Guide to Salvage Farming 2020


High-quality materials from military life-saving appliances


Broken metals and other materials in one. Recycling is the basic material for the production of the most basic needs in Warframe, no matter how and for what purpose it is used.


Place of the player-prime minister

Rescue is needed for various drawings and for searching the dodjo.

The stocks mentioned here are useful if you receive other drawings that you will soon have to make.

Where can the company be saved?

If you know how to do the Salute, that won’t be a problem, so you need to know exactly where the key is.


Rescue equipment can be grown on Mars, Jupiter and Sednja, as well as many other means.

The best place I believe I will get salvation is on Jupiter, which will not only bring us salvation, but much more, including the neural sensors we will need sooner or later.

Normally I’m a farmer in two jobs because I believe they not only give me the right resources, but also a good amount of money and a few other bonuses.


1) Elara


Elara is a decent low-level mission, and the enemies of the hull do not pose a major threat. In addition, there are many containers and storage racks.

The enemies of the corps in this mission are no threat and you can complete the mission much faster than expected.


The body moves slowly and does not have this low protection. A decent weapon with a simple design should be enough to take it out in one or two shots.

A good way to cultivate would be to wander and destroy the containers of prey and open the traps, killing the enemy alone.

There are also places where you can camp, but it’s better to have a troop for more enemies.


If you go through Elara, you’ll receive about 1,000 to 5,000 rescue units in five minutes.

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2) Camera


The camera is a great mission for Farm Salvation, and many say it is the best place for Farm Salvation.

For example, I think it’s easy to manage rescue operations here, and when you see the extent of my rescue operations, you’d think I know how to manage rescue operations.

Dark sectors, such as Cameroon, offer a good increase in the rate of decline, for this mission we get 20%, which in most cases is quite good.


This mission is almost the same as that of Elara, except that the enemies have been infected instead of the body and that some paths have been changed by the infection of the object.

Because you fight the infected people, you can either put them in a camp and take them a long way, or go through them and kill them.

Besides killing infected people, you can also look around and store lockers and containers. Since then, tons have been piling up, especially in the lockers, as some even have four people lined up or are available.


Since you will kill many infected people, you can expect to save an average of 1,000 to 7,000 people in about five minutes.

Test: All resources here


Once you know where to go, you know it’s easy to save the company early enough. The key is to find a mission that will bring a constant stream of enemies to kill.

It will only take half an hour to do a lot of rescue work and it will be useful to spend some time on the next one.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.



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