Guide to Oxium Farming 2020

Rarely lighter than Orokine-fine alloy


This type of alloy, which has an Orokinean origin, is one of the most delicate resources for the farm, especially if you are new to the game, it is sometimes considered one of the most boring resources for the farm.

Oxium is needed for many products that can be made from weapons or war machines, and even for the production of precious stones.

A good offer from Oxium is good because it can be used for many drawings that you can get later in the game.

How to grow Oxium


The best place for an Oxium Farm would be anywhere where you can find lots of Oxium Eagles, because the enemies are the ones who threw the Oxium.

Oxium-Ospreys are units of the corps and you can find them on missions where you fight against the corps.

There are many corpus missions, but determining where Oxium eagles will spawn will help you choose the best place to breed Oxium.

So far there are a few places where we used to go to the Oxium farm and take the wrong things to hunt in groups, especially with hydroids and necrosis.

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IO (Jupiter)

Since some changes have been made and, for example, unlimited enemy spawning has been recorded, Io has become one of the best places to breed Oxium.

Of course there are other missions of the defence corps, but IO is also good for breeding relics. So I suggest that agriculture is practiced here for multiple purposes.

Enemies on IOs are easy to kill and shouldn’t be difficult for most players, and ospreys reproduce from time to time.

It is advisable to breed with a team for extra enemies, but this does not mean that the Osprey will increase so much. However, the sooner you pass the tour, the sooner you get to the next osprey.

This mission is not a guarantee for most of the Oxium, but is in any case usually effective.

Whatever your number is, you’ll probably get 200-500 Oxium in 10 turns.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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