Guide to Orokin Cell Farming 2020

Old Orokin Era Energy Cell

Orokin Cell

This rare cell filled with light energy, which has existed since the Orokin era, is used in many recipes and is considered a very important resource.

Orokin’s cell is needed for many designs, especially weapons and head armament.

Many people find it difficult to understand how to make the Orokin cell work, because the fall velocity is low in most cases, and some still don’t know how to make the Orokin cell work.

Where’s Orokin’s cell farm?


One of the best places on Saturn to start an Orokin cage business. Because you can pick them up after destroying the loot container, and they rarely fall from the enemies you kill.

If you move on Saturn, you can take multiple cells from Orokin’s cell, and most missions guarantee that you will find more.

On most missions to Saturn you have a good chance of getting Orokin cells.

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1) Tethys

Tethys is the leader’s mission, where you will resist General Sargas’ hand.

On the way to the boss, you may come across arrays of cells containing Orokin cells.

With a victory, Sargas Rook has a good chance of putting Orokin’s cells back. Also look for him on the map of the mission where you’ll meet him.

It is advisable to have a good weapon to kill him, because it can be difficult for new players.

After filling in the Tethys you will receive an average of 1 to 3 Orokin cells.

2) Titanium

As you grow on Titan, you’ll have to compete against the forces of Greeniere and from time to time you’ll find cell arrangements as you look around.

It may be unwise to stay too long, because eventually the green will have more armor, but you should be able to get some cells.

Grumpy people need to kill easily at the beginning of the game, and you can kill a lot of them before they have a chance to collect on you.

Roaming is recommended because cell networks can be distributed at random locations.

After killing Griner on Titan, you should be able to find an average of 1 to 3 Orokin cells.


If you’re tired of Grineer and want to scratch something to put the knives in, you can always go to Ceres. Where there are not only Greenieux, there are infected missions.

There are several Dark Sector missions on Ceres, and it can be pretty easy to kill enemies, where you can give a good farm just a bunch of Orokin cells.

Because Ceres resembles Saturn, it also has the rare ability to get rid of Orokin cells, and it really is a good place to find out how to make Orokin cells work.

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Gaby is an excellent mission to cultivate not only Orokin’s cells, but also other resources, and enemies are easy to kill here.

As a Black Sector mission, Gaby is considered by some to be the best place for an Orokin cell farm.

With the ease with which infected people can be killed, others must continue to procreate, which means that you can continue to kill them at the pace of the face.

The sooner you can get them out, the sooner you’ll have a chance to get Orokin’s cells.

Gabi should provide you with an average of 1 to 2 Orokin cells in a five-minute session on the farm.

Orokin cells are very important in warfare because they are needed to make the Orokin catalysts and reactors needed to improve your weapons and war environment.

A good supply of Orokin cells will help you avoid having to go back and forth to make them grow when you need to make moulds, catalysts, reactors, etc.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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