Guide to Neural Fieldron Sample 2020

Fieldron was thus able to continue his research in the overheated containment fields.

Field tube

Samples left by Fildron to be used in Teno’s research in his dojo.

The Fieldron specimen is a necessary resource to study the many weapons of the corps that Tenneau will use once the work is completed.

Instead of growing intruder pads, you can use the pads as a sample after purchasing the design.

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Where can I get a sample of Fildron?

Since the upgrade, Jupiter’s resources have changed, vein samples have been replaced by Hexanon, Neptune and Mars as the best locations to grow vein samples.

Kelachin (Neptune)

Although Fieldron’s monsters are not among the first, they still have a good chance of finding Neptune, especially for the survival of the Kelashin’s dark sector.

(Potash on Neptune in starch)

With a 30% increase in the loss of resources during a mission in the dark sector, you are guaranteed to get a lot of Fieldron samples while running your business here.

All enemies are infected and can easily be killed with gas, flames and peripheral weapons.

The use of reinforcements that have the ability to improve the fall velocity, such as Necros with its defiler, can be of great help.

(Necros grows a sample of feldron on Neptune)

The areas are narrow and the enemies can easily be pressed together by corridors, so it’s easy to kill multiple enemies without sweating.

Enemies multiply at a good rate, especially if you are in a group, and there are many safes and vaults nearby.

All enemies are infected, so it’s easy to fight them if you use a sabotage weapon or cause heat and gas damage.

(Results of post-field sampling mission to Kelashin)

A mission of about 5 minutes should make it possible to obtain an average of 10 to 20 samples from Fildron.

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Wahiba (March)

(Wahiba mission to Neptune)

The Wahiba offers a good chance to get monsters from the Fieldron, and you will also encounter infected enemies.

Since this is also a dark sector mission, the rate of descent increases, but only by 20%, unlike Kelachine on Neptune.

This is a mission for those who can not deal with high-level enemies on Neptune, and instead can grow Fieldron monsters on lower levels.

(example of farmer Necros Feldron on the river Wahiba)

The map is essentially a Corps item, so the narrow spaces are almost the same as Kelashin’s, with the difference that there are enemies of a lower level on the map.

There may be a small difference in the rate of descent, but there are also many containers in the area, allowing him to walk around for a while.

Like Kelashin, infected enemies are very easy to fight if you use the right element or type of damage.

(Mission results after the Wahiba-Fillron test)

A mission lasting about 5 minutes should make it possible to obtain an average of 2 to 10 fildron samples.

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(inventory of UAV field samples)

There are tons of drawings that Fildron’s sample needs for research, and it’s good to have a large inventory to start and finish the research.

It is advisable to try group agriculture, so that you can all contribute to the research.

Fieldron samples are very suitable for the creation of Fieldron as another means to acquire it, with the exception of invasion.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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