Guide to Sybaris Prime

Sybaris Prime’s main weapon is the Tenno-Liver Blade Rifle, which can do good damage at medium and long distances. He makes two shots in a row with great accuracy.



Sybaris is the most important variant of Sybaris, maintaining most statistics with slight changes.


Place of the player-prime minister

Sibaris Prime has the following basic statistics:


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 25, making it capable of hitting enemies at short and long distances with precision. (28.6 for Sibaris).
  • Critical Chance: He has a 30% chance of being critical. (25% for Sibaris).
  • Critical multiplication factor: In the case of critical shots, the shots are twice as harmful.
  • Burn rate: Shoot approximately 4.72 rounds per second. (3.98 for Sibaris).
  • Magazine: Productivity of 20 photos in the magazine. (10 for Sibaris)
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2 seconds to restart the new protocol.
  • Status: A 25% chance to suddenly postpone the consequences of the disorder. (10% for Sybaris)
  • Trigger: Explosion – fires a small number of bullets with a single trigger.
  • Type of damage: Treats 29 dents and 29 puncture damage and 29 fracture damage. (26.4 Impact, 26.4 Puncture and 27.2 Sibaris cuts)

In order for Sybaris Prime to be used and built by the players according to the drawings and using the Prime details, it must have 12 skill points.


  • High base damage
  • Balanced damage types
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • High intensity lighting
  • Moderate loading speed
  • Good accuracy
  • 3 polarities


  • An uncontrollable flare-up of fire
  • Control required 12
  • No natural risks


Sybaris Prime can be made from a drawing and provided with details that can be obtained by opening relics or trading with other players.


They contain the design and samples needed to make Sybaris Prime:

  • Drawing: Lith C3, Meso Z2, Neo N8, Axi B2, Axi K2.
  • Race: Lith S7, Meso S5, Meso S7, Meso S8.
  • Receiver: Neo N6, Neo S7, Axi C4.
  • Shares: Bed N3, Bed O1, Meso A1, Axi K4.

All relics are currently in the vault, but the relics currently owned by the players can be opened.

Building design

The Sybaris Prime is a very accurate weapon that can strike in seconds.

Thanks to its good range and accuracy, it can be used to catch enemies from a distance or to shoot quickly from close range.

It has a good balance between the types of physical damage that can be made to the right size with different models.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building


This design uses serrated teeth and heavy gauges to increase overall damage, but also a split chamber and self-propelled guns to add multiple shots.

For critical properties we have the Point Strike, which increases the critical probability, and the Vital Sense for a higher critical multiplication factor.

Improved alertness adds speed to the fire, while the alertness breach gives an extra impulse.

Vigilance modifiers have a bonus that allows you to raise the critical level to a higher level (e.g. from critical yellow to orange or critical orange to red).

This project aims to use the fundamental physical damage types for critical damage that has a high probability of being caused by their basic damage.

Changes to the Vigilante will lead to critical damage at a higher level.

Rapid fire and penetration through help when there are multiple enemies, allowing Sybaris Prime to fire at higher speeds and also penetrating shots.


Critical Elementary Building


Since we had similarities with our previous meeting, we exchanged different models to add 2 basic damage modes.

Heavy damage is caused by a combined element designed to cause additional damage to certain types of enemies based on their weakness.

With this project we want to focus on the elimination of critical damage based on our elementary basic damage.

The basic combination depends on the player, but it is best to take into account that the enemy will rise.


Head drawing


This building retains all the fashions of its predecessor, with the exception of The Avenger, which has been replaced by the Argon Skape.

This gives the user a buffer when a main shot is fired, allowing him to fire extra shots with a better chance of aiming.

This design focuses mainly on head shots to increase the critical chance of and at the same time the elementary damage.

Overall, this gives you a better chance to deal with critical hits, making enemies easier to kill.


Government buildings


Most of the current mods are stored in this set, while the others have been removed due to elemental damage and status mods.

The rest of the building consists of four basic damages and conditions: Recording tapes, termite tapes, malicious violence and high voltage.

The purpose of this structure is to inflict elemental damage and state effects on enemies affected by fire that can either damage the target area or weaken it over time.

The Metal Auger mod plays an important role, allowing multiple enemies to break through the broken weapons.

To change the combined elements, all you have to do is rearrange the four basic damage and state modes.


These are not the only models available for Sibaris Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Sibaris Prime is not only accurate, but also fast and able to do good damage.

Due to the balance of the physical damage, there are many possible constructions because of the high critical probability and the probability of a status.

This makes it a very useful weapon in various situations, both in terms of distance to the enemy and mobility.

With the right modification and high accuracy, Sybaris Prime can be fully utilized.




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