Guide: How to Farm Loot in the Path of Exile — Guide and End Game Tips

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The free role-playing game Grinding Gear Games Way of Exile has gained a hardcore fan base over the years. Recently released on PS4, the game has given gamers a whole new lease of life. With that in mind, we created a detailed manual of cultivation techniques for this Diablo 2 inspired looter at the end of the game.


The Way of Exile is in many ways similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 2. However, the name Grinding Gear Games is certainly not a clone of the famous role-playing game. There is no simple coin made of gold or gems on the road to exile. Instead, players collect mountains of material as they go through the game.

The course of the game The path of exile usually focuses on the drops of prey. Players choose new and improved armor, weapons, and accessories to improve their combat skills. However, the currency of the game also applies to other items.

In addition to the articles mentioned above, there are also articles in the pirate capsules that can be used. The lowest level is the Scroll of Wisdom, which allows players to identify magical weapons and other power equipment. The Scroll of Wisdom is also used as a bargaining chip with NPC vendors and other players through the in-game market.

Because outside drops on the road to exile are random, money is usually the easiest way to get robust material. However, the Scroll of Wisdom is just one example. The players’ default currency is the Orb of Chaos. This object can go through random statistical modifications for all rare equipment.

Chaos Balls are somewhat challenging to reach and are very useful for a high-level player, making them suitable as a bargaining tool between the player’s characters.

This guide will learn how to grow chaos balls, tower balls, cards, and safes. With these tips and tricks, you can plan large-scale flights that will make other players jealous. Finally, we will talk in detail about your character’s actual construction about the agricultural predation on your way to exile.

Raising Chaos

When you sell goods to an NPC vendor, you receive a particular currency in exchange. These objects can range from roles of wisdom to chaos. If you want to win these sellers’ chaos or balls, you have to follow one of these recipes.

If you are dealing with a vendor, you will have to sell all your equipment to get one or two chaos.

An example of a complete gear set can be seen in the pictures below.

You will need a pair of gloves, boots, two rings, a collar, a helmet, a belt, a harness, and either a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon and a shield. But the trick is that every room must be unusual (yellow), and almost every room must have a level higher than 60. At least one of the gears shall be between level 60 and level 74.

If you exchange all these articles in one set, you get one atmosphere of chaos. If each individual points +20% of the excellent quality, you will receive two Chaos or Balls per exchange.

However, to get the best value for your money, you need to sell the above package before you can identify any of the items. A complete set of more than 60 unidentified and unusual gears is sold for two chaotic people. If each part of the set +20% excellent quality, you win three Chaos Balls for Trade.

Since most of the drops looted in Exile are distributed randomly, this is the only sure way to get Chaosballs. You will also receive random chaos balls of continuous raids in different areas of the game. The other strategy for agriculture is agricultural maps, which are discussed later in this article.

In terms of production of the equipment needed for a chaotic switch exchange, you will find equipment in all areas of level 60+. So it’s just a matter of getting far enough into the game to unlock these areas at a higher level and then plunder them repeatedly to transfer them.

How the grown bales grow

While the ball of chaos between players on their way to exile is generally considered the standard coin, the raised ball is much rarer and valuable in the players’ market. If you want to make it with this trendy currency unit, you have to work for it.

One of the best ways to win the glorious balls is to beat them. The location of the basement is an ideal place for majestic organ raids. The decreasing speed is still low, but these places even offer better opportunities than many other options.

Another way to win the sublime balls is by using farmer cards, which is the next topic of discussion.

How to deal with the card

The cards are not only game zones, but also the last objects of the game on the way to exile. This is the primary method to fly at the highest level with the game.

To use the card, you must first have access to the Templar Laboratory. To access this place, you must complete act 10 of the game campaign.

In the laboratory, you will find a device in which you can place your cards. Once you have set the card element, it is eaten, and you have a playing space.

Like other objects, card objects can be of different rarity and on different levels. Although cards exist at many levels and can be familiar, magical, rare, or unique, most high-level players ignore cards under 66 or with rarities in the form of magic.

Some suggest always using the alchemy ball to increase the efficiency of each card significantly. However, there are more effective ways to improve each map. This is discussed below. You will also receive a bonus for depositing items when you use an unidentified card. That’s why you really shouldn’t identify your cards before you use them.

When plundering the map area, pay attention to the equipment mentioned in the Orb of Chaos section, as this is one of the best ways to get the gear you need to trade for currency items. Also, the currency units of the map areas are randomly distributed. However, the decline rate is not very high. However, beware of any chaotic or lifted balls.

To improve the drops of each card, you will want to do a few things. Depending on the card’s rarity, and to ensure the most efficient management of the various components of the card, the card should be applied to certain currencies, which will improve its quality. In the list below, you will find what to do based on the statistics on the map. Please also note that the listed positions must be filled in in the order indicated.

The following table is made possible by the source code.

Card Layer Control point
Steps 66-68 : Transmission ball, interchangeable ball, extra ball
Levels 69-70: Alchemy Shar, Chaos Shar.
Levels 71-73 : Cartographic Chisel, Alchemy Shar, Chaos Shar.
Level 74 and above : Cartography exercise, Alchemy Char, Chaos Char, Sublime Char.

Experience teaches you which modifiers are most suitable to achieve the desired result and which folder modifiers cause the most problems for your character. In any case, using the point in the table above is an excellent footnote to know when each card will cost you your resources.

Charging safes

Safes can be found all over the world on the roads to exile. That is why you will always want to have the transmutation, change of orbit, augmentation, and vale orbits at hand when you encounter them.

If you find the Arcanist, Artisan, or Dowsers box, you will need to browse it again until you have earned a Surplus or Premium Modifier.

If you come across a card safe or jewelry safe, rinse, and repeat the procedure described above. But in the end, you have to spoil him with Baal Orb.

Evaluating safes can be an excellent way to exchange agricultural machinery when you need more chaos or bullets.

Best Agricultural Building

When it comes to creating a figure on the road to exile, there are many different ways. This construction is based on optimizing your ability to grow objects.

This building was provided by the gameplay.

Here you can see the capacity tree you should aim for. The gearing is shown in the diagram below, according to the recommended backlash.

Paragraph Description
The Kaoma-primate This weapon increases your damage considerably and also allows you to strike with your fist.
Brightbeak These weapons can be used in combination with the Jump Slam feature to improve your movement.
The hugs of greed This article offers a massive boost to your mailings.
Torture of a thief This point significantly increases your stability, while your fall point rises.
Golden worm This point will help eliminate the reduced movement of the embrace of greed while increasing the number of reduction points.
3x Bubbles / Something of Divine Life Bottle
1x Granite Iron Bowl Bottle
1x Quick Silver Bottle
These vials will help you increase your stability while maintaining your upward movement.
Perimeter Blazone This will help to improve your points deduction.
Sadima’s touch This point will help you improve your fall point.

You need the skills Cyclone, Warquef Genealogy, Revenge, Jumping Helmet, Bloody Anger, Hate, Blasphemy, and Weakness. Try to increase the speed of your jump attack, because it’s a fast way to move.

You can increase the rarity of items for Cyclone and Ancestral Archive skills while focusing on physical damage in melee battles wherever you can for all skills.


If you follow this guide, you will collect high-level money and theft quickly and efficiently. After all that has been said and done, you can put this currency on the market as part of the exile path to get some quality passes. Here is a list of all the unique items in the game, in case one of them gets excited.

Each unique piece on the road to exile

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