Guide to Kohm Build 2020

The most critical Kohm weapon is the Grineer automatic shotgun, which has the unique function of firing additional bullets and increasing the fire’s speed the more extended the shot is fired.


The Kohm is an automatic rifle that has the unique ability to fire a large number of shots with each shot and a firing speed that increases the length of the trigger.


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 8 and can accurately hit enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: An 11% chance of being shot by an acute attack.
  • Critical multiplication factor: Critical hits cause 2.3 times more damage.
  • Burn rate: Fires approximately 3.67 shells per second.
  • Magazine: Productivity of 245 images per magazine.
  • Noise: The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2 seconds to restart the new protocol.
  • Status: Has a 25% chance of delaying the effects of the group at once.
  • Trigger: Automatic – the gun keeps firing and firing when the trigger is pulled.
  • Types of damage: 6 shocks, six punctures, and 18 lacerations

Kohm needs 5-star medals before he can be used by players, and must be examined before buying his design to make it.


  • Moderate basic damage
  • Moderate critical opportunity
  • an important opportunity
  • Moderate wear in the region
  • Inner punch
  • Large storage capacity
  • The speed of the fire increases with a single shot.
  • Shoot extra pellets per shot
  • Uninterrupted failure for additional pellets


  • Slow snout speed
  • No natural risks
  • Fast ammunition consumption
  • Dropout between 15 and 25 meters.
  • Accuracy decreases when photographing


To buy Cohm, it has to be made according to its design.

Kuchma’s drawing is for sale on the domestic market. It can also be bought for 150 platinum and is already built.

Building design

As an automatic rifle, it has advantages due to its good shooting speed and numerous bullets as a projectile.

Its unique passivity, which makes it possible to fire multiple bullets and increase its firing speed, can be advantageous in many buildings.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building

As with the primary type of Kuma damage, we use the sweep sawtooth to add shipping damage, and the white dot/initial white dot to increase the total damage.

If we add a multi-view to the building, we have the Chamber of Hell with the Vigilante’s weapons.

Because our building had critical damage and changes, we installed the Blunderbuss with the Ravage floor.

We have also added the Shotgun Spazz for faster firing speed and the Vigilante Supplies, which convert spare cartridges into ammunition for the rifle.

This model may not have the best chance of a critical attack, but because of its high capacity and high fire velocity, the event of an acute attack is increased.

The amount of damage inflicted increases the shooting time with a passive weapon.

Critical Elementary Building

This design is similar to the previous one, except that the sweeping and self-adjusting treatment has been replaced by elemental damage.

With elemental damage, the cold causes more damage to certain enemies, depending on their weaknesses.

Conditional effects have a good chance because of the large number of shots that can be fired.

It would help if you decided which essential modifications to use to get the best damage before taking action against enemies.

Head drawing

This case is similar to the previous one, except the replacement of the civilian guard’s weapons by shellfire, which increases the likelihood of critical hits during a specific period when the shot to the head is blocked.

Headshots can easily be provoked by multiple shots in a single image and eventually lead to shrapnel, giving a higher critical chance for some time.

This building aims to achieve a high probability of critical damage and the firing of consecutive shots after the purchase of the buffer.

Government buildings

For this assembly, we will add four elementary damages and a status mode, which will be combined in 2 different ways.

The addition of the hell chamber and the guards’ arming makes it possible to add a few fuses per shot to the multi-shot.

For general damage, we add the white dot or the white dot if the primed mode is not available with the Shotgun Spazz for a higher firing speed.

This assembly is ideal for applying status effects to enemies as it can fire multiple bullets and multiple shots simultaneously.

Combination elements can be changed by rearranging the element and status modes.

These are not the only assemblies available for Kuma, but they are instrumental in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


The Kohm is a unique weapon because it is an automatic rifle with the passive ability to have additional bullets that have an infinite penetration and firing rate per shot.

Many models can be used because of the properties of the weapon.

His passivity, combined with his high lucky status, can lead to many creative constructions and stop enemies faster than they can charge their weapons.

By ruthlessly shooting enemies from multiple barricades, Kohm is a weapon that can cause significant damage to various enemies.

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