure point and the main span together with Berserker.

Then we add a condition overload to the design that causes enemies to suffer 60% more damage for every condition effect they suffer.

The design includes 4 modes for state danger and elementary damage.

This project focuses on the control of elementary damage and the effects of status on enemies.

A change in the ranking of elementary damage and state modes will change the resulting combined elements.

These are not the only models available for Nikana Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Nikana Prime has great potential due to its equal opportunities for criticism and status and can be adapted to make good use of either or both.

With fast attacks and good basic damage, these weapons can do a lot of damage, especially with good modifications.

Choosing the right fashion for the right situation and a comfortable design make Nikana Prime a formidable weapon in everyone’s hands.

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