Guide to Defeating Lephants in 2020

(Lephantis is displayed in the mission)

Lephantis is a big infected boss who has lived since the Old War, and one of the giant bosses you can meet in Warframe.

There are many warfare methods that you can use to kill a Lefantis, and you can choose the one that suits you best or what suits you or your team best.

Depending on your equipment and your mods, you will be able to find the quickest way to kill Lepantis and deactivate him for Necros parts, or any other reason that will be useful to you and your allies.


(Orokin abandonment: order to destroy the abandonment)

Lephalitis is in the Orokin killer’s mission.

Special Awards

(mission-acquired necro-parts)

After the victory over Lepantis, players are given a random game, needed to make necroses.

Lepantis has the chance to reward the next races of Necros:

Necro-neuro-optics: 33.33%

Necros chassis: 33.33%

Necrosis systems: 33.33%

How to kill hepatitis

Phase 1

(Lephalitis during phase 1)

Once on stage, you and your team will meet three heads who will come out of the ground and attack you in different ways.

Each head has its weak point, and to overcome this, one must focus on these specific points, which are characterized by pink flowers that resemble their interior.

Lephantis is weak against corrosive, explosive damage, and indentations in this specific order. If you modify your weapon accordingly, you can quickly kill them.

Enemies of phase 1:

These heads come out of the ground and attack you and your team and bury them once in a while. So it can be challenging to remove them if you can’t aim your shots in time.

Infected body

(infected body head for phlebitis)

An infected body is a long-range enemy that spits out grenades containing toxic substances that will cause considerable damage over time if the player is not careful.

It also can create infected pods that make infected enemies that will attack the player and his team.

The shape of the head is similar to that of a Corpus helmet, from which it derives its name and has the same characteristics as Corpus in an infected form would still have.

The opening of the anterior part or mouth is the weak point and relatively easy to touch.

It is advisable to remove it because it can generate more polluted forces that could disturb you and your team.

Contaminated sites

(age of leprosy-infected head)

The infected Elder has a long face, similar to most infected Elders, with large flaps on the sides that open when he attacks.

He will try to spit a projectile that will stick to the surface and explode into small grenades.

This head has a long face, similar to that of most afflicted older adults, and large flaps on the sides that open when it attacks.

Its large valves are easy to hit and cause considerable damage during consecutive aiming and firing.

Polluted green

(head of a grumpy person infected with lepidopathy)

The Infected Mill is a short-range enemy and will try to attack you with its sizeable braided weapon.

His attacks can be dodged with a well-placed throw, and if he attacks, he sometimes slows down if he swings horizontally, or gets stuck if he hits you vertically, so your movement and hits will take time.

He has a distinctive face, a characteristic that manifests itself in the attack, i.e., he is Grineer. The rough character of his attack is a characteristic of most of Grineer’s melee opponents.

His weakness lies in his mouth, as does his face, which comes to the fore in some of his attacks.

Phase 2

(Lephalitis during phase 2)

The heads of panties are attached to a moving body to move in the scene where you encounter it.

The process of their victory is the same, and you have to shoot at their weaknesses.

If a specific head loses its health, it explodes, and you have to take care of the rest.


(Hepatitis killed during the mission)

Take a weapon you can use with precision. Most players prefer sniper rifles because of their significant damage and accuracy. Still, any gun you feel comfortable with is good to use as long as you can use it properly.

Try to build against corrosion damage, because it is strongly opposed to the Lephantis type of shielding, petrified shielding.

Explosive and oblique damage is possible, but corrosive damage can be much more comfortable; but depending on the weapon and fashion, mixing can also be useful.

(Orokin Derek mission result: attack)

After the defeat, you withdraw from the mission and will be rewarded with a game of random necrosis.

Elephants may seem like a big and powerful enemy, but he can do great with the right equipment and mods against him.

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