Guide on Plastids Farming 2020

Mass of stinking tissue contaminated with nanites


Too many people are sure of the material, so plastics look like some kind of armor or nanoscale material that could somehow be useful.

Plates are considered rare, but they are among the most difficult to access because they are only grown in small quantities.

Records are needed for many of the topics you will be working on, but they are also one of the tools needed to explore new technologies in the dojo.

Preparing the future of your clan requires a lot of registration and most of the equipment you are going to build. It would be advisable to prepare other documents for later.

Where are the plastids grown?

For some people this can be a problem because most people know how to grow plastic, but sometimes they don’t know where the right places are or what tasks they have to do.

In fact, there are five planets where plastids can be grown. These are Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto and Eris.

Although plastids can be grown on many planets, they have the disadvantage that they are present in small quantities and are not the most important resource on a planet.

I prefer to grow on Saturn, especially because of the low number of enemies and the extra bonus I get by getting nanospores with Orokin cells.

I usually work in two missions because they not only give me the right resources, but also a good amount of money and some other bonuses.


1) Titanium

Titanium is full of grumpy people who come in large numbers and may sooner or later overwhelm the player, but there are good campgrounds and narrow areas that run around enough to lure them to their deaths.

Grinding can be a bit difficult if you spend more time on a job, so a 20 minute farming session should be enough.

Grineers move so lightly that it is easy to make use of their movement, both at a distance and in the vicinity.

I prefer to walk around first until I break up a bunch of storage containers and open a couple of lockers before I settle in a good spot.

Because of the Grineer armor, which increases with the level, this mission may not be the best for a solo, and is much more useful when you’re in a mess.

Once you have landed on Titan, you should receive between 250 and 1500 recordings every five minutes.

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2) Beeping

Piskina is a controlled world, and because it is a mission of the black sector, it leads to a 20% increase in the rate of resource depletion, which increases the chances of making a little more profit from agriculture.

Because the map is quite large and the corners are narrow, enemies can be lured near certain areas, either to retreat with lots of blows from your main weapon or even with a big bang from your melee weapon.

This mission is still taking place in the Grineer object, but it’s already being taken by the infected and you’re feeding tons of them instead of the Grineer.

The level of the enemy may seem high, but he still suffers a defeat for most weapons, especially oblique damage weapons. They cut them like butter!

Various containers and lockers can be found and collected if you decide to camp instead of walking.

After dicing the pools, you will probably buy an average of 200 to 1000 plates in five minutes.

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Plates may not be the easiest source to use in the first place, because Saturn is not a planet that is easily accessible without going through others.

If it’s urgent, it’s possible to get Plastids on Fobo sooner, but I suggest Saturn as the better choice.

Determining the best place to grow plastic is a big step that will benefit you if you need it in the future.

Keep in mind that you will need a lot of plasticizers if you plan to make better equipment, as they are a prerequisite for making different equipment, and this can be profitable in agriculture in some cases in advance.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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