Guide to the Galatine Prime 2020

Galinsky Prime, a melee weapon, is a massive sword, and Galatinsky Prime, this sword, is vast and capable of crushing enemies like a knife cutting oil.


Galinsky Prime is the legendary heavy sword of Galatina.

The following statistics are available for the Gala premiere:

  • Offensive speed: Has an attack animation 1.
  • Critical Chance: He has a 20% chance of a critical strike. (10% for Gallatin)
  • Critical multiplication factor: Critical attacks cause double damage.
  • Damage block: 85% of the damage is blocked by enemy melee attacks.
  • Jump attack: 165 damage (125 for Gallatin).
  • Rotating attack: Transactions 330 (250 for Gallatin)
  • Status: A 20% chance to postpone the consequences of the group.
  • Wall attack: 330 damage (250 on Gallatin).
  • Type of damage: Transactions 4.1 Impact, 156.8 edges, and 4.1 piercing (3.1 Impact, 118.8 edges and 3.1 piercing for Gallatin)

For Galatina Prime to be used by players, you must have 13 skill points. It can be built according to the plan and using essential components.


  • The high degree of skin damage
  • high damage unit
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • High attack speed
  • has two polarities
  • Large turning circle
  • Attacks can defend themselves against knockdown.
  • The helmet attacks the passing precipitation…
  • The helmet has a 20-foot radius.


  • Vibration requires an impulse
  • Damage without major impact
  • Small stab wound


To purchase Galatinsky Prime, it must be manufactured after receipt of your design.

They contain the design and details necessary for the conception of the premiere of Galata:

  • Drawing: Meso G1, Axi G1.
  • Sheet: Lith S7, Meso C2, Meso S2, Meso S4, Meso S6, Neo N6, Neo V2, Neo V3, Axi N4, Axi O2.
  • Manipulate Lights S5, Neo V2, Neo Z1, Axi K2, Axi O1, Axi V6.

All relics are currently in the vault, but the relics presently owned by the players can be opened.

Building design

Galatine Prime is a massive and heavy sword, and because it’s just as big, it has a large impact beam that can hit multiple opponents in one fell swoop.

With a powerful impulse, it can continue to wobble without stopping most enemies, and with a reasonable adjustment, it can overtake, allowing it to swing with great force and speed.

Below you will find some examples:

Bloodtide design

It was built using the Primed Pressure Point/Pressure Point and Buzz Kill for a fundamental increase in total damage.

Berserker and Primed Fury/Fury are added to increase the attack speed, Primed Reach/Reach, to improve the turning radius.

Real Steel and Organ Shatter critical modes are included for essential probabilities and a higher necessary coefficient.

In this design, Blood Rush is used as the primary mode to increase the total critical probability, depending on the combo, which also increases the damage and provides a very high damage output.

The strategy is to use a combined counter to increase the chance of criticism, which significantly increases the damage.

A higher critical probability will cause Berserker to trigger more often, making the increase in attack speed almost always active.

With rapid attacks and a high risk of criticism, Gallatin Prime is assured of a considerable amount of damage by cutting them off quickly and without stopping.

Strike House

The structure of our Galatine’s Maiming Strike replaces the Primed Fury/Fury with the Maiming Strike, which has a very high probability of critical spin attacks.

The chance of a critical spin attack is an addition to Blood Rush that guarantees basic movements with higher combined counters.

This construction aims to use Maiming Strike for its critical capabilities, which means that rotating attacks are often used.

During an attack, you can repeat or use spinning attacks or perform a series of strikes, where the opponent ends with a spinning attack, whichever is most practical.

Critical Elementary Building

It is similar to the previous model, except that it focuses on elemental damage instead of physical damage, swapping Buzz Kill and Maiming Strike for two fashion elemental damage.

The mods will be combined into a combination of elements that will increase the direct damage caused by Gallatin Prime.

This design allows you to inflict massive elemental damage on your enemies while handling critical hits by adding Blood Rush to your mods.

This proves its effectiveness against enemies who are weak against the selected item by combining modes and slowing down the status effect.

Government buildings

To deviate from the critical construction type, we have a state set that uses four damage elements and state modes.

We maintain the soil pressure point/pressure point, soil balance / Furia, and soil performance by adding a conditioned surcharge to the construction.

This design makes it possible to maintain a high level of damage instead of causing elemental damage to enemies, leading to additional damage to certain types of enemies.

The design also can delay status effects, which can lead to the different impacts that can cause other long-term damage to the enemy with a different status.

These are the only ones that make a structure stable, but we have a Condition Overload that causes Gallatin Prime attacks to generate 60% more damage for each type of Condition effect the target is exposed to.

To select the desired combination of elements, the user can adjust the damage and condition modes of the details as desired.

These are not the only structures available for Gallatin Prime, but they are instrumental in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Galatine Prime is one of the most massive and powerful melee weapons in the game, not only for the physical damage but also for the status and critical luck.

Not only does it deliver powerful blows that can ignore enemy interruptions, but it also provides powerful blows that can defeat or even kill enemies.

These weapons can cause mass destruction over a large area and are weapons to take into account.

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