Guide to Ignis Wraith 2020

The Wraith Ignis is a primary weapon, a flamethrower with advanced stats. It’s a variant of the Wraith Ignis, a flamethrower designed by Grineer.


Wraith Ignis is a variant of Wraith Ignis that retains most of its statistics with some modifications.

Ignis Wraith has the following introductory statistics


  • Accuracy: Has an accuracy of 100 and can accurately hit enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: Seventeen percent chance of being hit by a critical strike. (11% for Ignis)
  • Critical multiplication factor: Images cause 2.5 times more damage with a critical hit. (2x for Ignis)
  • Burn rate: Makes about eight shots per second.
  • Magazine: Productivity of 200 cassettes per magazine. (150 for Ignis)
  • Noise: The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 1.7 seconds to restart the new magazine. (2 seconds for ignition)
  • Status: Has a 29% chance of suddenly delaying the effect of the group. (27% for Ignis)
  • Trigger: Hold – Gunshots are repeated until the trigger is released.
  • Type of damage: Transactions 35 Thermal damage (33 Thermal damage for Ignis)

Rafe Ignis needs a Master 9 before it can be used by players and built to their design.


  • Has thermal damage to the base
  • Moderate critical opportunity
  • an important opportunity
  • High precision
  • Attack enemies within range.
  • Attacks go over many enemies.
  • Fast projection speed
  • Effective patterns
  • Large capacity of the cartridge
  • Large storage capacity


  • No physical damage.
  • You have to shoot longer to do maximum damage.
  • Control required 9
  • Limited range


Ignis Wraith can be made with his drawing, which can be obtained by buying it from the Void Trader, which deals with players who have bought his picture through the: Lack of pacifism.

Building design

With a good Ignis Wraith range and a decent scope, this flamethrower is a rope that can quickly rid itself of enemy groups.

Due to its moderate critical probability and high status, it can cause various types of damage to enemies and can be used more effectively when adequately adapted.

Below you will find some examples:

Extended Combustion

This design uses modal beam technology that detonates enemies when they die.

In this construction, we included the sawtooth and the heavy gauge to increase the damage and prevent Ignis’ Wraith’s spread.

We add the separation chamber for multiple images and the Sinister Reachwich, which increases its overall size.

Grinding increases penetration and the fire’s speed, but can be replaced by a fast trigger if the user feels that no penetration is required.

To add additional elementary properties, we add two elemental damage modes selected according to user preferences to defeat a specific type of enemy based on their weakness.

This body is very suitable to eliminate enemy groups at different distances. With the beam of light, it becomes even more comfortable when dealing with the defeated area of effect.

Killed enemies explode to do even more damage. This eliminates enemies in seconds and can be deployed at a safe distance.

Short-term fuel combustion

The only difference with the previous design is that we removed the Sinister Reach, which reduces the range, and replaced it with Vigilant Weapons.

This increases the chance that more projectiles will be fired, increasing the total damage.

It can be replaced by another mod if selected, but with Sinister Reach, we lose the range, and the user has to get closer to the enemies to hit them.

This construction is well suited for short and medium distances but still can hit enemies up close.

Critical Elementary Building

This structure retains most of the mods of the previous system and replaces the rest with Point Strike for critical capabilities and Vital Sense for a higher critical multiplication factor.

In this design, we strive to do a lot of damage using bonus damage, which is treated to protect weak enemies against the selected item combination(s) along with critical damage.

Users can select additional elements if they do not add Hellfire and use another feature instead, creating a combined part while the assembly remains damaged by the heat.

In addition to the damage caused by elementary bonuses, we have additional critical features that will increase all critical hits’ damage.

Government buildings

By keeping the first set of mods, we trade the rest for four elemental damage and status mods, giving you a better chance of getting status and a new combination of items.

Changes can be rearranged to select a specific combination according to the user’s requirements.

This design is designed to address elemental damage and a high probability of status impact on enemies, either weakening them in the field or causing damage over time.

Hybrid construction

This assembly is a mixture of our previous groups, in which the different modes of each community are brought together and merged into one for the critical and status composition.

This construction is designed to be able to absorb critical damage, but also to be able to induce state effects to be able to absorb a large number of injuries from different sources.

These are not the only models available to Ignis Wraith, but they are instrumental in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


You have to admit that flamethrowers are great, especially in Warframe, where you can do a lot of damage to enemies in one area or another and let them burn in the fire.

More can be added to the intensity than to transform the fire into another element that produces different effects and makes it appear even fresher.

Ignis Wraith is an excellent weapon if you want to inflict massive damage on enemies in the area or if you want to evacuate a room quickly.

This weapon turns enemies into a barbecue in seconds.

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