Guide for Neurodes Farming 2020

Biotechnological sensory organs of Infestoid Subjects


This strange organ that collects in the form of infected enemies is disgusting, and everything, but seems to require the use of such a resource.

Neurodes are mainly used to make equipment such as fittings, weapons and even various helmets.

They may not be available in large quantities, but they won’t necessarily be difficult to deliver once you’ve learned how to raise neurodes.

Where should neuroses develop?

There are many places that are said to be the best place for the Neuroda farm, but everyone chooses them in their own way. However, it is very important to know how to grow neurons so that you can collect the right amount when you need it.

We chose two planets, Eris and Earth.

Eris is really a top planet, but the rewards for farming here are great for those who have to do a lot of farming.

Instead of just growing neuroses, you can also grow plastids and nanopores instead of looking for the underlying planet.

There is a Dark Sector mission on the planet, which makes it even better in agriculture.



Zabala is a big mission because it is the mission of the Dark Sector that makes it possible to increase the reduction percentage by 30%.

Enemies on missions can be at a higher level than most missions and can be difficult for those who are not equipped for them.

You can go on this mission alone or with a troop, but don’t forget to look for containers and lockers on the map.

Zebala doesn’t give the neuroses the best chances, but allows them to cultivate other resources.

It is confirmed that they are falling from the enemies, but with rare luck, so you could use Necros or Hydroid for this, or even both if you have a team with you.

If you grow neurons in Zabal, you can expect to get 0 to 4 about every 5 minutes.

Earth’s agricultural neuroscience

Earth is not exactly where I would go to a farm looking for neuros, but it guarantees me a chance to get them if you take the time to loot as much as possible.

I haven’t seen any legal claims that players would receive them as drops of enemies, but the field missions are lucky to have neuroprofic masses.

Neurotic masses lower the neurodes when they are destroyed.

Test: All resources here


E Pick number

Of most missions on Earth, this is the easiest for me, and I find it easy to prevent the neurodes from finding neuropathic masses.

The mission is easy to accomplish, enemies are easy to kill and you can also get the Kubrow egg and other items.

For those who want to work this way, you may need a warframe that can be moved quickly to perform fast missions.

Carrying out different missions on E Prime will certainly give you some neuros, but not every mission can guarantee one.

Since this resource is scarce, it may be necessary to crush neurons on earth in small quantities.

Trying to bring neurons to E Prime can result in an average of 0 to 3 neurons per breed.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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