Guide to Excavator Power Armor Modes and their Best Seller Prices

I want to start by saying that if you have more recent information than what I have published here, don’t forget to leave it out of the comments, and I will update it here. Let’s get started.

The latest update of Fo76 Bethesda now removes the random and bounce server needed to get the different mod plans and forces all vendors to sell their respective plans continuously in their inventory. That’s a good thing. However, to make it harder to get certain mods, they have exploded the prices of more desirable mods such as Calibrated Shocks, Jetpack, Stealthboy, etc. In this article, we will only talk about the fashion of the available spades because more people have a complete set.

The PA Mods excavator supplier is now based in Grafton and Camden Amusement Park. It is important to note that Grafton’s seller is not the one in the train station, but the one in the trading post in the city of Grafton itself. The seller of Camden Park is located next to the roller coaster, near one of the fairground games. They all sell the same fashions, so it’s just a matter of short distance. Style sells like a plan: Kick (name of the model) in the Vendor Stock Notes section. They differ in price, but we’ll talk about that later. Make sure you have read the plan before trying to make any changes.

The different models of excavators are relatively easy to make, and only a few of them require ingredients that are rare for some of the more exotic models. I won’t include creating a list of ingredients because I didn’t buy all the fashions. And before anyone asks: A jetpack is not available (at least not at the dealers), and the Stealthboy and the various models of headlights are not available on the excavator.

Fashion prices vary now, but they seem to be divided into five levels. I used the Hard Bargain 3 Perk card, and the Grape endorses, which offer you the lowest prices on the market. I have also collected prices without strict costs and only for grape placemats and necessary expenses without services.

Changes from level 1) Best price: 368 Capsules Only for grape growers: 420 Capsules Base Price: 460 Controls

Optimized Brasher (hands)

Application point reduction for force

Sensor field (headphones)

increases perception by +2

Explosion blower (legs)

Increasing the damage radius of your landing shots

Internal database (headphones)

increases the information by +2

Actuators for motion aids (box)

increases durability by +2

Level 2 Mode) Best price: 1104 For grape covers only: 1260 Base price: 1380

Hydraulic sensors (support)

increases unarmed damage

Medical pump (breast)

Detects punches during combat and uses the Stimpack automatically when health is low.


Rusty knuckles (hand)

Unarmed attacks cause blood damage.

Level 3 Mod) Best price: 2208 For grape drums only: 2520 Base price: 2760

Blood cleaner (breast)

Reduces the likelihood of chemical dependence

Core series (chest)

Increases the discount rate of the share.

Kinetic dynamics (chest)

Acceptance of damage for additional action

Kinetic drives (legs)

Increase the speed of updating the action points when moving.

Welded fittings (?)


Level 4 Mod) Best price: 3680 For grape covers only: 4200 Base Price: 4600

Alarm logs (chest)

Health condition is less than 20%, speed increases by 25%, and incoming damage decreases by 50%.

+25% speed and +50% reduction in health damage below 20%

Optimized drives (legs)

Reduces action point costs compared to sprint

High-quality movements (legs)

Increase of sprint speed with additional action point Costs

Mods Level 5) Best Price: 5520 (oops) Grape Paste Only 6300 Base Price: 6900

Calibrated hits (legs)

Increase in load weight by +50 (leg)

HUD Target (Headset)

Kozyrev proposes dynamic targets

Reagent plates (box)

Reflects 50% melee damage to the attacker.

Tesla coil (chest)

Energy damage to nearby destinations

Conclusion: The best combination for the carrying weight is the double-calibrated leg and the servo-box movement aid, for a carrying weight of +200 and an extra force of +2. In terms of price, a full set of mods for each item can be obtained for only 1500 jams, while the main mods won’t help you refurbish your basic armor. It should also be noted that for two calibrated legs, ten streams of pure violet are needed. Also, make sure that if you buy a more expensive fashion that is still going bankrupt, the hat seller removes the hats from his stock before he believes another style.

Anyway, I think r/fo76 will appreciate it; I’ll put it on several other SubReddit’s. If you have any questions or corrections, I’m at your disposal. And if someone has ten streams of pure purple, I’m super interested, I’ve done all these good tutorials, and now I can’t even do fashion. Strangely enough, the Appalachians remain.

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