GTA 5 Freight or Offshore

The Merryweather Heist is an offline application of Grand Theft Auto 5.

The first robbery Traver joined just after he was brought into the conspiracy.

Michelle, Trevor, and Franklin met on the first flight mission of Compagnie 3 to discuss the assignment.

Rapid response: No further results. It is impossible to steal a superweapon successfully.

Spoiler: Below is a video showing the missions and their results.

The main objective is the theft of a secret government super-weapon.

The freighter GTA 5 and the offshore missions have the same result.

The missions are organized differently, and you will have different activities.

For the sender, you’ll have to improve Franklin’s skills as a sniper, because he will be a sniper in the sender’s mission.

At sea, you’ll have to improve your flying skills with Michael, because he will become a pilot if you decide to go to the sea.

To commit a robbery, Trevor has to carry out some primary missions to acquire the necessary equipment.

The number of primary missions depends on the approach, although the player must purchase a diving vehicle in both directions.

The submarine is used underwater in the ocean to collect super weapons at the end of the mission.

During the meeting, they discuss the preparations they need.

There is an approach that is either chartered or offshore.

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The result of the mission is the same.

In the cargo ship, you’re snipers, placing bombs around the truck.

Then you take the submarine to pick it up.

On the high seas, you control a submarine with a helicopter in the ocean to pick up your belongings.

On the way to the ocean, you protected the helicopter from the enemy.

Both approaches do NOT yield any money. It doesn’t matter what you choose, except for your preferences.

If you like to charter a cargo ship for yourself or if you want to fly, an offshore boat might be best for you.


If you decide to make a freight approach, Trevor will call Franklin and improve the range.

Since Franklin will be a sniper at the beginning of the mission.

Only one mission (minisub) is needed to prepare this mission.

After Trevor Micheal and Franklin explained the mission’s details to his cousin back home, they went looking for the cargo ship.

Franklin’s on sniper duty, so he’s dropped where the sniper is.

The clock is running out, the mission will resume late at night, and you will go on to Michael.

He’s waiting with a small boat next to the cargo.

As long as Franklin shoots enemies in the truck, Michael will place bombs at selected locations.

As soon as Michael and Franklin let go of the boat, you take the device and leave the cargo behind.

When Michelle leaves, he blows up the load, then Trevor takes a mini-saber and looks for a superweapon.

After Trevor removes an object from the bottom of the sea, Floyd uses a crane and animate the mini-submarine on the ground.

Shortly after, Lester goes to the hospital on the ropes and warns the team that the superweapon is very dangerous and has to come back as soon as possible.

Of course, Trevor doesn’t want that, but Michelle promises him another flight.

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If you decide to go abroad, Trevor will offer Michael the opportunity to go to the flying school and work on his flying skills.

There are two missions to prepare a flight. One is Minisub and Kargob.

In Floyd Trevor’s apartment, he explains the flight plan in detail.

All three are on their way to Sandy Shore and Trevor’s hangar to start the mission.

Michael and Franklin are in a basket with groceries, and Trevor is in a mini living room.

Micheal then sends the truck into the ocean (Merryweather’s test site) to get a super powerful device.

Once on the spot, you launch a mini-submarine in the ocean, and there is a character change for Trevor.

It uses the phone’s application to trace the device.

As soon as it has found the device, the Mini-Sab joins the transport robot and goes there.

On the way back, the Merriweather helicopter will try to meet you.

They’re going to Franklin to try and take down Funny Weather’s buzzards.

When you’re done protecting yourself, go back to Sandy Shores.

Lester comes to Sandy Shores and advises to bring the device back because it is hazardous.

Of course, Trevor will say no, but Michael promises him another report. The rock star did the same mission for Xbox One and PS4.

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