Guide on all codes to be used in the Aurora in Subnautica

In batches of RS 10/03/2018

Recently, the publisher and developer of Unknown Worlds Entertainment released its latest game, Subnautica. This is a survival adventure game in which players are placed on a watery planet called Aurora and now have to learn to survive in danger.

In the game, players can travel to the Aurora – the spaceship with which the player arrives at the planet but now crashed into a huge pond. During the campaign, the PDA tells the player that Aurora will disintegrate until it explodes.

Before exploding, look for it, because it contains many useful objects, such as a radiation tool, a repair tool, a powerful gun, a laser torch, and so on. Below you will find codes that you can use in Aurora to open closed doors.

All codes for use with Aurora in earth sciences

  • Captain’s cabin: 2679
  • Holding: 1454
  • Cabin 1: 1869
  • Access to laboratories: 6483
  • Robot Bay: 6666

Subnautica is currently available on your PC via Steam for more detailed information about the game, which you can visit on the official website or the Steam Shop page.

Also, the cash register.

A guide to efficiently collecting food and water

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