Grimrock’s Legend

The Legend of Grimrock is an old-fashioned dungeon adventure in which you lead a group of four heroes through the dark dungeons of Grimrock to find a treasure and discover its secrets.

The Grimrock legend was inspired by some classic crawling dungeons such as Dungeon Master, Ultima Underworld, and Eye of the Beholder, but has been updated with much better graphics and design.

You play with four customizable characters who have their race, class, skills, and characteristics …

Legend of the passage of the Grimrock

Level 1: In the dark,
Step 2: Old tunnels Level 3: Light columns Level 4: Archives Level 5: Still story 6: Imprisoned at level seven of : Old Rooms Level 8: Safe
, level 9: Temple of Homorg I Level 10: Temple Goromorgsky II levels 11-13: Tomb, prison, and cemetery.

The Legend of Grimrock was published in 2012 by Almost Human for Windows and Linux. It’s a combination of solving puzzles and fighting with characters that can be aligned throughout the game. The legend of Grimrock has received a great appreciation from the critics. It was initially funded by the Kickstarter campaign.

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